Monday Jul 15, 2013

Oracle Retail Product Overviews

In order to better enable and educate retailers and partners, the Oracle Retail Curriculum team, in partnership with Oracle Retail Product teams and Customer Support, have published Oracle Retail Product Overviews to My Oracle Support. Product Overviews are high-level recordings that highlight the business use, features and benefits of Oracle Retail Products, Release 13.X. The Product Overviews also include a short demonstration of the product that they reference, in order to introduce you to key functionality and the user interface (UI). Recordings are each less than one hour long and are intended as a stand-alone, self-paced introduction. 

More in-depth training is available via Oracle University.

Oracle Retail Applications Product Overview Video Index (ID 1561647.1)

Available Product Overviews include:

  • Oracle Retail Active Retail Intelligence (ARI)
  • Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP)
  • Oracle Retail Back Office (BO) Labels and Tags
  • Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF)
  • The Oracle Retail Fashion Planning Bundle solution
  • Oracle Retail Fiscal Management
  • The Oracle Retail Integrated Inventory Planning Suite solution
  • Oracle Retail Integration Bus (RIB)
  • Oracle Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM)
  • Oracle Retail Item Planning configured with Clearance Optimization Engine (IP-COE)
  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP)
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising Analytics
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS)
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Foundation Data
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Inventory and Stock
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Purchase Orders and Deals
  • Oracle Retail Point of Service (ORPOS)
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Configuration Tools
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Classic Client
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Fusion Client
  • Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM)
  • Oracle Retail Reference Model
  • Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization (RPO)
  • Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization (RO)
  • Oracle Retail Returns Management
  • Oracle Retail Sales Audit (ReSA)
  • Oracle Retail Size Profile Optimization  (SPO)
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM)
  • Oracle Retail Trade Management (RTM)
  • Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System (RWMS)

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Navigating to Release Readiness Transfer of Information (TOI) Recordings

TOI  recordings about new features in Oracle Retail applications are available to Oracle-supported customers for the 13.x enterprise releases. Oracle Retail has released over 100 of these TOIs since Oracle Retail began producing them.

These online courses provide release-specific product knowledge that enables your functional and technical teams to plan, implement and/or upgrade and support Oracle Retail applications effectively and efficiently. TOI training is delivered via Oracle University. Note that you may be prompted to log in to Oracle University the first time you view the recorded training.

Product-based TOIs

Oracle Retail application TOIs are divided into two categories: Functional and Technical. Examples include:

  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Functional Overview
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) Platform Technical Overview
  • Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System (RWMS) Technical Overview
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) Functional Overview   

In addition to product TOIs, some TOIs address special topics and deep dives into specific functional, integration or technical changes. Examples include the following:

  • Retail Translation and Internationalization Technical Overview
  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management - Upgrades Functional Overview
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Wholesale Franchise Technical Overview
  • Oracle Retail MOM, SIM & RTG Implementation Technical Overview
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM) - Usability Improvements Functional Overview  

Documentation TOIs

In addition to product TOIs, self-paced training is also available that addresses significant Documentation changes in releases 13.0, 13.0.1, and 13.2. Topics include enterprise updates to Documentation technology (such as Oracle Retail's transition to Oracle Help for the Web) as well as updates to solution unit technical documentation (new Implementation Guides, for example) and updates to solution unit functional documentation (new User Guides, for example).

Navigational Steps to Oracle Retail TOIs

To access the TOIs, follow these steps:

  1. Log into My Oracle Support at and access the following:
    Doc ID 732026.1, Get Proactive - Oracle Applications TOI (Transfer of Information) Online Training
  2. Click the drop-down and select Oracle Retail on the Release Readiness Transfer Information TOI Recordings page
  3. Select the Solution area of interest on the Browse Subcategories Retail page (for example, Merchandising Operations Management, Stores, and so on).
  4. Click the link for the applicable application TOI. There may be more than one page of TOI recordings. Click the Next button to see the additional TOIs that are available.  

The blog is designed to help retailers and partners receive regular updates about documentation releases at Oracle Retail.

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