Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 8.12 and Diagnostic Assistant (DA) 2.11 now available!

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is a command-line diagnostic tool that includes a unified package of support diagnostics tools and preventive solutions. The data captured provides a comprehensive picture of any environment which aids in problem diagnosis.

Enhancements and installation instructions for RDA 8.12 can be found in  RDA Release Notes (Doc ID 414970.1)

You can download RDA from Knowledge Article 314422.1, the Main RDA page. Select the RDA zip file for your platform by clicking on the related link. Each zip file contains all the files you need, so only choose one to download.

This release of RDA is also bundled with the new Diagnostic Assistant (DA) 2.11 tool. DA is a command line interface framework designed to simplify and standardize the end user’s experience with various diagnostic tools. It provides a common, lightweight, extensible interface to multiple diagnostic collection tools (ADR, RDA, OCM, Explorer and others).

Refer to Diagnostic Assistant (Doc ID 201804.2) for more detailed information about DA 2.11 new release and functionalities.

For more information:

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) – FAQ (Doc ID 330363.1)
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) – Getting Started (Doc ID 314422.1)
Oracle WebCenter Portal Diagnostics Using Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA 8.x) (Doc ID 1585557.1)

Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3.7 Certification Release

WebCenter product management team is delighted to announce the availability of Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3.7 release. This release brings in certifications for latest the operating systems, databases, and browsers.

This release cumulates all the fixes that went into the product since the last release—over 45 defect fixes, including 5 performance enhancements and 6 security vulnerabilities.  The following platforms are certified:

· OS.  Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6, Oracle Solaris 11

· Database.  Oracle Database 12.2.1, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, IBM DB2 10.5 FP2

· Browsers & Others.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 31+, Google Chrome 41+, Java 7

Customers can upgrade to Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3.7 from release 10.2 or later.

Support for this certification release is the same as WebLogic Portal 10.3.6, specified in Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Fusion Middleware.


Download Oracle WebLogic Portal 10.3.7

Oracle WebLogic Portal Documentation

Upgrade Guide

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Framework Folder Support for WebCenter Portal? It's Coming!

Courtesy of Ken Walker from the WebCenter Content Server team...

WebCenter Content Server allows its administrators the flexibility of using a Folders type interface to access stored content through an interface that mimics a folder based file system.  In fact, they have a choice of product components to do this, "Folders," "Folders_g," or "Framework Folders."  The Framework Folders component is the latest available, and most flexible folders interface to date.  Customers are migrating their older folders technology to this new option. 

Meanwhile, WebCenter Portal has used the Folders_g technology for quite some time.  In fact, Portal administrators will tell you that WebCenter Portal requires the Folders_g component, but that the Framework Folders technology isn't yet available for WebCenter Portal at all; what's up with that? 

Well, you may be surprised to learn that support for Framework Folders on WebCenter Portal is, indeed, here!

Oracle has released bundle patches for both WebCenter Content and Portal in April 2014 which bring home the support for FrameworkFolders. These patches will bring these products to version

You can enable support for FrameworkFolders on new Content and Portal installations where the folders_g component has never been enabled using the following patches (new installations of .8 only):

  • Download and apply the WebCenter Content MLR03 Patch 18088049.
  • Download and apply the WebCenter Portal BP3 Patch 18085041.
  • Download and apply the WebCenterConfigure component Patch 18387955. Before applying this patch on the Content Server, ensure that WebCenter Content MLR03 Patch 18088049 has already been applied.

You can find detailed instructions on how to enable FrameworkFolders support in the Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Release 1 (

WebCenter Portal will support upgrade scenarios for any existing WCP customers.  They will be able to migrate from their existing Folders_g install to one that uses Framework Folders.

Thursday Apr 17, 2014

Oracle WebCenter Portal Jump Start Kit

Check out the new Oracle WebCenter Portal Jump Start Kit.

The Jump Start Kit (JSK) for WebCenter Portal is a utility that installs a fully functional version of WebCenter Portal pre-integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content, including key features enabled and preconfigured, all within a single machine instance (virtual or physical). The JSK supports Linux x86-64. It also includes a series of templates, examples, and lesson guides to walk you through a series of typical use cases. It is targeted to developers only, and is not supported for production use.

Also see Oracle WebCenter Portal Jump Start Kit (JSK) Information and Support Policy (Doc ID 1667162.1) for information on the support policy for the JSK.

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

WebLogic Portal (WLP) WSRP Demo Certificate Expired Issue

Do you use the WebLogic Portal (WLP) product?  If yes, continue on...

Do you use WLP's WSRP Functionality?  If yes, continue on...

Do you use the WSRP Demo Certificate that comes with the product?  If yes, continue on...

There's an issue that surfaced on Sep 29, 2013 due to the WSRP Demo Certificate Expiring on that day that will most likely affect you.

See the details at WSRP Demo Certificate Expired (Doc ID 1587622.1).

Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Oracle WebCenter 11g R1 ( Released

Oracle WebCenter 11g R1 ( has been released and includes the following products:
  • Oracle WebCenter Content 11g R1 (
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g R1 (
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility 11g R1 (

WebCenter Portal Download

WebCenter Portal Documentation

Thursday Aug 08, 2013

WebLogic Portal (WLP) 10.3.6 Released

WebLogic Portal (WLP) 10.3.6 has been released.



Error Correction Policy

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

A-Team and their Chronicles

Have you heard of our A-Team? Do you know that they have a new website called A-Team Chronicles?[Read More]

Wednesday May 08, 2013

Taking the Mystique out of the Remote Diagnostics Agent (RDA)

Ever wondered why you were asked for the RDA?

When you open an SR with support you may be asked to upload the RDA.   We realise that this my take you some time, however the RDA contains a lot of diagnostic information about your environment which may help us resolve the SR faster.

The following document goes through all the key stages involved in collating the RDA: Resolve Problems Faster! Use Remote Diagnostic Agent ( RDA ) - Fusion Middleware and WebLogic Server (Doc ID 1498376.1). Click on the Tabs within the document to have all your questions answered.

Further Information for WebCenter and Oracle Portal Products can be found in Master Note: Oracle Portal and Oracle WebCenter (RDA) (Doc ID 1077898.1).

Always ensure you have the latest RDA, which can be downloaded from Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Getting Started (Doc ID 314422.1).


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