Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Goodbye Sun!

What a coincedence, this is the last week of Sun as an organization and also my last week at Sun. It has been a great pleasure working with Sun and Application Server Product (GlassFish) for the last 11 years.  I worked on so many areas and learnt so much

    ▪    Monitoring Lead for GlassFish V3 - all my blogs on monitoring
    ▪    Startup performance improvement for GlassFish V2 - blog
    ▪    Load balancer Administration - Article & Blog
    ▪    N1 Service Provisioning System plugin for GlassFish - Article and a lot of blogs.
    ▪    Big-IP H/W LB integration with GlassFish - Article & Blog
    ▪    Admin CLI Lead (asadmin) - spec
    ▪    Admin GUI

I am very grateful for all the opportunities that Sun has provided to me. More importantly, I have made many good friends during my years at Sun and it has been a privilege to work with so many talented individuals and teams. They are the best in industry, its from them I learnt on how to be passionate and always be motivated to work even when things are not going our way. I will miss them all.

Checkout in future for any blogs from me.

GlassFish team
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Thursday Jan 10, 2008

Provisioning Sun Java System Application Server With N1SPS (article)

The article on 'Provisioning Sun Java System Application Server with N1SPS' is coauthored by me and is published at this link. This article covers extensively about the different aspects of the features of the N1SPS plugin for Sun Java System Application Server.

Monday Oct 22, 2007

Provisioning with an existing installation of GlassFish V2

We have seen from other blogs with regards to how to manage the remote installations of Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 (productized version of GlassFish V2) using the N1SPS plugin for Application Server. In this blog I will show you how to identify and absorb an existing installation of GlassFish V2 on a remote machine and manage it with N1SPS plugin. This is particularly useful with GlassFish V2 which doesn't have a silent installer that could be used inline with N1SPS to do a remote installation. In order to get over this limitation, you need to either use the Sun Java System Application server 9.1 (Again the productized version of GlassFish V2) or do a manual install of the GlassFish V2 itself and then follow the instructions in this blog. [Read More]

Monday Oct 08, 2007

Application Server Administration with N1SPS

In this blog we will look at some of the Application Server Infrastructure tasks which involves the administration of Application server components (Domain, Cluster, Node Agent and Instance).[Read More]

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Installation of High Availability DataBase with N1 Service Provisioning System

The Application Server Plugin allows you to install High Availability Database (HADB) on a Target host(s), its also required to associate this installation with an existing DAS. User can start and stop the HADB agent, uninstall and uninstall (markOnly) the HADB. It will also allow youto view the list of HADB's installed.[Read More]

Installation of Load Balancer Plugin with N1 Service Provisioning System

The Application Server Plugin allows you to install, install (markOnly), uninstall and uninstall (markOnly) the Load Balancer Plugin for Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 and 7.0 versions. You can also view the list of LB Plugin Installations. Here we will take a look on how to use the N1SPS Application Server Plugin to Install and Uninstall the Load Balancer Plugin. [Read More]

N1 Service Provisioning System's Application Server Plugin

My earlier blog gave an overview with some scenarios about the Application Server Plugin for N1 Service Provisioning System. Here we will deep dive to see more about the Application Server Plugin.[Read More]

Sunday Sep 16, 2007

Provisioning GlassFish V2 with N1SPS (Part 2) - Automation

In my previous blog I discussed about how to provision the GlassFish V2 Application Server with the Application Server Plugin 6.0 for N1 Service Provisioning System (N1SPS). Here we will see how to use the N1SPS Command Line Interface (CLI) to automate the Application Server Plugin (AS Plugin) tasks.[Read More]

Provisioning GlassFish V2 with N1SPS

No matter how many efforts the team has put into making managing GlassFish v2 deployments easier, there will always be a point where some users (service providers or anyone else doing massive deployments) would like some extra help. This is where the N1 Service Provisioning System comes to the rescue. The idea is to help manage hundreds of hosts spread across many geographic locations by provisioning the software - describing it once, deploying it many times. Installing the bits, configuring the product (creating resources), and deploying applications to it can all be taken care of by N1 SPS. This same product can provision just about anything else your architecture requires - database, web servers, etc... This blog gives an overview of N1 Service Provisioning System (N1SPS) Plugin (version 6.0) for Sun Java System Application Server (Productized version of GlassFish V2). This has detailed instructions with some scenarios on how the Application Server plugin works.[Read More]



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