Monday Jul 13, 2009

Attaching a debugger to tomcat

If you want to attach a remote debugger to tomcat when running as a windows service.

  1. Right click on the tomcat service icon in the applications panel.

  2. Click on configure.

  3. Go to java tab and add these two java options



If tomcat is installed as a separate bundle.

  1. Go to catalina.bat and set JPDA_TRANSPORT=dt_socket and set JPDA_ADDRESS=<required debugger port>

  2. In startup.bat change the executable line as follows

call "%EXECUTABLE%" jpda start %CMD_LINE_ARGS%

Monday Apr 20, 2009

watzzz up with my team ????

Today Sun announced about Oracle acquisition. Every where the buzz is whatzz up with my team ? Clearly there is a lot of overlap in the software offerings of both companies. Obviously, whirled in the same dilemma I was browsing and found this interesting video of richter scales. I think most of us would have seen this a couple of years ago or even before but even now this video appealed so much that I could not resist blogging about this :)


Absolutely I have no clue of what is going to happen and this video is also not related to that as you must have noticed it :P

Sunday Feb 22, 2009

RUON integrated with WebSpace

Glassfish Web Space Server 10.0 previously known as Project WebSynergy is Sun's next-generation portal server platform. As discussed in my previous blog, we have integrated R U ON in Web Space. RUON(read as "are you ON") integrates presence and communication mechanisms in webspace portal. By integrating R U ON in webspace, if a user is online in any of the communication medium added by user, a provision for the communication using that medium is provided in portal. The communication medium which R U ON is integrated as if now is chat and call. Chat comes by default with webspace, so if a user is online on chat, all the places where user taglib is used it will show a chat link beside online users. Call has been integrated using sailfin, a sip server based on glassfish. Call, is available as an addon and is provided for only the commercial users of websynergy.

 A screenshot which shows the chat link beside Admin user in recent bloggers portlet, as it uses user taglib.

More details regarding Call will be added in future blogs.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

Magic of Web Space

ABC Institution, is a leading education institute. There has suddenly been a drop in the number of students joining the institue. Mr.Tom, Director of the college arranges a meeting with Mr.Dennis (Head of Department ComputerScience) and Mr.Harry (President of Student Union) to analyse the situation.

Tom:- Welcome Dennis and Harry. This meeting is to discuss the sudden drop of the number of students joining our institution.

Dennis:- I think it is because of the recession. Many students are opting to stay at home rather than joining college :)

Harry:- If that is the reason, our competitor institute saw an increase in the number of students joining there. In my opinion, the reason could be because of the lack of awereness of our college.

Dennis:- Yes, I totally agree with Harry.

Tom:- How do you think we can solve this issue.

Dennis:-  I think we should sponsor a Rock show, as it is attended by many teenagers it will increase our awareness.

Tom:- That would cost us a lot and more over it may target only a very few segment of students who are more interested in rock shows than studies.

Harry:- I think the solution for this should be that we should have a website for our institution with all the information about our college. It can include courses that we offer, Top reasearchs carried on campus, scholarships available etc

Dennis:- yeah I agree that it is a good suggestion but I think getting a website done by a professional company may cost us a lot.

Harry:- I think we can download a open source portal and get the website done by our Computer science group.

Tom:- It seems to be a good idea for me.

Dennis:- Apart from just increasing the brand awareness, we should think of networking among the present students and alumni also. Networking with the alumni will help the present students to get access to different career oppurtunites.

Harry:-  I came across a open source portal called "Web Space" recently. It actually has very good content management and social networking capabilities.

Dennis:- It sounds good but can you show it to us.

Harry:- yes, I read a blog and downloaded the evaluation bundle of web space. Let me bring it up right now.

Harry opened his laptop and brought up the webspace portal. Evaluation bundle by default was shipped with samples, these samples demonstrate the real uses of the webspace portal. It was by default shipped with 3 samples :- Content Management Sample, Social Space Sample, Enterprise Space Sample. There was a portlet in the starting page

The drop down listed different samples and when a sample is selected, it listed all the users of that sample. Every sample public page had a "About this Sample" page which explained the use cases and implementation details of that sample.

They went through the Content Management Sample and Social Space Sample .

Content Management Sample, was solving the use case of a publishing house. It helped users to manage content by writing articles, publishing articles and versioning articles. It was solved using WebContent Display, WebContent, Image Gallery and Document Library of Web Space.

