Thursday Jul 25, 2013

PeopleSoft HCM - HR and Global Payroll for Brazil

Oracle/PeopleSoft  has a team of specialists dedicated to the eSocial Project and is an effective participant in the group of pilot companies.
Oracle/PeopleSoft  acknowledges that eSocial, which is more than a digital bookkeeping of  payroll, intends to formalize in digital media all the Labor, Social Security and Fiscal information, referring to all employees, employers as well as contracting services on the Brazilian territory.

Please bookmark this Position Statement which is located on My OracleSupport, Document ID 1526487.1, as we will be continually updating the Position Statement with major milestones as well as other important information.  Updates will be posted to this blog as well.


Monday Jul 15, 2013

PeopleSoft - Preparing for your migration to SEPA

As SEPA format adoption is expected to become mandatory for all credit transfers in Euros from February 2014 onwards, Oracle is extending its PeopleSoft SEPA compliance solution delivered since 2011. Refer to the updated SEPA Position Statement on My OracleSupport, Document ID 1546932.1 for more details.

We have also gathered all SEPA related resources under a single SEPA resource document on My OracleSupport , Document ID 1568773.1 to make implementation easier.

Please direct any questions to

Lettre aux Payeurs de Juillet 2013 / Global Payroll France July 2013 Newsletter

The latest Global Payroll France Newsletter is published on My Oracle Support,  Document ID: 1568849.1. In this newsletter, you will learn about the latest announcements about the DSN project, legal changes effective this month and find useful SEPA resources to prepare your SEPA migration plans.
La Lettre aux payeurs française de ce mois est disponible sur My Oracle Support, document : 1568849.1. Vous trouverez dans cette Lettre un résumé des dernières annonces concernant la DSN,  des informations concernant les changements légaux prenant effet ce mois-ci, ainsi que des liens vers la documentation SEPA existante, afin de préparer au mieux la migration de vos virements de paie. Bonne lecture,

Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft HCM Global Payroll China

PHFSI Changes

Changes related to Public Housing Fund and Social Insurance for the Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Shanghai regions were published in 2013.  We advise our customers to review our Position Statement, found on  My OracleSupport, Document ID 1559022.1,  to keep up-to-date. Our Position Statement outlines the PeopleSoft related delivery timelines. 

Monday Jul 08, 2013

Legislative Update for PeopleSoft Global Payroll India

Revised data structure for e-TDS and e-TCS returns effective July-2013

NSDL has announced the data structure of quarterly e-TDS / TCS statements version 4.4 for Quarters Q1-Q3 and version 4.6 for Q4. The changes are applicable for Financial Year 2013 - 14 onwards. Our Position Statement has been revised to include these legislative updates. We advise customers to review the position statement to keep up-to-date. The Position Statement can be found on My Oracle Support, Document ID 1532190.1.

Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

PeopleSoft HCM Release 9.2 - How To Download Tax Updates for Payroll for North America

PeopleSoft Release 9.2 introduced PeopleSoft Update Manager which changes the way you manage  maintenance of PeopleSoft by allowing you to selectively apply patches to reduce time, effort and cost.  This means you will be using PeopleSoft Update Manager to obtain Tax Updates and special postings for legislative changes for the Payroll for North America product .  We encourage you to visit our Knowledge Center to learn about the new process as well as the recommended steps you should take during your 9.2 upgrade. Doc ID 1566194.1 will provide this information, links to related information, as well as dates for upcoming webinars on PeopleSoft Update Manager.

Monday Jul 01, 2013

PeopleSoft HCM Legislative Update - Defense of Marriage Act

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court declared Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional.  This court ruling overturned a provision of the law that had denied federal benefits granted to persons in opposite-sex marriages to persons in same-sex marriages who were legally married in states that recognize same-sex marriage.  This court ruling will allow same-sex couples who are legally married in states that recognize same-sex marriage to receive the same federal benefits granted to opposite-sex couples.  PeopleSoft anticipates system changes will be needed once guidance is published on this topic by the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, and other U.S. government agencies.  Please be assured that our legislative analysts are monitoring this situation daily.


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