Thursday May 10, 2012

Announcing Oracle Retail Tutorials to Aid in Oracle Retail Documentation Nagivation and Requirement Verification

Oracle Retail  is currently piloting a new training opportunity for retailers and partners – Oracle Retail Tutorials. These tutorials are intended to provide short product-related content in areas that may be particularly challenging, or for which Oracle can add value by providing a recorded demonstration. The first tutorial below addresses how Oracle Retail documentation as a whole and how to access it. The second tutorial addresses how the retailer or partner can verify, using commands, the prerequisite application server requirement information published in Oracle Retail Installation Guides. 

Oracle Retail Documentation Tutorial

  • Doc ID: 1455710.1
    This tutorial provides the following:
    • Education about how Oracle Retail documentation is delivered
    • A description of typical documentation deliverables
    • How to view and use the documentation
    • How to provide feedback

Three primary types of Oracle Retail documents are discussed: End User Documentation, Online Help, and My Oracle Support Documents.

Pre-Check Application Server Requirements for Oracle Retail Central Office 13.4.1

  • Doc ID: 1457354.1
    Before an application is deployed onto any system, there are certain prerequisites that must be met for it to be implemented correctly and make it functional. This tutorial describes the commands and steps involved in checking for the application server prerequisites that are declared in Oracle Retail Installation Guides. As its example, the tutorial steps the viewer through the commands needed to verify the application server requirements of Oracle Retail Central Office 13.4.1.

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Announcing Two Articles to Aid in Navigating Oracle Retail Documentation

The Oracle Retail Documentation Enhancements Summary (My Oracle Support Doc ID 1393487.1)

The Oracle Retail Documentation Enhancements Summary is an enterprise-level document that captures the major documentation changes for all the products that are part of recent enterprise releases. Designed as a convenient reference for retailers and partners, this document summarizes the documentation enhancements that have been released, from new help technologies to new Implementation Guides. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific solution unit and highlights the development-driven documentation enhancements by guide, product, and release.

Bill of Materials for the 13.2, 13.3, and 13.4 Oracle Retail Application Documentation Sets (My Oracle Support Doc ID 1393491.1)

The Oracle Retail Documentation Team has recently published a bill of materials for all of the 13.2/13.3/13.4 Oracle Retail application documentation. These enterprise releases included over 350 pieces of documentation to help internal and external customers install, use, and understand the Oracle Retail applications. Due to this significant amount of documentation, users can feel overwhelmed when attempting to locate the documentation related to their applications. This bill of materials list simplifies that process by providing a single enterprise snapshot.

Thursday Jan 19, 2012

Introduction to the Oracle Retail Documentation Blog

Welcome! This blog is designed to help retailers and partners receive regular updates about documentation releases at Oracle Retail.

The Documentation Department

The Oracle Retail Documentation department delivers documentation for the Oracle Retail product suite. The members of the department ensure that documents are released in conjunction with development-driven project schedules.

The Types of Documents Available

In addition to designing, developing, and implementing documentation standards, the members of the team work with development subject matter experts (SME) to generate the following end-user documents and more: Release Notes, Online Help, User Guides, Installation Guides, Implementation Guides, Operation Guides, and White Papers. The team is also responsible for archiving all of its documentation and publishing it to the Oracle community via the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and My Oracle Support (MOS).

Announcing An Improved Oracle Retail Site on OTN 

Recent improvements make it much easier to navigate the Oracle Retail documentation site on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at this location:
New tabs help users find documentation for a specific application quickly and easily. Each tab represents a unique enterprise release, and contains an alphabetic listing of documentation libraries available. Another tab provides direct links to some of the most-read Oracle Retail enterprise-level technical documentation available on My Oracle Support. Finally, the site includes the new Oracle Retail Documentation Welcome Kit, which is available for download on the Get Started tab. This kit provides an introductory guide to finding Oracle Retail documentation, plus an introduction to key documentation offerings.


The blog is designed to help retailers and partners receive regular updates about documentation releases at Oracle Retail.

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