User Commands pconsole(1) NAME pconsole - parallel console SYNOPSIS pconsole _h_o_s_t[:_p_o_r_t] [...] DESCRIPTION The pconsole utility creates a host terminal window for each remote host that you specify on the command line. The util- ity also opens a central, or master, console window that propagates what you input there to each of the connections that you open. The pconsole utility is best run from within X Windows, although it is possible to employ it without X (in console mode) as well. You only need to install pconsole on one machine in the cluster. This machine would usually be your central adminis- trative node. If you have a serial-port multiplexer that allows you to connect to specific port numbers on the IP address of the multiplexer, you can specify the port number in addition to the hostname or IP address as _m_u_x_I_P:_p_o_r_t_n_u_m_b_e_r. NOTE: This program must be run as root. To allow non-root users to use this program, the system administrator must make the pconsole-bin binary setuid root by issu- ing the following command: # chmod 4555 /usr/bin/pconsole-bin This is NOT recommended however, as it could result in making the system less secure. COMMANDS pconsole supports the following commands in the central con- sole window: ? or help Prints a list of available commands. Ctrl-A Enters command mode. attach Attaches to a tty device. SunOS 5.11 Last change: 24 Sep 2008 1 User Commands pconsole(1) connect Leaves command mode. detach Detaches from a tty device. echo Turns echo on or off. exit Exits pconsole. This is the same as quit. list Shows devices currently attached to. quit Exits pconsole. This is the same as exit. version Displays version information. EXIT STATUS The following exit values are returned: 0 Successful completion. 1 An error occurred. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES P_TERM By default, pconsole uses xterm(1) to create a window to the remote system. You can specify another command by setting the environment variable P_TERM to the chosen command. P_TERM_OPTIONS By default, pconsole uses the options "- geometry 80x24 -fn 10x20" to pass to the command that is specified by P_TERM, or to xterm(1) if P_TERM is unspecified. You can specify different options by setting the environment variable P_TERM_OPTIONS to the chosen options. P_CONNECT_CMD By default, pconsole uses ssh(1) to make connections. You can use a different com- mand, such as rlogin(1), by setting the environment variable P_CONNECT_CMD to the chosen command. SunOS 5.11 Last change: 24 Sep 2008 2 User Commands pconsole(1) ATTRIBUTES See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attri- butes: ____________________________________________________________ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |______________________________|______________________________| | Availability | SUNWpconsole | |______________________________|______________________________| | Interface Stability | Uncommitted | |______________________________|______________________________| SEE ALSO rlogin(1), ssh(1), xterm(1) SunOS 5.11 Last change: 24 Sep 2008 3