Friday Sep 20, 2013

UPDATE 9/2013: Peoplesoft Benefits and Payroll for North America - How does the new Healthcare Legislation impact your PeopleSoft products?

The PeopleSoft Payroll for North America/Benefits products have been adding functionality along the way to support the requirements for HealthCare reform.  One big piece of legislation that is still evolving is Employer Shared Responsibility.  In July of this year the IRS announced that they were going to defer this requirement until 2015 to allow time for the IRS to find a better way to support the requirement. 

On September 5, 2013 the IRS released the proposed guidelines and invited stakeholders to submit comments on the proposed rules through early November 2013.  Once the IRS finalizes the rules, PeopleSoft can take a position on what should be done.  We have revised our Position Statement, specifically on Shared Responsibility on September 20, 2013 to include new information.  The revisions can be found on Page 17.  The updated Position Statement can be found on My Oracle Support, Document ID 1080659.1. 

Wednesday Mar 27, 2013

Legislative Changes to PeopleSoft HCM Products - Federal Customers

The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job creation act of 2012 P.L. 112-9 made significant changes to the Federal Retirement System in regards to how to determine an employee’s coverage. Starting in 2013 the employee’s contribution rate for (most) newly hired employees (or rehired employees with less than five years FERS service) will to pay significantly higher employee contributions.  In addition, members of Congress and Congressional employees will pay a higher rate and will accrue retirement benefits at the same rate as regular employees. 

Federal customers using PeopleSoft Human Resources, Payroll for North America, HR Base Benefits and Payroll Interface products will need to read the Position Paper which will  identify the upcoming changes.  The Position Paper can be found on My Oracle Support, Document ID 1541096.1.

Monday Jan 14, 2013

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America HOT TOPICS

There is no time of year more stressful for a Payroll Professional than at year-end and the start of the New Year.  It is hard to keep up with all the last minute changes that need to be done.  Oracle PeopleSoft Payroll for North America has created Document ID 1348833.1 in  My Oracle Support called ‘Hot Topics’.  This document will not only keep you informed during this critical time of year but for the year to come.  This document has been created to:
• Make you aware of any urgent legislative changes that could affect your payroll.
• Notify you of concerns/issues for a specific tax update or special posting.
• Provide you with links to special postings that are ready for you to download.
• Present you with links to upcoming Payroll for North America specific Advisor Webcasts.
• Gives you with links to other key documents, such as:
       o Payroll for North America Information Center
       o Year End Information Center
       o Tax Update Information Center
       o Payroll for North America Support Newsletter
       o Payroll for North America Community Center
Bookmark this document in your favorites and let PeopleSoft help reduce the stress and by staying informed.

Friday Jan 04, 2013

Update on the Fiscal Cliff PeopleSoft Payroll for North America

The New Year has arrived along with resolution to the Fiscal Cliff.  The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed by the U.S. Congress on January 1, 2013 and has been signed the President.  This legislation contains provisions which require payroll tax changes for wages paid on or after 1/1/2013. We have updated Knowledge Document in My Oracle Support, Document ID 1332295.1 which will outline the information relevant to  the legislative changes as well as provide links to download the necessary product changes for PeopleSoft Payroll for North America.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

As December 31, 2012 quickly approaches, so does the deadline to extend the Bush Era Tax Cuts which were extended under the Budget Control Act of 2011.  PeopleSoft realizes that there may be some customer anxiety over the delayed withholding tables. PeopleSoft is unable to move forward with delivering the tax changes until we get the official ruling and withholding tables from the IRS.  Please be assured that our legislative analysts are in the loop and are monitoring this situation daily.  Any changes will be included in a special posting. We have created a Knowledge Document in My Oracle Support, Document ID 1332295.1 to keep you up to date on the pending changes.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012

MTA Payroll Tax Changes in Payroll for North America

On December 9, 2011 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a tax reform bill into law that will reduce and eliminate the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax (MTA Payroll Tax) for certain employers, effective for the quarter beginning on April 1, 2012.  With this new legislation the tax rate paid by an employer will vary by quarter depending upon the employer's total payroll expense for the quarter. 

• The delivered default tax rate of 0.34 % will continue to apply if the quarterly payroll exceeds $437,500.
• If the quarterly payroll exceeds $375,000 but is less than $437,501, the tax rate is 0.23%.
• If the quarterly payroll exceeds $312,500but is less than $375,001, the tax rate is 0.11%.
• If the quarterly payroll does not exceed $312,500, then no tax is owed for the quarter.

