Monday Jan 11, 2010

Updated Solaris Cluster Hub on BigAdmin

Interested in using Solaris Cluster (formerly known as Sun Cluster)? You can find updated information and resources here for Sun's high-availability and clustering products.

Wednesday Jan 06, 2010

Blog on the Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09 Release

The Sun Cluster Oasis Blog from Sun Availability Engineering has the latest information on Solaris Cluster and its uses for business continuity, disaster recovery, and application high availability. Read about the latest release, Solaris Cluster 3.2 11/09.

Monday Jun 22, 2009

Running Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Sun Logical Domains

This Sun BluePrints document discusses running Oracle RAC on servers configured with LDoms. It also explains that Sun LDoms virtualization technology enables fine-grained assignment of CPU and memory resources to an Oracle RAC workload. (Login required.)

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Using Solaris Cluster 3.2 With Two Logical Domains on the Same Host

This community submission shows how to configure Solaris Cluster 3.2 1/09 as a clustering solution between two logical guest domains that exist on one host running the Solaris 10 OS.

Monday May 25, 2009

Deploying Oracle RAC on Solaris Zone Clusters

Here is a Sun BluePrints paper providing an overview of Solaris Zone Clusters (also called Solaris Containers Clusters), a virtual cluster technology. The article describes how Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) can be deployed on a zone cluster. (Please log in to download.)

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

OpenSolaris Summit for Open HA Cluster in San Francisco, May 31, 2009

Join us as we explore the latest trends in High Availability Cluster technologies, as well as key insights from HA Cluster community members, technologists, and users. Learn how to increase the availability of your favorite applications from blogs to enterprise-level infrastructure. It will be a full day of speakers, panel discussions, technical tracks, food and prizes. The event is free.

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

New Tech Tips on BigAdmin Wiki

The BigAdmin wiki includes info from Sun and the community. Tech Tips are organized by category. See "Tech Tip Cats" (meow) in the left nav for the list, including Availability, Automation, Databases, Security, and more.

New on the wiki:

\* Testing data consistency during Multipathing switchover: This community tech tip describes how to remove EMC PowerPath and enable MPXIO while file systems are in use on a server that runs the Solaris OS.

\* How to Change Sun Cluster Node Names: This tech tip from Fabio Morais do Nascimento of Sun shows how to change Solaris Cluster node names.

Monday Mar 09, 2009

How to Deploy Virtual Clusters Using Solaris Zones, and Why

This Sun BluePrints paper introduces the zone cluster, a virtual cluster in which a Solaris Zone is configured as a virtual node. The zone cluster supports the consolidation of multiple cluster applications on a single cluster. (Registration is required.)

Thursday Mar 05, 2009

Lustre File System - Demo Quick Start Guide

This new Sun BluePrints cookbook is for non-Linux users. See how to set up a demo of the Linux-based Lustre file system (a scalable, secure, robust, and highly available cluster file system for large computing clusters) using small servers, workstations, PCs, or other available hardware. (Note: Registration is required for Sun BluePrints publications.)

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Blog on New Solaris Cluster 3.2 1/09 Release

Key features in this new update release include:

- Extended Solaris Container support with Oracle RAC database
- Quorum monitoring for outage detection
- Exclusive-IP in Zones support to allow for Solaris Container isolation
- Flexible fencing
- New Configuration Checker for better diagnosibility
- Support for ZFS as root file system
- Agents for supporting the latest versions of many applications
For more information, see this blog.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

Sun BluePrints Article: Booting Over Infiniband for Consolidation Savings

The high speed and low latency of InfiniBand make it the interconnect of choice for large High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. This article describes how booting over InfiniBand (BoIB) can offer consolidation and scaling benefits for systems with tens to thousands of compute nodes.

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Deploying MySQL Database in Solaris Cluster Environments for High Availability

This Sun BluePrints article explains the advantages of deploying MySQL database in a Solaris Cluster environment, while describing how to install and configure MySQL database in this scenario.

Monday Aug 25, 2008

Setting Up MySQL Cluster Software With Solaris Zones

A new article shows how to set up MySQL Cluster in a Solaris Zones environment, as if it were running on independent physical servers. This can be useful for replicating an environment without using multiple physical systems.

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Installing HA Containers With ZFS and the Solaris 10 5/08 OS

Here is how to install high availability (HA) Containers with ZFS. The scenario in this community-submitted tech tip uses the Solaris 10 5/08 OS and Solaris Cluster 3.2 software.

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

BigAdmin Wiki: Sun Cluster Info

Here are links to helpful Sun Cluster and Sun Cluster Geographic Edition documents, such as a quick reference guide for frequently used adminstrative commands.


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