Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

OSUM Webinar: Project Darkstar Deep Dive

Students: You're invited to attend a presentation on Project Darkstar, an open-source software platform for online games, on October 21 from 10 to 11am EDT. Read more.

Not yet a member of OSUM? Here's how to sign up.

Friday Oct 09, 2009

OSUM in India Reaches 31,000 Members

Rajesh Umashankar informs us that Sun Open Source University Meet-up (OSUM) groups in India have reached 31,000 members since the recent Software Freedom Day activities. Congratulations to all the Sun campus ambassadors and OSUM club members in India!

Monday Jul 27, 2009

NetBeans 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK, is now available for download.

The release is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the following changes:

  • Support for JavaFX 1.2
  • Upgrade of GlassFish v3 Prelude to include fixes from build #28f
  • Integration of important bug fixes based on user feedback, especially in the Java Editor and project scanning areas
Learn more about NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and download the release today! (See the original announcement.)

Thursday May 14, 2009

Deploying Oracle ASM Using iSCSI on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System

This new article describes how to configure storage volumes for export as iSCSI targets, and then configure those iSCSI logical unit numbers (LUNs) at the database server to be used for Oracle ASM.

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009 a Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Reference Deployment

This article describes the system architecture and configuration for, which supports the OpenID at Work project. OpenID at Work is a Sun Identity Provider of OpenID for Sun employees and runs on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0. Using, Sun employees can seamlessly access web sites that leverage OpenID for authentication purposes. The site is deployed on Sun Fire X2200 M2 servers running the Solaris 10 Operating System.

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Project Kenai: More Than Just a Forge

Easily and freely host your open-source projects and code at Project Kenai. Connect, communicate, and collaborate with developers of like mind and passion.

[Read More]

Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Sun Parts Installation Service

Sun can install Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) on-site for you. See the details and the list of supported CRUs, including memory DIMMs, power supplies, and PCI interfaces, on BigAdmin.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Join the Conversation

Hear what's being said about Sun and its technologies. Read selected blogs, news, and videos presented in the spirit of facilitating conversations and fostering community -- all on Community Voices.

New Release of Hardware Certification Test Suite Supports OpenSolaris

The HCTS 4.2 release includes new features such as support for hard drives with more than one terabyte capacity. Lots of good info here: Updated FAQ, Getting Started Guide, Release Notes, README, and more.

The HCTS program enables independent hardware vendors (IHVs), system manufacturers, system integrators, and end users to certify their systems and components for the Solaris OS and OpenSolaris. All hardware that passes certification testing is eligible to be included in the Solaris OS Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Certification tests for x86 and x64 products cover both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Friday Dec 19, 2008

Vintage Support for the Solaris 8 OS

You can continue to run your business or favorite applications on the Solaris 8 OS, even though it will enter End of Service Life (EOSL) Phase 2 on April 1, 2009. Find out about your support options if you continue to use Solaris 8. Customers who have been using Solaris 8 will not receive vintage patches (i.e. patches developed on or after April 1, 2009), even security patches, unless they purchase the Solaris 8 Vintage Patch Service. See BigAdmin for more info.

Monday Oct 06, 2008

The New Solaris 10 Applications Library Is Live

The new Solaris 10 Applications Library is live on BigAdmin. If you're a sys admin, developer, or user, you can search for and download applications by vendor or application name/description. Here are thousands of Solaris Ready Applications and Solutions that run on the Solaris 10 OS on x64/x86 and SPARC platforms.

Friday Sep 26, 2008

Sun Fire X4540 Server as Backup Server for Zmanda's Amanda Software

Here is a quick-start guide to configuring Sun Fire X4540 server as a backup server for Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6 software. The article also has tips for configuring zpool and ZFS on the Solaris 10 OS.

Friday Sep 19, 2008

Patching Center: Systems Management Release Hub

This section of BigAdmin provides information about Sun Management Center add-on software and Sun Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) software releases that can help you manage your Sun systems.

Thursday Jul 31, 2008

OpenSolaris Project Crossbow or Network Virtualization

Crossbow network virtualization technology can help you build a network in a box; create VNICs and switches; manage bandwidth, Solaris Containers, and virtual machines; provide QoS; and monitor network performance and status. Find out more.

Monday Apr 14, 2008

New to Java Programming Center: For Young Developers

Programming isn't just for adults any longer. The New to Java Programming Center has resources for young developers.

[Read More]

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