Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

Open HA Cluster with HA-xVM demo

Following our recent Open CLARC inception review of the Open HA Cluster (OHAC) agent for xVM Hypervisor guest domains, I thought a small 5 minute demo would be of interest.

Please hit the download key from the demo link to stream the demo, which can be found at the HA-xVM project page.

The demo is based on Solaris Express Community Edition build 86 and Solaris Cluster Express 2/08 simply to reflect the cheat sheet from the link above. The purpose of the demo was to show the following:

  • Show that an OHAC resource group managing an xVM guest domain via an OHAC resource can switch an xVM guest domain from one node to another using live migration. What's not shown is that the OHAC interconnects are used for the live migration.
  • Show that an OHAC managed xVM guest domain can survive a node crash.

In particular, within the demo RG1 manages xVM domain domu1. RG1 is then switched from node podio2 to node podio1 and domu1 is subsequently live migrated between the two nodes. While RG1/domu1 is online on podio1 that node podio1 is crashed via "uadmin 2 1". OHAC automatically detects that failure and restarts domu1 on podio2.

Neil Garthwaite
Solaris Cluster Engineering

Tuesday Sep 09, 2008

Project Colorado: Running Open HA Cluster on OpenSolaris

If you have ever asked yourself why Solaris Cluster Express is running on Solaris Express Community Edition and not yet on the OpenSolaris binary distribution, then you might be interested in project Colorado. This project is endorsed by the HA Clusters community group and has as its goal to provide a minimal and extensible binary distribution of Open HA Cluster that runs on the OpenSolaris binary distribution.

As always, the devil is in the details. The following table summarizes some of the reasons why this isn't just a "recompile and run" experience:

Work Area Solaris Express Community Edition OpenSolaris Binary Distribution
Packaging System System V packages Image Packaging System (IPS)
Zones support native and lx brand type ipkg brand type
KSH version KSH88, KSH93 KSH93
Web-based system management for applications Sun Java Web Console (webconsole) not provided
Encumbered Solaris code CDE, Motif, ToolTalk not contained by design
Supported Platforms SPARC, i386/x64 i386/x64 only (to date)
Installer Supports network (JumpStart), text, and graphical installation Supports graphical installation only (to date)
Preferred Compiler Studio 11, soon Studio 12 StudioExpress

You can read here more details about each point listed within the table.

Besides solving the above challenges, we also want to offer some new possibilities within Colorado. You can read the details within the umbrella requirement specification. There are separate requirement specifications to outline specific details for the planned private-interconnect changes, cluster infrastructure changes involving the weaker membership, enhancements to make the proxy file system (PxFS) optional, and changes to use iSCSI with ZFS for non-shared storage configurations.

You can provide feedback on those documents to the ha-clusters-discuss mailing list. There is a review scheduled with the Cluster Architecture Review Committee on 18 September 2008, where you are invited to participate by phone if you are interested.

Thorsten Früauf
Solaris Cluster Engineering

Monday May 12, 2008

Invitation to LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin

From 28th till 31th of May 2008, Berlin will become the center of Europe's Linux and open source movement. LinuxTag attracts over 10,000 IT decision-makers, trade visitors, developers, media representatives, and other interested visitors from 30 countries.

With over 80 exhibitors of free projects, LinuxTag is the world's largest platform for open-source software projects, offering you the chance to meet directly with their developers and talk about the latest trends.

For more than a decade, LinuxTag has featured its proven crowd magnets, the high-caliber lectures, conferences and tutorials, and the Business and Government Conference.

Hartmut Streppel and Thorsten Frueauf will give a full day tutorial about Open HA Cluster and Flying Containers on Wednesday, 28th May 2008.

Thorsten Frueauf will give a presentation about "Hochverfügbarkeit mit Open HA Cluster" on Saturday, 31th May 2008, within the OpenSolaris track. Check the agenda.

Come by the Sun booth and talk to us, we will present and demonstrate Open HA Cluster on a single-node cluster, and discuss any cluster related subject of interest to you!

Here is your personal invitation in German (thanks to Deirdré Straughan for her patience when recording me):

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Thorsten Früauf
Solaris Cluster Engineering


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