Sunday Feb 22, 2009

RUON integrated with WebSpace

Glassfish Web Space Server 10.0 previously known as Project WebSynergy is Sun's next-generation portal server platform. As discussed in my previous blog, we have integrated R U ON in Web Space. RUON(read as "are you ON") integrates presence and communication mechanisms in webspace portal. By integrating R U ON in webspace, if a user is online in any of the communication medium added by user, a provision for the communication using that medium is provided in portal. The communication medium which R U ON is integrated as if now is chat and call. Chat comes by default with webspace, so if a user is online on chat, all the places where user taglib is used it will show a chat link beside online users. Call has been integrated using sailfin, a sip server based on glassfish. Call, is available as an addon and is provided for only the commercial users of websynergy.

 A screenshot which shows the chat link beside Admin user in recent bloggers portlet, as it uses user taglib.

More details regarding Call will be added in future blogs.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

Magic of Web Space

ABC Institution, is a leading education institute. There has suddenly been a drop in the number of students joining the institue. Mr.Tom, Director of the college arranges a meeting with Mr.Dennis (Head of Department ComputerScience) and Mr.Harry (President of Student Union) to analyse the situation.

Tom:- Welcome Dennis and Harry. This meeting is to discuss the sudden drop of the number of students joining our institution.

Dennis:- I think it is because of the recession. Many students are opting to stay at home rather than joining college :)

Harry:- If that is the reason, our competitor institute saw an increase in the number of students joining there. In my opinion, the reason could be because of the lack of awereness of our college.

Dennis:- Yes, I totally agree with Harry.

Tom:- How do you think we can solve this issue.

Dennis:-  I think we should sponsor a Rock show, as it is attended by many teenagers it will increase our awareness.

Tom:- That would cost us a lot and more over it may target only a very few segment of students who are more interested in rock shows than studies.

Harry:- I think the solution for this should be that we should have a website for our institution with all the information about our college. It can include courses that we offer, Top reasearchs carried on campus, scholarships available etc

Dennis:- yeah I agree that it is a good suggestion but I think getting a website done by a professional company may cost us a lot.

Harry:- I think we can download a open source portal and get the website done by our Computer science group.

Tom:- It seems to be a good idea for me.

Dennis:- Apart from just increasing the brand awareness, we should think of networking among the present students and alumni also. Networking with the alumni will help the present students to get access to different career oppurtunites.

Harry:-  I came across a open source portal called "Web Space" recently. It actually has very good content management and social networking capabilities.

Dennis:- It sounds good but can you show it to us.

Harry:- yes, I read a blog and downloaded the evaluation bundle of web space. Let me bring it up right now.

Harry opened his laptop and brought up the webspace portal. Evaluation bundle by default was shipped with samples, these samples demonstrate the real uses of the webspace portal. It was by default shipped with 3 samples :- Content Management Sample, Social Space Sample, Enterprise Space Sample. There was a portlet in the starting page

The drop down listed different samples and when a sample is selected, it listed all the users of that sample. Every sample public page had a "About this Sample" page which explained the use cases and implementation details of that sample.

They went through the Content Management Sample and Social Space Sample .

Content Management Sample, was solving the use case of a publishing house. It helped users to manage content by writing articles, publishing articles and versioning articles. It was solved using WebContent Display, WebContent, Image Gallery and Document Library of Web Space.

Social Space Sample, solved the real use case of Social Networking. Users with similar interests could collaborate by creating and joining communities. Users could add other users to their network etc.Users could share their photos etc with their friends. There were other web2.0 features like chatting.

Dennis got very exicted and started screaming that..." This is perfect" we will need  build something very similar to Content Management sample and Social Space Sample.

Tom:- Congrats Harry !!! Great Job. This very well solves our use cases.

 Finally, Harry was praised by Tom and Dennis for finding such a good solution and every one left the room. Harry felt very happy because of the Magic of Webspace.


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