Social Space Sample, solved the real use case of Social Networking. Users with similar interests could collaborate by creating and joining communities. Users could add other users to their network etc.Users could share their photos etc with their friends. There were other web2.0 features like chatting.

Dennis got very exicted and started screaming that..." This is perfect" we will need  build something very similar to Content Management sample and Social Space Sample.

Tom:- Congrats Harry !!! Great Job. This very well solves our use cases.

 Finally, Harry was praised by Tom and Dennis for finding such a good solution and every one left the room. Harry felt very happy because of the Magic of Webspace.


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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Blog view in wordle

Sunday May 11, 2008

Presence Layer In Project WebSynergy

            In the recent years with the increasing demand for web2.0 and social communities, real time collaboration and presence capabilites are of huge demand in portals.Two famous protocols for doing voice chat  and IM are SIP and XMPP respectively.Although each one of these has its plus and minus,there is a need of a common layer on the top of both of these.

People usually communicate using different modes viz chat,call,sms,mail. ruon(r u on) project aims to expose presence and communication layer as a service across portal.It will even have a common layer above SIP and XMPP as both of these can handle voice chat and IM, but initially we are starting with XMPP for Chat and SIP for Voice Call .Sailfin ,a robust server based on popular opensource application server glassfish is used as a SIP server for doing voice call.

A portlet to demo this idea has been showcased at JavaOne and will later be available for download at the details and configuration steps of that portlet.Webservices are used for communicating with sailfin to get user status and sip urls.

Stepping up the Sailfin Machine

1.Install sailfin
2.Start domain
 (asadmin.bat start-domain)
3.Start database
  (asadmin.bat start-database)
4.Deploy the ConvergedSipWebapplication on sailfin

Imp:-Please make sure that database is started before you deploy the webapplication.

Deploying the Presence Portlet

1.deploy the portlet on the websynergy machine.
2.In the deployed location of the portlet go to WEB-INF/classes/com/sun/presence/portlet/ file and then change the sailfin location to the machine where sailfin is deployed.

Usage of the portlet:-

1.If you are logging into portal using <username> .Here are the steps to configure the xlite client.
   1.launch the xlite client
   2.right click and select SIP Account settings
   3.then click add to add an user
   4.Now in the DisplayName,username and authorization username give the user as <username> .
   5.Give the domain as
   6.In the "domain proxy" select proxy and give the address as sailfin machine name or Ip and port number ex:- <sailfin IP> :5060

2.Now login into the portal and select the SunSpace tab.

3.In some other machine login as say "ed"(or any other) user in xlite client.Refresh the portal page and then  see the user is online.You can click on the online icon and talk to that user.


Stay tuned :) and Keep a watch on ruon website for more details.!!! .If you would like to sit back and have a look at this portlet available, here is the screencast.


Monday Mar 10, 2008

Starting Again After a Big Break!!

It has been a long time since i touched this blog and most of  the comments have been left unanswered. It was not my mistake guys :) , last 2 months were very hectic due to an upcoming release of Portal and i was supposed to fix all the bugs on my name as early as possible. Finally feeling a little bit better and  chillaxxed now.I will again resume blogging from today.

Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Get Samba Running On Solaris

[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 01, 2007

Flexify Your Portlets

Yeah i finally got a chance to try out flex and i should say  that it was simply superb.The inspiration for this was my Guru's blog .Resources which were very handy while doing this were Flex starter's Guide and All Packages.

 My requirement was to use an xml and then display it in a table using flex.My xml is dynamic so i wrote a servlet which prints out an xml file.

The doPost method in Servlet:-

         PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
         String xml = Your logic for returing an xml string.

Then in the flex builder i created a new project and in the MXML file i used HTTPService provided by flex to read the xml .

   <mx:HTTPService  id="bs" url="http://localhost:8080/myservlet"


My xml file had the structure







So in the Result handler script i get hold of the all Row items and assigned them to a variable using

flexRows = event.result.Rows.Row;

 And then to display these in a table i used DataGrid in flex

<mx:DataGrid dataProvider="{flexRows}" id="flexGrid">
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Attachments" dataField="Attachments"/>
                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Title" dataField="Title"/>

 so now when i run the webapp it started displaying all the rows fantastically.But what i wanted was to get this UI in a portlet.So now let us convert this to a portlet.

In the flex project of flex builder there is a "bin" directory where all the output files are generated by flex.Take that whole directory and place it in your portlet and if the mxml file name was "MyFlexExample.mxml" you will find a file  named MyFlexExample.html.