Also effective April 1, 2012, certain types of employers, such as school districts, are completely exempt from the tax.  In Tax Update 12-B we will provide you the ability to specify the quarterly MTA Payroll Tax Rate (or exempt status) within the PeopleSoft Payroll for North America product.

Friday Sep 16, 2011

Keeping Up with Legislative Changes in PeopleSoft Payroll for North America

These are changing times in the United States. Legislative changes are happening so fast it can be overwhelming keeping up with all that has changed. Payroll for North America is striving to keep you informed and up to date on the legislative changes coming down the line and let you know how these changes will affect you. Some examples of these changes are:

• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
• Hire ACT
• International ACH Transfers
• Tax Relief ACT
• Health Care Reform
• Savings Bond Program changes with the announcement of TreasuryDirect
• New York Wage and Theft Prevention Act
• Pennsylvania Act 32

To keep you informed, PeopleSoft Payroll for North America has created Position Statements for the legislation that we consider to have significant changes in the law. The purpose of the Position Statement is to give you a brief explanation of what has changed, how the change will affect your payroll processing and what you need to do. The statements are frequently updated with information or changes that may come in after the original posting. Our goal is to make sure you have the latest information. We have a couple of ways for you to get the information you need:

• Visit the Payroll Knowledge center on

o Click on the Knowledge tab.
o Select PeopleSoft Enterprise > Human Capital Management > North American Payroll > All of North American Payroll.
o Simply type in a keyword ‘Position’.
o Refine your search by using more than one keyword (such as Position, New York)

• Visit  our Payroll for North America Online Community.

o You will be alerted to recently posted/modified Position Statements.  
o You will find valuable legislative solutions that don’t require an official position.
o You see tax update information to help you process those changes.
o There is also a discussion forum to ask questions and exchange solutions/best business practices with other customers.

Let PeopleSoft help reduce the stress and anxiety of these changing times by staying informed. PeopleSoft is working hard to get you the information you need. The information is just a few clicks away.

Legislative Alert for FUTA Changes

The FUTA Surtax of 0.2% will expire on June 30, 2011 based on information provided in the IRS Publication 15 (Circular E) for 2011. Employers will see a lower Federal Unemployment tax rate in the second half of the year after the special surtax expires. The FUTA tax rate will remain at 6.2% through June 30, 2011. Effective July 1, 2011, the FUTA tax rate decreases to 6.0%. Due to the urgency of this change PeopleSoft Payroll for North America has created a special posting to comply with the IRS regulations. Please refer to My Oracle Support Document ID 133225.1 for specific information on this posting as it relates to your release.

Pennsylvania Act 32 Legislative Update

Do you pay employees in Pennsylvania? If so, the Oracle/PeopleSoft Payroll for North America team would like to bring to your attention new legislation, called Pennsylvania Act 32 of 2008. Pennsylvania Act 32 provides for a restructuring of the local Earned Income Tax (EIT) collection system for Pennsylvania local governments and school districts, and was signed into law on July 2, 2008. Act 32 provides for one EIT tax collector for each county (with the exception of Allegheny County and Philadelphia). This change will reduce the number of local EIT collectors from 560 to 69. The law requires employers to withhold EIT from residents and non-residents to remit all withholdings within 30 days of the end of each quarter, or in some cases monthly. Businesses with multiple locations across the state will now be allowed to remit to the county where they are headquartered. 

This Act imposes new tasks and responsibilities on Pennsylvania employers for the calculation and withholding of Pennsylvania local earned income tax. For more detailed information on this law please go to the Pennsylvania website of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Statewide implementation of Act 32 begins with wages paid on or after January 1, 2012. However, three Pennsylvania counties have announced that they will require employers to begin complying with Act 32 requirements in 2011:

  • Chester County
  • Lebanon County
  • Wyoming County

In May 2011, PeopleSoft delivered product updates to assist employers in Chester, Lebanon and Wyoming counties. These changes are being posted in Tax Update 11-C. 

My Oracle Support Document ID 1087164.1 provides complete information on the product update information for the early adopter counties (Chester, Lebanon and Wyoming). We will be versioning this document to provide additional information for the remaining counties as the details become available. If this information is applicable to your organization, please bookmark this page.


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