Thursday May 29, 2008

Two Million Lines of Code

One year ago, we announced that we would open source the entire Solaris Cluster product suite. Today, we are delivering on that promise six months ahead of schedule by releasing over two million lines of source code for the Solaris Cluster framework!

Read the official press release and listen to a podcast with Meenakshi Kaul-Basu, Director of Availability Products at Sun.

This third, and final, source code release follows the initial open sourcing of the Solaris Cluster agents in June, 2007 and Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition in December, 2007. As with the previous releases, the source code is available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) under the auspices of the HA Clusters community group on

The open source version of Solaris Cluster is called Open High Availability Cluster. Although some encumbered parts of Solaris Cluster have not been open sourced, with this release, you can now build a fully functional HA Cluster purely from source.

In addition to the source code for the product itself, Open HA Cluster includes source for the Sun Cluster Automated Test Environment (SCATE), man pages, and globalization.

Consider getting involved in the HA Clusters community group:

Nick Solter, Open HA Cluster tech lead and HA Clusters community group facilitator

Monday May 12, 2008

Invitation to LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin

From 28th till 31th of May 2008, Berlin will become the center of Europe's Linux and open source movement. LinuxTag attracts over 10,000 IT decision-makers, trade visitors, developers, media representatives, and other interested visitors from 30 countries.

With over 80 exhibitors of free projects, LinuxTag is the world's largest platform for open-source software projects, offering you the chance to meet directly with their developers and talk about the latest trends.

For more than a decade, LinuxTag has featured its proven crowd magnets, the high-caliber lectures, conferences and tutorials, and the Business and Government Conference.

Hartmut Streppel and Thorsten Frueauf will give a full day tutorial about Open HA Cluster and Flying Containers on Wednesday, 28th May 2008.

Thorsten Frueauf will give a presentation about "Hochverfügbarkeit mit Open HA Cluster" on Saturday, 31th May 2008, within the OpenSolaris track. Check the agenda.

Come by the Sun booth and talk to us, we will present and demonstrate Open HA Cluster on a single-node cluster, and discuss any cluster related subject of interest to you!

Here is your personal invitation in German (thanks to Deirdré Straughan for her patience when recording me):

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Thorsten Früauf
Solaris Cluster Engineering

Friday Feb 22, 2008

Announcing the Availability of Solaris Cluster Express 2/08

We are proud to announce the availability of the third revision of Solaris Cluster Express (SCX). You can download the DVD image from here .

What is new in this release?

1) This release of SCX runs on the recently released Solaris Express Developer's Edition 1/08, aka SXDE 1/08.  SCX includes an easy to configure/deploy "Web Stack" consisting of Apache, MySQL, and PHP on top of OpenSolaris. Needless to say, we provide high availability (HA) for everything in need of one in the stack! SXDE 1/08 includes the xVM feature, and if you are interested in the HA-xVM agent that is being developed by the OHAC community, then this release of SCX is the one that you've got to use! For more details, please visit

2) This SCX release also includes the binaries of the first agent to be developed by the OHAC community: HA-Informix. With this agent, you can make your Informix deployment on Solaris/OpenSolaris highly available! The package to add is SUNWscids. For more details, visit HA Informix Project page.

3.) SCX 2/08 includes the binaries of the recently open-sourced Solaris Cluster Express Geographic Edition, which can be used for disaster-recovery purposes.

4.) This release includes mandatory bug fixes and other improvements.
For the complete list of bug fixes, please visit

Stay tuned for more open source goodies on the way! Please visit
to get more details about the Open HA Cluster Community! 

Munish Ahuja
Madhan Kumar B
Jonathan Mellors
Venugopal Ns
Arun Kurse

Friday Feb 15, 2008

Recent Open HA Cluster Activity

There have been some exciting developments in the Open HA Cluster open-source community over the past couple months. Specifically:

Nicholas Solter, Sun Cluster Developer and OpenSolaris HA Clusters Core Contributor


Oracle Solaris Cluster Engineering Blog


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