Tuesday Sep 15, 2009

Kito Mann Workshop: Core JSF: Advanced JavaServer Faces in Action With Ajax (Nov. 17)

Attend Kito Mann's Core JSF workshop on November 17 in San Francisco, California.

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Thursday Aug 20, 2009

New Session of "Ajax and Web 2.0 programming (With Passion!)" Begins Sept. 7

Join Java technology evangelist Sang Shin for this free online course.

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Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Building an Ajax-Enabled Web Application Using Phobos and jMaki

In this Tech Tip, you'll learn how to use Phobos and jMaki to create a simple Ajax-enabled web application. Phobos is a lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment that runs on the Java platform. The jMaki framework is a lightweight framework for creating Web 2.0 applications using standards-based technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

Using jMaki With PHP on OpenSolaris

This Tech Tip shows you how to create a PHP web application that incorporates jMaki widgets, communicates with a MySQL database, and runs in the OpenSolaris OS.

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Learning: Dojo Toolkit and jMaki Framework for Ajax Developers

Dojo, jMaki, JavaScript -- learn more about these ingredients for Web 2.0 development.

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Thursday Apr 03, 2008

2008 JavaOne Conference: Early Bird discount Ends April 7

The Early Bird discount ends April 7 for the 2008 JavaOne conference. The Conference connects you with industry experts, the latest trends, and practical job-related content.

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Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

Register for CommunityOne | May 5, 2008 | San Francisco, CA

Choose from 70+ sessions led by experts from 30+ open communities powering the Internet. Scripting: PHP, AJAX, Python, Ruby, Javascript, JavaFX, databases: MySQL, postgreSQL, web/app servers: GlassFish, Apache, JBoss, and more. Free admission but space is limited.


Monday Mar 17, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 Beta Supports Tighter MySQL Integration

Sun announced the immediate availability of NetBeans 6.1 integrated development environment (IDE) Beta. NetBeans 6.1 Beta adds features for JavaScript technology development, a key component for delivering Ajax web applications and tighter integration of MySQL database functionality. Read the press release, download NetBeans 6.1 Beta.

Monday Oct 15, 2007

Scripting Resources on developers.sun.com

Find scripts, wraps, languages -- everything you need to do JavaScript, Ajax, Ruby, JavaFX, jMaki, PHP, Python, C, DTrace, and more at the Scripting Resource Center.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Ajax With Passion: Free 18-Week Online Course Starts Oct. 15

Join Java evangelist Sang Shin for this free 18-week online course. Weekly topics include the following:

  • Ajax Basics and Development Tools
  • JavaScript Basics and DOM APIs
  • Ajax Frameworks and Toolkits
  • Ajax Application Examples
  • Dojo Toolkit Basics
  • Dojo Toolkit Advanced
  • ProtoType
  • JSON
  • Mashups
  • Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ajax Integration
  • jMaki
  • Web Application Frameworks and Ajax
  • CSS
  • Portlet/Portals and Ajax
  • JavaScript Best Practices
  • Phobos (Script-based MVC framework)
  • DynaFaces
  • Dissecting the Java BluePrints Petstore 2.0 Reference Application
  • Ajax Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • ZK Framework

See course details and read the FAQ.

Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

Restricting Access to Ajax Services

This article highlights some techniques for restricting access to Ajax-based services. It then focuses on using URL-based API keys, which gives you fine-grained protection and allows you to track, meter, and restrict usage of a service.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

October Conferences and Events

J-Fall 2007 (Voorthuizen, Netherlands, Oct. 11)
Sun Microsystems and Adobe Systems sponsor this free one-day Java User Group (JUG) conference in the Netherlands.

Grails eXchange 2007 (London, U.K., Oct. 17-19)
This three-day conference is packed with presentations on Grails, Groovy, Java EE technology, Ajax, and Web 2.0.

Midwest Java Technology Days (Chicago, Ill., Oct. 18)
Topics include EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API; SOA using OpenESB, BPEL, and NetBeans IDE; Solaris OS: Introduction to Dtrace; and the Java SE 6 platform.

The Ajax Experience (Boston, Mass., Oct. 24-26)
Take your Ajax skills to the next level. Learn to create applications and products that are more user-friendly, efficient, and responsive.

More Events
From sun.com
From java.net

Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

4 Rockin' Days of Ajax: Sept 23-26 2007

Sun is a gold sponsor at AJAXWorld 2007. Bob Brewin is a keynote speaker, plus hear Greg Murray, Nandini Ramani, Roberto Chinnici, Jean-Francois Arcand, and Francois Orsini.


Wednesday Jul 25, 2007

End-to-End Tracing of Ajax/Java Applications Using DTrace July 18, 2007

This article shows how the Solaris DTrace tool can help trace Ajax
applications, starting from the JavaScript code executed in a browser
environment, to the Java back-end on the server side, and beyond.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

End-to-End Tracing of Ajax/Java Applications Using DTrace

This article shows how the Solaris DTrace tool can help trace Ajax applications, starting from the JavaScript code executed in a browser environment, to the Java back-end on the server side, and beyond. DTrace is available on Solaris 10 and above.


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