Monday Jul 11, 2011

Java SE Release Blog has moved

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Friday Apr 22, 2011

Java SE 6 Update 25 is out!

Java SE 6 Update 25 is now available for download. This release includes performance improvements, support for Oracle Linux 6, Win 7 SP 1, and IE9.

Check out the release notes for more information.

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Tuesday Mar 08, 2011

JDK 7 Developer Preview has released!

Java SE 7 has reached another milestone (M12) and has released a Developer Preview. This release is feature complete, stable, and ready for testing. We would like to enlist you to download and test this release!

This release includes new language features, dynamic-type language support, new NIO 2.0 APIs, Elliptic Curve Cryptography support, JDBC 4.1, enhanced JMX Agent and MBeans, and many more. Please see the Preview page for more details.

Download now and test it with your favoriate apps! Let us know if you find any issue or have any comments! Thanks!

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6u25 EA and New Access Bridge is Available

Java SE 6 Update 25 Early Access is now available for download.

This release includes:
- Performance improvements of BigDecimals
- Big5 HKSCS-2008 Support

Test it out and let us know if you find any issues.

Wednesday Jul 21, 2010

We have moved!

We have moved the "Java SE 6 Update N" blog to .

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Friday Apr 23, 2010

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Thursday Apr 15, 2010

Java SE 6 Update 20 is out!

Java SE 6 Update 20 is now available for download. As a commitment to keeping Java secure, we have created this special release to address the recent security vulnerabilities that have been publicly disclosed. As we do consider this a serious security issue, please update your Java here as soon as possible.

Check out the release notes for more information.

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Tuesday Mar 16, 2010

25 Free Tickets for the Peer Financing for Developer Conference

We have 25 tickets for the first 25 people that sign up for the Peer Financing Conference today. Use promo code “SUNCOMP” when you register. Register at

At the Peer Financing Conference you'll hear and see first hand the innovative funding solutions you will be able to take advantage of, specifically:

-How entrepreneurs are funding their ideas, projects and ventures through peer-to-peer financing.
-What new platforms have been created to connect ideas with money.
-How new tools like PayPal adaptive payments is revolutionizing how money can travel seamlessly from peer-to-peer.
-Why your venture may never need venture financing.
-How funders are looking for ways to share risk and are interested in meeting the next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial financing.

Wednesday Mar 10, 2010

Peer Financing Event Discount

Sun discount for Peer Financing for Developers on Friday, March 19, 2010, 8:30am - 1:30pm
Use promo code “SUN20” and register for $75 including amazing speakers (entrepreneurs, venture capitalists...) and Lunch. Register now at

Tuesday Mar 09, 2010

Steve Steve Harris and Jeet Kaul will deliver a joint keynote to talk about the future of Java.

They will be speaking on Community and Adaptation at the Tuesday 9:00am EclipseCon keynote, March 23rd. Learn more about the keynote

Oracle activity @ EclipseCon 2010 March 22nd - 25th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA

Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Peer Financing for Developers

Half Day Event on March 19, 2010

Learn how developers and entrepreneurs can fund their ideas. Turn innovative ideas into valuable products for customers, from concepts to prototypes to finished products. The conference brings together leading industry experts to discuss key funding questions facing developers and entrepreneurs. More Info at

Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Video: Getting Started with Java EE 6 Applications

This screencast demonstrates the support provided by NetBeans IDE 6.8 for some of the Java Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) specification technologies. Learn how to use wizards in the IDE to create a simple Java EE 6 web application.

Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

BigAdmin and Oracle Technology Network (OTN)

Wondering about BigAdmin and Oracle Technology Network (OTN)? Read the FAQ about BigAdmin and Oracle.

A Closer Look at Using OpenSolaris - Don't Blame the Printer

Wondering if a printer will work with OpenSolaris? The Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) on BigAdmin includes a list for printers known to work with OpenSolaris. The Observatory blog explains that we need more HCL submissions from you.

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Updated Resources for Upgrading to the Solaris 10 OS

The updated BigAdmin resource center has advice for system administrators and others considering an upgrade. Topics include assessment, planning, implementation, and testing of upgrades, as well as post-upgrade support. Example scenarios are given; for example, if your applications aren't available yet on the Solaris 10 OS, you can take an incremental approach to upgrading on SPARC platforms, using Solaris 8 or 9 Containers on the Solaris 10 release.


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