Friday May 08, 2009

Meet Java Champions, JUG Leaders, and the NetBeans Dream Team

Where can you find more than 30 events that feature Java Champions, Java User Group (JUG) leaders, and NetBeans Dream Team members? The Java Champions home page provides details and a schedule for the JavaOne and CommunityOne conferences (June 1-5).

Monday Apr 27, 2009

Sun Forums: Interview With ejp (Esmond Pitt)

Get to know ejp, also known as Esmond Pitt of Australia, in the inaugural Sun Forums Contributors Spotlight interview.

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Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Apps of Steel Challenge

If you're a student, developer, system administrator, or someone who just likes to develop packages, use your talents and participate for a chance to win a Toshiba OpenSolaris laptop! Find out more about the challenge.

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

New Tech Tips on BigAdmin Wiki

The BigAdmin wiki includes info from Sun and the community. Tech Tips are organized by category. See "Tech Tip Cats" (meow) in the left nav for the list, including Availability, Automation, Databases, Security, and more.

New on the wiki:

\* Testing data consistency during Multipathing switchover: This community tech tip describes how to remove EMC PowerPath and enable MPXIO while file systems are in use on a server that runs the Solaris OS.

\* How to Change Sun Cluster Node Names: This tech tip from Fabio Morais do Nascimento of Sun shows how to change Solaris Cluster node names.

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

Installing the Solaris 9 OS From a Flash Archive Dynamically

Here is a community-submitted procedure for installing the Solaris 9 9/04 OS from a flash archive onto a server dynamically, so the server is available during installation.

Monday Mar 30, 2009

Event: CommunityOne North (April 15, Oslo, Norway)

Join us for a jam-packed day of education, innovation, and exchange. Come together with fellow developers and technologists to evaluate dozens of open-source projects currently powering leading Web companies, transforming enterprise IT, and enabling next-generation computing.

Access to the conference program is free, but space is limited. Learn more and check out the content catalog.

Friday Mar 27, 2009

Updated: Script Template and Techniques for ksh Scripts

New on our community wiki: the tech tip "A Script Template and Useful Techniques for ksh Scripts - Update March 2009." This is an update to the BigAdmin article "A Script Template and Useful Techniques for ksh Scripts" from November, 2007.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

Join Us: CommunityOne East Webcast and Live Chat (March 18)

If you can't attend the CommunityOne East event in person, you can catch the excitement on the Web. Sun will be streaming the general session and select breakout sessions live, starting at 9:00 a.m. EDT/6:00 a.m. PDT on March 18, 2009.

Check for conversion to your local time zone.

Take a look at the CommunityOne East agenda.

Thursday Mar 12, 2009

Join Us: CommunityOne East Webcast and Live Chat (March 18)

Can't attend in person on March 18? Tune in for the video stream and live chat.

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Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

Using ZFS and rsync to Create a Backup Solution With Versioning

This community-posted tech tip on the BigAdmin wiki describes one of the many useful things that can be done with ZFS in the Solaris 10 OS. Bernd Schemmer shows how to create a cheap disk-based backup with versioning using ZFS and rsync.

Tuesday Mar 10, 2009

Changing the Output of the "uname" Command in the Solaris OS

This community-submitted tech tip on the BigAdmin wiki describes a method for temporarily changing the output of the uname command in the Solaris OS for SPARC or x86 platforms. The author, Bernd Schemmer, uses the sloggi kernel module written by Konrad Rieck.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

SDN: Find Your Community

Whether you're a student or an enterprise developer, a system administrator, or just someone who's curious about what's going on at Sun, the Sun Developer Network (SDN) is your link to other developers who share your passion. Check out the new SDN Community page.

Friday Feb 20, 2009

Digital Signage Using Sun Ray Clients and 3 Impress

Community-submitted article: Sun Ray clients and Impress work together impressively in this digital signage solution. The author writes: "Fortunately, we ended up going with Sun Ray clients, and now we have the beginnings of a very neat little signage setup that is robust, cost-effective, centrally managed, and easy to use."

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

2009 JavaOne Conference (June 2-5, San Francisco, Calif.): Register Now

Stay on top of everything new and different, both inside and around Java technology. Register by April 22, 2009, and save $200 off a Conference Pass or Conference Plus Pass. Register now.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

Register for CommunityOne East (March 18-19, New York, N.Y.)

On March 18, come to CommunityOne in New York City: a day filled with technical sessions, hands-on demos and a free exchange of ideas.

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