Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

MySQL University: Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming events at MySQL University. This educational online program for engineers and developers is free and open to anyone.

Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

C and Fortran Development and Deployment Tools for Solaris 8, 9, and 10 Releases

Find out about developing, maintaining, and supporting a C or Fortran software product on the Solaris 8, 9, and 10 releases simultaneously, on one machine. (This tech tip was reprinted from the BigAdmin newsletter.)

Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

Attend PayPal X INNOVATE 2009 (Nov. 3-4, San Francisco, Calif.)

Register for this developer conference by October 20, and attend for free. Just enter the code SUNPAYPAL when you sign up. Learn more.

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Solaris OS: Optimized for the AMD Opteron Processor

This Sun BluePrints document (registration required) is a quick reference guide for developers and system administrators who want to optimize applications running on the Solaris OS and AMD Opteron processors.

Tuesday May 19, 2009

Register Now for the 2009 Sun HPC Consortium (June 21-22, Hamburg, Germany)

Whether you're an application developer, CIO, or VP of research, if you're interested in high-performance computing, plan to attend the upcoming Sun High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium in Hamburg, just before the ISC09 Conference this June. Early bird registration ends May 21, so register now.

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

New: SPARC Platform Support for OpenSolaris Development

Build 106 introduces support for SPARC systems in the development package repository. Please recognize that this is a development build and is for testing purposes, not production environments. OpenSolaris discussions give more download and installation details (note: This URL has been changed).

Thursday Oct 16, 2008

Event: 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit (Nov. 17-19, Oakland, Calif.)

Are you a developer writing code to support nonprofit needs? The 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit will be the second annual convening of people and organizations developing software tools, web applications, and other technology to support social justice causes. Learn more.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Developer Tips for Sun N1 Service Provisioning System

Here are guidelines for developing Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 6.0.2 components and plans that have good capabilities for error and exception handling.

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

New: Python Developer Center

The new Python Developer Center is your connection for downloads, community, libraries, documents, and frameworks for developing web applications with the Python programming language and Jython, its implementation for the Java platform. Take a look.

Wednesday May 28, 2008

Explore the SunQuest Chronicles!

I love an adventure. And I'm willing to bet most of y'all do too. So I'm really pleased to announce the launch of the SunQuest Chronicles!

[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Three Free Passes to JavaOne...Want One?

Hey Guys,

I'm so stoked about this. We've secured three more FULL passes to JavaOne to give away! That's could attend JavaOne 2008 for free! All you need to do is follow us on twitter here. We'll be picking winners at random on Thursday. So hurry! ;) 


Wednesday Jan 23, 2008

SDN Chat: NetBeans

Please join us in Sun's Developer Playground in Second Life on Thursday, January 31 at 10am PST as Brian Leonard and David Botterill, NetBeans Technology Evangelists, Sun Microsystems, discuss NetBeans 6.0. Learn how this latest release enables greater developer productivity with a faster, smarter editor, multi-language support, and a customizable IDE.

Thursday Dec 06, 2007

NetBeans IDE 6.0!

NetBeans IDE 6.0 increases developer productivity with a smarter, faster editor, Ruby/JRuby/Ruby on Rails support, enhancements for improved Swing development, a new Visual Game Designer, updated Data Binding support, integrated Profiling and more. Download Now or Order a Free DVD.

>>Learn More

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

Give Us Your Feedback

Please join me tomorrow in Second Life at 6am PST and/or 9am PST to
discuss what SDN is, can, and should do in Second Life from a community
perspective. I'm all ears folks, so come tell me your thoughts. Both
meetings will be held in Sun's Developer Playground. IM me (Heidi
SunMicrosystems) inworld if you need a teleport. OMG. I sounded so
sci-fi just then.


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