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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 available

On September 8, 2010 Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3

Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3, built on the solid foundation of Oracle Solaris, offers the 
most extensive Oracle enterprise High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions for the 
largest portfolio of mission-critical applications.

Integrated and thoroughly tested with Oracle's Sun servers, storage, connectivity 
solutions and Solaris 10 features, Oracle Solaris Cluster is now qualified with Solaris 
Trusted Extensions, supports Infiniband for general networking or storage usage, and can 
be deployed with Oracle Unified Storage in Campus Cluster configurations. It extends its 
applications support to new Oracle applications such as Oracle Business Intelligence, 
PeopleSoft, TimesTen, and MySQL Cluster.

The single, integrated HA and DR solution enables multi-tier deployments in virtualized 
environments. In this release, Oracle Solaris Containers clusters supports even more 
configurations including additional applications (Oracle WebLogic Server, Siebel CRM, and 
more) and integration with Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition.

    * Delivers unrivaled High Availability on Oracle Solaris OS for much faster failure 
      detection and recovery
    * Enables cost-savings without performance compromise by integrating seamlessly with 
      Oracle Solaris Containers for applications and databases consolidation
    * Out of the box support for a wide selection of applications
    * Certified with a broad range of storage arrays from Oracle and third parties on 
      SPARC and x86 platforms

New features:

- Active Monitoring of Storage Resources
- Flexible load distribution of application services

- Extended Oracle Solaris Containers cluster support:
 * More applications : Oracle WebLogic Server, OBIEE, MySQL cluster,
 PeopleSoft, TimesTen

Hardware Integration:
- InfiniBand on public network and as storage connectivity

Application Integration
- New agents: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition,
 PeopleSoft Enterprise, MySQL cluster, TimesTen
- Updates on Oracle E-Business Suite, WebLogic Server, MySQL, SAP
- Oracle 11gR2 database and RAC support

Disaster Recovery
- Containers cluster  with Geographic Edition
- Sun Unified Storage 7xxxx in campus cluster

- Solaris Trusted Extensions

Ease of use
- Wizards for ASM configurations set-up
- GUI and CLI performance improvements
- Power Management User interface
- Node rename

Compatibility information

Supported Solaris release: Solaris 10 10/09, Solaris 10 9/10

Media Kit and downloads

Software is available through:

- OTN (for evaluation and tests)

- e-delivery (for production use - requires purchase of commercial license)

Select Product Pack:  Oracle Solaris
From results pick:  Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 Media Pack


* Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 Documentation Center:

* Release Notes Information:

The Release Notes documents on this site are regularly updated with new
documentation to support new features, hardware qualifications, bug
workarounds, and other late-breaking information. Check the Release
Notes or Release Notes Supplement for your release before installing the
cluster or performing any maintenance.

Web site

Saturday Dec 23, 2006

Solaris Cluster 3.2 is out there!!!

There was great excitement at the office last week! We are all really proud and happy to see our product suite, Solaris Cluster , roll out, before the end of the year 2006! Mid-year '06, the schedules were modified and the release dates pulled in... there was committment in the team to meet this challenge and we are all really glad that we made it!

Solaris Cluster is the framework that extends the high availability features of Solaris. It includes the latest releases of the Sun Cluster software: Sun Cluster 3.2, Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.2 and Sun Cluster Agents 3.2. Solaris Cluster 3.2 is available for download here. The media will be available with the Expanded Solaris(TM) 10 11/06 Media Kit, early 2007. Here is a quick update on the release and its features.


Ease of Use
\* New Command Line Interfaces
\* Oracle 10g improved integration and administration
\* Agent configuration wizards
\* Flexible IP address scheme

Higher Availability
\* Cluster support for SMF services
\* Quorum server
\* Extended flexibility for fencing protocol
\* Greater Flexibility
\* Expanded support for Solaris Containers
\* HA ZFS - agent support for Sun's new file system
\* Extended support for Veritas software components

Better Operations and Administration
\* Dual-partition software update
\* Live upgrade
\* Optional GUI installation

With Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition, new features include:
\* Support for x64 platforms
\* Support for EMC SRDF replication software

Solaris Cluster is supported on Solaris 9 9/05 and Solaris 10 11/06.


You should be able to register for the Sun Cluster training courses:

\* ES-345 Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration (5 day Instructor Led Training)
\* VC-ES-345 Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration (5 day Live Virtual Class)
\* ES-445 Sun Cluster 3.2 Advanced Administration (5 day Instructor Led Training)

For a complete list of Sun Cluster courses and more details, watch this space. We will blog about this in future too.


Check out the Business Continuity Learning centre here. See our director, Keith White, in a video, talking about the features and benefits of Sun Cluster. There is also an on-line demo and a how-to install Sun Cluster guide that you will find interesting.


We had a few days to do some fun activities, as a team, before our holiday break. There was a "YouTube challenge" suggested by Keith. As part of the fun, we had our creative hats on and made videos and designed TShirts with our product, as the theme. We had less then 3 days to make the videos. On thursday 21st December, the team met over lunch to view the 7 videos that were made. It was fun watching the videos created. Some of them are really fun. I am in awe of the creativity in this group!

Check one of our fun videos "Get A Life"


GetALife is also on YouTube. We will share some of the others as well. Some are bound to make you laugh!

Next year promises to be an interesting year! We will be back in '07 with renewed energy!

Happy Holidays!

Meenakshi Kaul-Basu
Sr. Manager, Solaris Cluster Engineering


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