Monday Jan 28, 2008

IT Value Propositions

IT Value Propositions

That's a unique Sun IT Propositions which brings Value to the Company

It is an important part of business value proposition as it shows our core-business :
- Our assets compared with competitors
- Our services capabilities
- A significant reference including figured customer benefit
- Functional and technical indicators to drive solution performance

The IT model is based on 5 axis :
  Scalability/Power : Horizontal/Vertical Scalability, Power (CPU, I/O...)
  ECO : Economy (Costs), Ecology (KVA, RoHS, WEEE...)
  Security : (Data, Access...)
  Availability : (Clustering, Components redondancy...)
  Flexibility : (Virtualization, Provisioning...)

A large part of Sun's IT value proposition is based on the fact that we master all the key elements of the IT value chain.
It does not mean we cannot address heterogeneous environments, but it creates the conditions to deliver strong IT solutions to our customers.
We know how to address a broader range of needs and when we answer a business problem from one of our customers,
we are in a position to consider all the aspects of it. This is a strong differentiator compared to some of our competitors who are specialized in one area.

We have defined the Sun IT value propositions that can be seen as templates of the “Business/IT Alignement Approch” which are instantiated when we address a particular customer.
A given IT value proposition defines the typical key performance indicators that we use. It also describes the unique assets and services that Sun owns and that makes Sun proposition unique on the market. Finally, a real life customer experience is presented.

Sun IT Value Propositions

  1. Industrialization and Best Practices : Products/Services, IT processes industrialization and best practices
  2. Standardized technical basis : Normalization and management of technical basis evolutions, architecture principles
  3. Optimization of computer rooms : physical room optimization, consolidation, cooling and electric security
  4. Provisioning : Environment analysis, monitoring and deployments automation
  5. Infrastructure Virtualization : Utilization ratio improvement, infrastructure flexibility
  6. Desktop Virtualization : Access to applications from everywhere in the world with complete security
  7. Web 2.0 : Technologies and Web use for next Internet generation
  8. Eco Datacenter : Economical and Ecological infrastructure for Datacenter
  9. Open Source : Freedom and software components choice
  10. Disaster Recovery Plan : Infrastructure for disaster recovery
  11. Infrastructure Business Application : Technical infrastructure for ERP, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing
  12. High Performance Computing : Parallel computing grids
  13. Business Continuity : Availability and security infrastructure according  to Service Level Agreement
  14. Identity Management : Users identification and access management
  15. Security : Information access in full security
  16. Archiving : Data Management from its creation to its destruction. Data archiving
  17. Data Protection : Backup, restore, data replication
  18. Services Oriented Architecture : Systems interoperability, Web Services
  19. x86 : Servers and software with high performance at low cost
  20. CMT : Servers and software with high performance at low cost
  21. Cloud Computing : A Software Design and a Set Of Architectures (Grid Computing and Virtualization)

Tuesday Jan 15, 2008

Business Value Proposition

Business Value Proposition

That's a unique Sun Proposition which brings Value to the Company
It's enrolling within the scope of governance and integrates business intelligence.
A business value proposition contains in a company context: strategy, objectives,
business drivers, assets, services capabilities, customers references, promise (business drivers and IT solution crossed matrix), and key performance indicators (business, financial, technical).

The business model is based on 4 axis :
  Industry (ex: Manuf., Bank, Telco, Gov...)
  Strategy (ex: Innovation, Customer satisfaction...)
  Objective (ex: Personnalize et individualize services, Adaptation for regulatory constraints...)
  Process (ex: Sales, Supply, Billing...)

Business value proposition best practices

  • Consult the activity report of your customer`s company.You will find in it informations like strategy,business drivers and financial performance indicators.
  • Consult CIO which will give you further informations on the IT stakes they will have to overcome .
  • Consult analysts reports (Gartner, IDC, Forrester...) which will give you the IT trends and business needs for each market.
  • Consult Web sites and press articles to get informed of the market events
  • Have a good dose of creativity to amaze your customer


Business stakes are changing, the IT infrastructure must be increasingly reactive to significantly reduce Time To Market. Today, we have the technology and methodology addressing these new business challenges.


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