Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

Oracle MSCE 2016 Recap

Last week at the San Jose Convention center, we pulled together more than 400 PLM professionals with the Oracle MSCE conference.  The energy and passion for PLM was amazing.  The conference is always a high point in the year where Oracle and our customers can spend time together.  Conversations vary from people just starting their PLM journey to many who have been with Agile PLM for many years. 

For the Agile PLM product, we had 6 great sessions focused on different aspects of Design integration into PLM, also known as Engineering Collaboration (EC).  Three customers, Qualcomm, Specialized, and Pella, spoke about how EC integrations impacted their business.  We also had presentations from Perception on AgileEXPLORER and xPLM on new dynamic document authoring tools.  We also presented on Design File Release with Agile PLM 9.3.5 and EC MCAD 3.5, along with AutoVue for Agile PLM 21.0.0.  For EC devotees, the conversation continued into Thursday with a 3 hour workshop on EC and AutoVue. 

Cloud was another area of significant focus.  Discussion of Cloud included the hybrid cloud model with Cloud Innovation Management (IM) working with Agile PLM, as well as the pure PLM Cloud offering of IM, Product Development, Projects, and Product Hub.  All of our customers are evaluating Cloud opportunities to improve user acceptance of, and to change the financial costs of, enterprise software deployments.  This conference provided a huge opportunity to discover more about the Oracle PLM offering and roadmap to the Cloud.  As Devendra Singh presented in the Cloud Roadmap Session, Oracle is committed to release new versions of Agile PLM for the next many years as the Oracle on premise PLM solution.  Cloud IM already integrates directly to Agile PLM to offer additional use cases that solve deep Product Innovation problems. 

The conference also featured an amazing set of customer speakers in other sessions.  These additional speakers represented Beachbody for PLM for Process, Otterbox, Harris, Ichor Systems, CooperVision, Cisco, ThermoFisher Scientific, NBTY, Dell, and Lilly.  I have worked with many of these customers over the years, sometimes to solve problems, sometimes to plan how to better use PLM.  Over all this time, these customers have partnered with Agile Software and now Oracle to deliver exceptional functionality to their users that delivers significant business value.  Agile PLM and Cloud PLM deliver value by being flexible, modular, and fast.  Our customers implement key processes, build trust and success, then are able to tackle the next problem. 

Thank you to our customers.  Thank you to our partners.  We had a robust partner presence at the conference.  These partners provide amazing rapid value during the different phases of deployments and operation of PLM systems.  Hopefully everyone had a chance to talk to our partners and learn more about what they do to help you deliver value from your PLM systems. 

If you were not able to come this year, I hope you consider coming out next year.  We had workshops on Monday and Thursday.  Partners offered training on Monday.  The MSCE conference now spans 4 days.  If you look at the fees to attend other technology or process conferences, I think you will find that MSCE is extremely cheap to attend.  MSCE gives you and your PLM professionals a huge opportunity to connect and learn.  For those who did attend, please let us know how to get better.  Please fill out the surveys.  We are listening and want to do more.  Presentations from the conference are available on the MSCE 2016 Website.  For our European counterparts, London MSCE is kicking off today.

As a final plug, here is the link to our Agile PLM knowledge blog post: http://bit.ly/knowagileplm.  This post offers links to additional resources and information about TOIs.

Thanks everyone!

Monday Dec 07, 2015

Top 5 PLM reasons to attend the Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016 [Video]

Join us at the annual Modern Supply Chain Experience, January 25-28, 2016 in San Jose, California.  Watch this short video on the top 5 PLM reasons to attend the most important Oracle PLM event of 2016 and register today.

Product development best practices have changed dramatically in recent years, join us at the conference, speak with our experts, ask questions and learn how you can transform your product value chain to deliver superior results.

Click here for the PLM agenda. 

Thursday Sep 17, 2015

Registration Opens for "OVCS 2.0" - The Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016

We are delighted to announce that registration is officially open for the next Oracle Value Chain Summit, this time with a new name and fresh look - the Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016!

The Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016 takes place January 25-27 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.  PLM is front and center this year, with a huge emphasis on the revolutionary new Oracle PLM Cloud offering including Innovation Management Cloud, Product Development Cloud, and Project Management Cloud. You will also find plenty of educational and thought-provoking content on Agile PLM, Agile PLM for Process, PLM Analytics, social development, mobile apps, Internet of Things, and Product MDM Cloud.

It’s all geared to helping companies transform their Product Value Chains to innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable products.

This has been, and continues to be, the #1 must-attend Oracle PLM event of the year. Don’t miss it in 2016!

Learn more at www.modernsupplychainexperience.com

 Kerrie Jordan is Director, PLM Product Marketing at Oracle. Follow her on Twitter @KerJordan

Friday Dec 19, 2014

Everything PLM at the Oracle Value Chain Summit 2015

The biggest PLM event of the year is almost here! Come January 26-29, 2015 we'll be celebrating our 3rd annual Oracle Value Chain Summit in San Jose with another huge cohort of PLM users, prospective buyers, experts, analysts and consultants.  Born from the Agility conferences of years passed (for my long time Agile users out there), the 2015 evolution offers the most opportunities to learn, reflect and network around everything PLM.  Here are the juicy details, as featured in the Product Value Chain at Oracle Value Chain Summit 2015 Attendee Brochure (PDF).

First Timers: What to Expect

The Oracle Value Chain Summit is a 4-day annual event gathering nearly 2,000 product and supply chain professionals at the San Jose Convention Center.  You can choose from over 200 sessions covering all aspects of the field, including: Product Value Chain (PLM), Value Chain Planning, Value Chain Execution, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Procurement and Cross-Value Chain Initiatives.  For those interested in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), register for the "Product Value Chain Solution Area," so named after Oracle's brand of modern PLM solutions, including Agile and PLM Cloud solutions.  But even though you may indicate PVC as your... 

[Read More]

Wednesday Jun 25, 2014

Dates Announced for Oracle Value Chain Summit 2015!

Join thousands of professionals at the third annual North America Oracle Value Chain Summit, hosted next year January 26 - 28, 2015.  This must-attend supply chain and product lifecycle management event of the year will be located in the San Jose Convention Center, just as the very successful 2014 event.  More details will be coming shortly.  To be the first in-the-know, sign up here to get notified by email when registration opens.


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