Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM - HR and Global Payroll for Brazil - eSocial News

Oracle PeopleSoft HCM –eSocial News

In the last 40 days the group of pilot companies for eSocial - Oracle belongs to this group - received 5 different versions of the eSocial layout, with the latest version 1.2-Beta 2 received on 24-Feb-2014 .
Also last week was performed the first pre-homologation of basic tables layouts, on top of the 27-Dec-2013 version, which resulted in further adjustments still not covered in version 1.2 Beta 2.
As a reminder, it is still pending a Interministerial publication, bringing together the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Labor and Employment, confirming the schedule, the layout  and the detailed instructions for filling eSocial. So far, only CEF (Federal Bank – Unemployment Insurance Fund Bureau ) as a representative of FGTS published an approval to the layout in the Official Gazette. Confirmation or changes on the eSocial schedule, as well as the publication of a regulatory act is estimated for late March/2014, according to project coordinator on RFB (Brazilian IRS). Information about the delivery schedule will be announced thru My Oracle Support, Document ID 1526487.1.

Oracle PeopleSoft HCM – Noticias eSocial

Nos últimos 40 dias o grupo de empresas piloto do eSocial, do qual a Oracle faz parte, recebeu 5 diferentes versões do manual de instruções e seus leiautes sendo a última, versão 1.2 Beta 2 recebida em 24/02/2014.
Também nesta última semana, ocorreu a primeira pré-homologação de leiautes das tabelas básicas, com base na versão de 27/12/2013, que resultou em mais ajustes ainda não contemplados na versão 1.2 Beta 2.
Lembramos que ainda está pendente de publicação uma Portaria interministerial, reunindo o Ministério da Fazenda, o Ministério da Previdência Social e o Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego, confirmando o cronograma e o leiaute. Até o momento, apenas a Caixa Econômica Federal como representante do FGTS publicou a aprovação no Diário Oficial da União.
A confirmação ou alteração do cronograma eSocial, bem como a publicação em ato normativo é estimada para final de março/2014, de acordo com o coordenador do projeto na RFB. O novo cronograma de entregas será divulgado através do Document ID 1526487.1 disponível no MOS.

Tuesday Jan 14, 2014

An Update PeopleSoft HCM - HR and Global Payroll for Brazil - eSocial Mapping

eSocial Mapping
The mapping of the information required on employee data initial loading is currently available on My Oracle Support, Document Id 1526487.1.

Mapeamento do eSocial 
O mapeamento das informações necessárias para a carga inicial de dados dos empregados está disponível no My Oracle Support, DocId 1526487.1.

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

PeopleSoft HCM - HR and Global Payroll for Brazil

Oracle/PeopleSoft  has a team of specialists dedicated to the eSocial Project and is an effective participant in the group of pilot companies.
Oracle/PeopleSoft  acknowledges that eSocial, which is more than a digital bookkeeping of  payroll, intends to formalize in digital media all the Labor, Social Security and Fiscal information, referring to all employees, employers as well as contracting services on the Brazilian territory.

Please bookmark this Position Statement which is located on My OracleSupport, Document ID 1526487.1, as we will be continually updating the Position Statement with major milestones as well as other important information.  Updates will be posted to this blog as well.


Tuesday Feb 05, 2013

Keeping up to date with PeopleSoft Global Payroll Brazil Legislation Changes

Information outlining the 2012/2013 DIRF and RAIS legislative changes has been posted on  My Oracle Support, Document ID 1526487.1.   

Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

Keeping up to date with PeopleSoft Global Payroll Brazil Legislation Changes

Recent legislative changes impacting our Global Payroll Brazil customers are being addressed.  These changes cover Changes in DIRF and Income Tax Statements, RAIS – Base Year 2011, and Termination Contract Reports.  To read the Position Paper outlining the legislation and details, please log on to My Oracle Support and search for Document ID 1393103.1.

This blog is dedicated to topics focused on legislative updates to PeopleSoft Applications including Human Capital Management and Financials.

For other useful information about PeopleSoft Applications see the PeopleSoft Applications Strategy Blog.

For information about PeopleTools see the PeopleSoft Technology Blog.


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