So rename that .html file as .jsp and make it the view page of your portlet and place the needed portlet taglibs at the top of that page.

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="portlet" %>
<portlet:renderURL var="portletUrl"/>

And now you will find references to files(AC_OETags.js,history.js,MyFlexExample)  in this jsp .In my case i copied all the files in the bin directory to "flex" directory under "web-src" of my portlet so finally when deployed i will have all these files under flex directory from root.So i encoded all the path's of these files and assigned them to some variables.

    String aoetags = renderResponse.encodeURL(renderRequest.getContextPath()+"/flex/AC_OETags.js");
    String history = renderResponse.encodeURL(renderRequest.getContextPath()+"/flex/history.js");
    String swffile = renderResponse.encodeURL(renderRequest.getContextPath()+"/flex/MyFlexExample");


So now modify the jsp page where it refers to these files using the variables defined.You can download my modified jsp page from here.And cool now your portlet is flexified.Njoy. 

Have a look at how my portlet looked after flexifying it.





Monday Mar 05, 2007

Beauty of Online Bookmarking

Gone Are the days when we used to struggle with bookmarks in home,office and other places where we usually would feel like storing references to a good sites with the era of online bookmarking.I recently started using delicious and it is quite simple and easy to use,especially with the firefox plugin delicious is the way to go.You can just bookmark all your favourite stuff by just a click and your job is done you can now access it from where ever you want.It is a beautiful and fantastic idea i believe.



Wednesday Dec 06, 2006

Portlets with Cool Jmaki widgets using PortletPlugin

As my previous post says portlet Plugin has made life much easier.Let me describe the steps to get cool jmaki widgets as portlets using portlet plugin in Netbeans.                                      

  1. Create New Project
  2. Choose portlet Applications and then JSR168 portlet Application
  3. Then give your project name say "MyClock"
  4. By default the Names of PortletClass is set to HelloWorld.So you can give it what ever name you want.Let us say here i give it as MyClock.
  5. That's done you will get a ProtoType of your portlet.
  6. Just select WebPages in you will be able to see edit.jsp,help.jsp and view.jsp which are the JSP Pages you get to see when you click on different modes of portlets.
  7. Let us say we don't want Help view and Edit view .Just go the WebPages/WEB_INF and click on portlet.xml
  8. In portlet.xml you can see <portlet-mode> tags.Remove the HELP and EDIT mode tags from there.
  9. Go to the view.jsp.Remove the "HelloWorld" string that you will find there.
  10. Click on the palette that you can see on your right hand side.
  11. You will have all the options of jmaki.Just drag and drop the DojoClock into view.jsp(If you don't go to Tools->updateCenter and add Ajax Jmaki FrameWork)
  12. Important point that you need to do is add the Jmaki framework to you project.For that you should go the properties of you project.Click on Frameworks and Add the Jmaki Framework.

Now it is all can build your project and the portlet war file is ready to be deployed in any portal server.

You will be more happy if you are using SunPortalServer or OpenSourcePortlet Container as deploying to them is also just a click away using this Portlet Plugin.

  Cool Guys MyClock portlet is running .That's all it takes to use PortletPlugin to create cool jmaki portlets.Njoy Exploring!!!!! you can make of cool widgets like sudhoku ,chat etc...



Thursday Nov 23, 2006

Wanna Write a Portlet???

  There was a time when writing a cool portlet in a day was a tough job.But Now have a look at this demo

It has become all a game to write a portlet.. 


What is a portal Server???

All the sites which act as a gateway to different sources of information are called as Portals.So what does Portal Server Mean ??.This question does come to the minds  of many people when they hear the term "Portal Server".Actually Portal Server is a layer above the webserver or Application Server which give us the capability to launch webpages.And It does provide many extra features unlike the normal webpages.For example It provides:-




    Many of us might actually get confused with Personalization and Customization.

Customization is what users can do like change the colour of their home page and adding the channels that they want and other similar stuff.And

Personalization is what an administrator can give for a bunch of people normally under different organisations.

  Now A days PortalServer is becoming a hit because of It's ability to render content in the form of Portlets.

Portlets are the interesting Technology by which i think every one would be fascinated.Many of us might have seen them around quite a bit these days.I will do try to cover them in my future blogs.




    This is Murali .It has almost been one and half year since i'm associated with Portal.As the Blog name suggests here i would be blogging about every thing which fascinates me in portal technology.Good to have compliments and Great to have comments.Hope all my blogs are mutually beneficial and serve the purpose.







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