Thursday Sep 03, 2009

Community Discussion on OpenSolaris Installation

Friday, September 4th, is the last day of our expert Q&A session on BigAdmin. Submit your question for Dave Miner, coauthor of OpenSolaris Bible. Or take a look at the questions submitted already by the community.

Monday Aug 31, 2009

BigAdmin XPert Q&A on OpenSolaris Installation

A BigAdmin XPerts Q&A session on OpenSolaris Installation is scheduled with Dave Miner, coauthor of OpenSolaris Bible. (The session is planned for August 31st through September 4th.) Interact with a Sun expert and get your questions answered for the whole community to see. You can view previous questions and answers or pose a question yourself.

Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Immutable Service Containers: Addressing Security in a World of Changing Deployment

Glenn Brunette, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Security Architect, is working on a project that attempts to solve some of the bigger problems around the security of virtualized environments using Immutable Service Containers (ISCs)--an architectural deployment pattern for highly secure service delivery. Listen to this edition of Innovating@Sun in which Hal Stern, VP Global Systems Engineering, and Brunette discuss ISCs.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009

Sun Support Resources for System Administrators

The new BigAdmin Support Resource Center covers Sun services and solutions of interest to sys admins, such as different support scenarios for the Solaris OS and OpenSolaris OS. For another perspective on our Support hub, see Rick's latest entry in the BigAdmin blog.

Monday Aug 24, 2009

End of Life Plans for Solaris Express Community Edition

Sun is announcing the intent to discontinue production of the Solaris
Express Community Edition (SXCE) by the end of October timeframe. For more information, see the OpenSolaris announcement: end-of-life plans. Dave Miner's blog offers more information: SXCE Coming to a Close.

Thursday Aug 20, 2009

Introduction to OpenSolaris 2009.06

Read the OpenSolaris 2009.06 supplement that was provided to readers of India's premier IT magazine in July.

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Monday Aug 17, 2009

Interrupt Resource Management Feature in the OpenSolaris OS

The Interrupt Resource Management (IRM) feature, which optimizes the use of interrupt vectors to improve IO performance, is available in OpenSolaris build 107 and is scheduled for the Solaris 10 10/09 OS for SPARC platforms. Find out more in this tech tip from a Sun engineer.

Monday Aug 10, 2009

Enter the Sun Studio Blogging Contest Now

Blog about Sun Studio software for a chance to win $500. Hurry, the contest ends August 14.

HPC Software Workshop 2009 and Advanced Seminars

Join us at the conference September 7-10 in Regensburg, Germany. There will be an HPC Parallel Programming Seminar and many sessions in the Developer Tools track to help you learn more about developing and deploying HPC applications.

Tuesday Aug 04, 2009

Interoperability Resources for System Administrators

This updated resource center on BigAdmin has info on topics such as multiple boot environments, running the Solaris OS and OpenSolaris OS on non-Sun hardware, using non-Sun software with Sun gear, and related virtualization and Web 2.0 technologies.

Friday Jul 10, 2009

Solaris Application Memory Management

In this article, learn the basics of application memory management on Solaris, and avoid and resolve common memory usage problems.

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

BigAdmin's Sys Admin Resources for the OpenSolaris OS

Are you running OpenSolaris or thinking about running it, and wondering what the advantages might be? This collection of links includes info on getting started, helpful web sites and communities, relevant BigAdmin tools and applications, documentation and how-to's, plus training and support.

Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

Community Tech Tip: Adding Live CD Distribution to Existing Solaris Installation

Here is another community tech tip on the BigAdmin wiki from Bernd Schemmer. He describes techniques to install MilaX on a hard disk in parallel to an existing Solaris installation.

Thursday Jul 02, 2009

Configuring the DHCP Server for the Solaris OS or OpenSolaris OS

This community-submitted Tech Tip shows how to configure a DHCP server by using the bundled DHCP server in the Solaris OS or the SUNWdhcs package for the OpenSolaris OS.

Tuesday Jun 23, 2009

Sun Studio 12 Update 1 - Now Available!

This latest production release includes improved binary application performance, full OpenMP 3.0 support, profiling of distributed MPI applications, unified application and system profiling using Solaris DTrace technology (DLight), a new standalone graphical debugger (dbxTool) and much more! Download your free, unrestricted copy today.


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