Wednesday Jul 22, 2009

Interview With Ramin Mohammadi, Student Winner of the JavaFX Coding Challenge

Chhandomay Mandal interviews Ramin Mohammadi, who won in the student segment of the JavaFX Coding Challenge. Listen to the interview on Blog Talk Radio or read the PDF transcript.

Thursday Jul 09, 2009

JavaOne Online Learning: Blogging Contest

The 2009 JavaOne conference may be over, but the learning doesn't have to be.

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Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

Train Online and Blog About It for a Chance to Win $300

Accelerate your development at no charge with JavaOne online technical sessions, and blog about it for a chance to win $300. Learn more.

Thursday May 28, 2009

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest -- Win $500 (Enter by June 24)

Come try the best-kept secret in the Java JDK -- Java VisualVM. This free visual tool integrates several command-line JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities. Simply use Java VisualVM, blog about it, and you could win a USD $500 American Express gift certificate. Learn more.

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Five Winners for the "Dude, Where's My Pass?" Contest

Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the 2009 JavaOne conference "Dude, Where's My Pass?" contest.

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Monday May 18, 2009

Sun Software Library: Write a Review, Get a T-Shirt

Write a review for an application in the Sun Software Library -- an online catalog of commercial and open-source applications on Sun technologies from over 9,000 companies, organizations, or individual developers -- and you may win a free T-shirt. Learn more and get started.

Friday May 01, 2009

Java VisualVM Blogging Contest

Java VisualVM is a free tool to monitor, profile, and control Java technology-based applications. Try it and blog about your experience -- you could win USD $500. Learn more.

Monday Mar 23, 2009

JavaFX Coding Challenge Includes Prizes for Student Developers

Submit an innovative rich media application using JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans IDE 6.5 to the JavaFX Coding Challenge.

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Friday Mar 13, 2009

Extend Doodle, Win a Trip to Zurich, Switzerland

Create a useful and innovative extension for the Doodle API, and you could wake up in Switzerland.

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Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Sun Campus Ambassadors Among Winners in Student Views and Reviews Contest

Sun has announced the winners in the second Student Views and Reviews contest, in which students wrote reviews that highlight creative uses of MySQL and GlassFish technologies. Among them are five Sun campus ambassadors.

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Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Student Reviews Contest: Only One Week Left to Enter

Students: Use MySQL database and GlassFish application server to develop a web application and submit a review by October 25. You may win a grand prize of a $500 Visa debit card or a prize of a $250 Visa debit card. Learn more.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

Student Developer Contest: Code for Freedom 2008

Are you a full-time student in a university in India? If so, you may be eligible to participate in Sun's Code for Freedom contest. Learn more.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

Winners of OpenSolaris and NetBeans Student Reviews Contest Announced

Chhandomay Mandal has announced the winners of the student reviews contest. Take a look at the winners. To read more contest submissions, visit the main student reviews blog and scroll down.

Thursday Apr 17, 2008

Take the NetBeans Quiz and Win Amazing Prizes Every Week!

(Contest Open to Legal Residents of India Only)

An Apple Ipod Touch
A Nintendo Wii
A Nokia E 61i Mobile Phone

Starting every week from April 14th till June 23rd, scoring these cool prizes and more like them takes only three steps with our new NetBeans Quiz!

  • Download the NetBeans IDE.
  • Get the quiz plugin from the NetBeans Update Center.
  • Answer the questions and win a prize every week!

At the end of the contest, one lucky quiz taker will win the grand prizeā€”an Apple MacBook Air!

Visit the NetBeans Quiz main page for more details.

Monday Mar 17, 2008

Blog NetBeans 6.1 Beta and Win!

Just blogged this on the SDN'sider....Super cool blogging contest for NetBeans 6.1 Beta. Check it out:

1. Download the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta (or later release) and try it out.

2. Blog about it!

3. Submit the URL to your blog.

4. Do it before April 18, 2008!

Do it and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of ten $500 amex gift cards or one of one hundred NetBeans t-shirts. Whatcha waiting for? 



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