Monday Dec 14, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans team is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.8! NetBeans is the first IDE to fully support Java EE 6 (including GlassFish v3, JSF 2.0, and EJBs in web applications), and it now supports the JavaFX Composer (preview), PHP 5.3 and the Symfony framework, Jira issue trackers, C/C++ profiling, and much more. Download it now!

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Thursday Oct 22, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta Available for Download!

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta is the first IDE to offer support for the entire Java EE 6 spec. Highlights include support for JSF 2.0/Facelets, Java Persistence 2.0, EJB 3.1 including using EJBs in web applications, RESTful web services, and GlassFish v3.

The IDE's integration with Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for hosting open-source projects, now offers full support for JIRA and improved instant messenger and issue tracker integration. PHP support has been extended to include the Symfony framework and PHP 5.3. The release also supports the JavaFX SDK 1.2.1, and comes with added features to the IDE's Maven and database integration, and improvements to the editor and tools for Ruby, Groovy, and C/C++ projects.

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Beta is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese, as well as in several community-translated languages.

Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Use NetBeans IDE 6.7 to Combine JAR Files Into a Single JAR File

Learn how to concatenate your user and library classes into a single JAR file, so that you can upload your apps to the Java Warehouse. Read the article Use NetBeans IDE 6.7 to Combine JAR Files Into a Single JAR File by SDN senior staff writer Robert Eckstein.

Monday Jul 27, 2009

NetBeans 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK, is now available for download.

The release is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the following changes:

  • Support for JavaFX 1.2
  • Upgrade of GlassFish v3 Prelude to include fixes from build #28f
  • Integration of important bug fixes based on user feedback, especially in the Java Editor and project scanning areas
Learn more about NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and download the release today! (See the original announcement.)

Monday Jun 29, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Is Here!

The focus of NetBeans IDE 6.7 is connectivity -- helping developers to connect to the latest technologies and to each other: Project Kenai, native Maven support, and Hudson integration are just the beginning. Learn more.

Monday Jun 01, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Release Candidate 1 Available for Download is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.7 Release Candidate 1! The focus of NetBeans 6.7 RC1 is connectivity--helping developers to connect to each other and to the latest technologies.

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Sunday May 31, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Release Candidate 1 Available for Download!

The NetBeans team announces the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1).

New features for 6.7 include integration with Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for developers to host their open-source projects; native Maven support; and GlassFish and Hudson integrations. This release also offers enhancements for Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy and C/C++, and more. Providing superior support for multiple languages and innovative team support through Project Kenai, the NetBeans IDE 6.7 is the ideal tool for developers to connect to their teams and to the latest technologies!

Learn More about NetBeans 6.7 RC1

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Geertjan Interviews Bernd Ruehlicke

In Oil & Gas Exploration on the NetBeans Platform, Geertjan Wielenga interviews petrophysicist Bernd Ruehlicke about Vinland Software Suite, an application for geoscientists created at Eriksfiord.

Topics of discussion include geoscience, the NetBeans platform, Swing, and one way to limit spaghetti code. Read the interview.

Tuesday Apr 28, 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Beta

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Beta introduces integration with Project Kenai, and includes native Maven support, enhancements for Java, PHP, Groovy, C/C++, and more. Download it now.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

NetBeans Code Swarm Video: 10 Years of NetBeans History in 5 Minutes

Turn on the speakers, pay close attention to the screen and enjoy the NetBeans Code Swarm Video. Double-click to get the full-screen version.

Code swarm is a cool organic visualization of a software project's evolution. This video visualizes work done in the NetBeans CVS repository from 1998 to 2008. The project switched to a Mercurial repository in 2009.

Thursday Feb 26, 2009


Tap in to the growing community of NetBeans developers worldwide by creating a customized window into the world of NetBeans that you can add directly on your own site. Learn more.

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 2 Available for Download

Milestone 2 of the NetBeans IDE 6.7 is now available for download. There are improvements and enhancements to several features including: Maven and C/C++ support, the Profiler, SVG components and more.

With this release, the IDE now gives users the option of activating only functionalities they want to use. An enhanced self-diagnostic tools lets users review performance issues, or with a click send a report to the NetBeans team for analysis. The MAC OS X look-and-feel has also been given a cool update. Find out more about what's new and noteworthy in the release.

Download NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 2 and let us know what you think!

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

NetBeans Dominates's 2009 Product Awards!

NetBeans is off to a great start for 2009 with FIVE WINS in's 2009 Product of the Year Awards!

NetBeans received the most votes to claim top spots in these categories: Java Tool, Open Source Tool, Development Platform, Development Utilities, and Wireless/Mobile Tool.

A big "Thank You" to the NetBeans community and supporters for helping to deliver these wins! [Read more.]

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

Register for Webinar: MySQL, NetBeans & Rails (Jan. 27)

Developing MySQL-Backed Applications with NetBeans and JRuby-on-Rails

Learn to leverage the NetBeans IDE and the JRuby-on-Rails framework to deploy MySQL-backed applications on GlassFish in a LIVE technical webinar on Tuesday, January 27th.

Get Details and Register for the Webinar

Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Time: 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT, 18:00 GMT
Presenters: Arun Gupta, GlassFish Evangelist, Sun Microsystems, and Jimmy Guerrero, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Released is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.5!

Download NetBeans IDE 6.5 now.

NetBeans IDE 6.5 offers simplified and rapid development of web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications with Java, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Ruby, and Groovy.

New features include a light-weight NetBeans IDE for PHP, JavaScript debugging for Firefox and IE, and support for Groovy and Grails. The release also delivers a number of enhancements for Java, Ruby on Rails, and C/C++ development. Java highlights include: built-in support for Hibernate, Eclipse project import, and compile on save.

NetBeans IDE 6.5 is currently available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. There are also several community contributed localization efforts that provide additional languages.

More information about NetBeans IDE 6.5:

Have a question? Get answers on our mailing lists and forums. Have a comment? Send us feedback. Wanna know what others are saying? Tune in to NetBeans on Twitter and Planet Netbeans.


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