Thursday Dec 19, 2013

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM Global Payroll Australia

Changes to Child Support Protected Earnings Amount (PEA)

The Australian Government Department of Human Services has set a minimum amount that must remain in a person’s wage after tax and child support has been deducted. This amount is termed as Protected Earnings Amount (PEA). The PEA is reviewed each year and adjusted on 1 January to allow for increases in the cost of living. For the year 2014, the PEA from 1 January is set to $339.23. This is the amount that must be set aside for your employee/contractor after tax and Child Support is deducted. In order to ensure compliance with this legislative initiative Oracle has updated the position statement that is made available on  My Oracle Support, Document ID 1532030.1.

Friday Dec 06, 2013

Learn how you can import your W-2 data into TurboTax

Where did the year go?  It is hard to believe year-end has arrived.  That means it is time to get the W-2’s out the door.  Payroll for North America is pleased to announce that Intuit, the creator of TurboTax Software, is now an Oracle partner.  TurboTax has created various options to import W-2 information from PeopleSoft Payroll for North America into TurboTax.  This enables your employees quickly and easily to import their W-2 data directly into their individual tax return.  This not only saves the employee time, but ensures the accuracy of the data by eliminating hand keying errors.  The goal is to increase employee satisfaction by making it easier for them.  If you want more information please contact Paul Jordan at Intuit.  He can be reached by email at or by phone (650) 944-5585.

Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM Global Payroll United Kingdom

Real Time Information for Fiscal Year 2014 - 2015

The HMRC have announced changes to some of the requirements for submissions from April 2014 and had published new versions of certain MIGs.  These updates has been integrated into the PeopleSoft application as part of RTI 14-15 MIG Specifications for various file generation like FPS & EPS. This includes MIG changes to Earlier Year Update (EYU) for 2013-14 as well. Each year HMRC would publish changes required to the RTI process and this year is no different. PeopleSoft GP UK provides these legislative changes to allow customers to start the migration process and for those customers chosen, take part in the pilot phase of the HMRC project.

Our Position Statement has been revised to include these legislative updates and the delivery timelines for the respective changes. We advise customers to review the position statement to keep up-to-date. The Position Statement can be found on My Oracle Support , Document ID 1514384.1.”

Monday Dec 02, 2013

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM Global Payroll Mexico

SAT  (Servicios de Adminsitracion Tributaria – Tax Administration Services) has announced two major Tax Changes that will impact Global Payroll Mexico, these changes will be effective as of January 2014, Global Payroll Mexico is targeting them to early January 2014 for releases 8.9, 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.

As a consequence of the electronic revolution initiated by the SAT in 2004, the entity has announced that it’s mandatory for all Employers to provide electronic Employee’s Payslips in XML format, starting on January 2014. The electronic Payslip will also be used in case of labor disputes and plans to replace current Form 37 and DIM reports.

The second Tax change refers to the new name (article number) used to calculate Income Taxes, the calculation remains the same as previous articles with the exception of the wage ranges and the Tax Percentage used for this calculation. This change has impact on Regular, Special compensations and Annual Adjustments Payrolls.

Please refer to the Position Statement on My Oracle Support, Document ID 1604770.1. 

Legislative Updates for PeopleSoft HCM Global Payroll Argentina

Please review the new Position Statement for forthcoming changes for SICOSS 36 Release 5.  These changes are expected to be delivered for releases 9.0 and 9.1 by December 2013.  The Position Statement can be found on My Oracle Support, Document ID 1541074.1.



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