Monday Jan 25, 2010

Sun's Sysadmin-Related Documentation, or Where Are the Docs?

This blog entry is in response to feedback at the BigAdmin BoF at LISA 09 Conference. We heard that it was getting difficult to figure out where Sun docs were, so we put together a quick summary of all the Sun sysadmin-related docs we could find, whether they were on, wikis, or elsewhere.

Thursday Jan 14, 2010

System Administrator Documentation for Sun Products

Looking for docs about Sun products? BigAdmin's new Documentation hub can help you find sysadmin docs on and other Sun web sites.

Monday Nov 23, 2009

Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning for the Solaris 10 10/09 OS

The Solaris 10 10/09 Installation Guide on shows how to save system downtime when upgrading by using Solaris Live Upgrade. This guide includes instructions for creating and upgrading an inactive boot environment as well as upgrading to a ZFS root pool.

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Questions About the Solaris 10 OS?

BigAdmin has gathered lots of good info, including the Solaris 10 Resource Collection and the Installation/Upgrade Resource Collection. These collections are built from Sun, third-party, and community submissions. And you can browse through the Solaris
Information Center
, which links to Solaris 10 books, documentation, information on new features and installation, and more technical resources.

Thursday Oct 15, 2009

Over 100 New Translated Technical Articles on BigAdmin

This blog entry links to BigAdmin's new translations of docs from Sun and the sys admin community. The Multilingual hub offers technical information in Spanish, French, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2009

Updated: Sys Admin Resources for the Solaris OS on BigAdmin

Check out the updated Solaris resources in the Patching Center and the updated Solaris Install docs in the Solaris documentation hub.

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

BigAdmin's Sys Admin Resources for the OpenSolaris OS

Are you running OpenSolaris or thinking about running it, and wondering what the advantages might be? This collection of links includes info on getting started, helpful web sites and communities, relevant BigAdmin tools and applications, documentation and how-to's, plus training and support.

Thursday Apr 16, 2009

Retail Books About the Solaris 10 OS

The BigAdmin Solaris Information Center has a new section on books about the Solaris 10 OS, including Application Programming, Solaris Internals, Performance and Tools, Security Essentials, and System Administration Essentials. (p.s. Thanks to the folks for maintaining our Solaris hub!)

Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Documentation Center for OpenSolaris and Solaris OS on BigAdmin

On the Solaris Information Center, the News page has new information on the OpenSolaris System Administration Guide, and a link to the version that was released for the OpenSolaris Student Pack. The Solaris Information Center is a portal built by the Solaris documentation team for easy access to Sun resources on installation, patching, and more.

Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

How to Find Application Server Downloads and Documentation

The group wrote up this list of all Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server and Sun Java System Application Server releases and documentation. This article aims to help users find the appropriate documentation for their application server version. The article also provides information about the upgrade paths for various application server releases.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

ZFS Docs Updated for Solaris 10 10/08 Release has been updated for new features in the new Solaris 10 10/08 release, for example:
- Migrating a UFS Root File System to a ZFS Root File System (Solaris Live Upgrade)
- Chapter 4 Installing and Booting a ZFS Root File System

Monday Nov 03, 2008

Documentation for Some New Features in Solaris 10/08 OS

Updated for new features in the Solaris 10 10/08 release: System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones

A new -u option to zoneadm attach updates zone-dependent packages and associated patches within the zone to match those on the new host when migrating a zone. Migration between machine classes, such as between sun4u and sun4v machines, is also enabled using this option.

For systems running the Solaris 10 10/08 release and kernels 137137-07 or later, updated Solaris 8 Containers 1.0.1 and Solaris 9 Containers 1.0.1 products are available.
See: System Administration Guide: Solaris 8 Containers

System Administration Guide: Solaris 9 Containers

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

OpenSolaris System Administration Guide on

The Guide has been moved from the Genunix site to New information is scheduled for the OpenSolaris 2008.11 release, for NWAM, changes to the print service, changes to the boot service, automatic ZFS snapshot service, and so on.

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Sys Admin Docs for OpenSolaris Updated

The updates includes changes to Writing Device Drivers; System Administration Guide: Security Services; Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures; and System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.

Friday Jun 27, 2008

Recommended and Sun Alert Patch Clusters for the Solaris OS

Here's an article describing Solaris Recommended and Sun Alert Patch clusters. The differences between the two types of patch clusters are also described.


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