Friday Oct 30, 2009

Agile User Productivity Kit for Agile Product Collaboration 9.3 (Revision 1) available on Oracle E-Delivery

Agile User Productivity Kit for Agile Product Collaboration 9.3 (Revision 1) GA'd on October 29, 2009 and is available on the Oracle E-Delivery web site!

This release revision includes 16 new UPK topics: nine Variant Management UPK topics, and seven AIA 2.5 Agile PLM Integration with E-Business Suite UPK topics.

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Monday Sep 28, 2009

9.3 Feature: Drag & Drop Content to a Project

Usability was greatly improved in the 9.3 release. This is evident in the Web 2.0 look and feel as well as more intuitive interaction with the user. This is a short post to illustrate usability improvement in one area of PPM. The use-case is that of adding new content to a project. Prior to 9.3, users had to search for content from the Content tab, and had to go through a couple of clicks to add that content. 9.3 retains that method and adds another (and in my opinion, cooler) method to add new content to the project. [Read More]

Thursday Sep 10, 2009

9.3 Feature: PLM Reference

In 9.3, we introduced a new attribute for the Project base-class called 'PLM Reference'. This blog post explains why we did this, and highlights some best practices on how to use this field. Before we go into details about why we introduced this field, let me talk about what the attribute is. The 'PLM Reference' attribute is a multi-list type attribute and can contain one or more objects in Agile PLM. You will notice that populating this field involves searching for Agile PLM objects. You will also notice that this field can only be filled in at the root project level, and automatically rolls down through the entire project structure. [Read More]

Friday Sep 04, 2009

Agile 9.3 Gets Graphical with Thumbnails

Agile 9.3 now allows the capability to include graphical thumbnails in the user interface. Thumbnails improve the ability to locate and re-use data in PLM, based on visual recognition of data. While many systems provide thumbnails in the UI, what is particularly exciting about Agile's capability is that we leverage the capabilities of Oracle AutoVue to automatically generate the thumbnail images from many common file types including CAD. [Read More]

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

Dashboard Chart Color Management

I have been asked by several customers about managing colors in charts and graphs in the PLM Dashboard. This issue came up recently as well, and I am taking this opportunity to make this information widely available via our PLM blog. There are two primary issues that customers normally have regarding this. The first one is maintaining general consistency between dashboard charts across tabs i.e. all solid colors v/s matted v/s borders etc. The second issue is more important in my mind and relates to having a consistent color representation for the same status across all tabs and charts so as to not confuse users. e.g. all Change Orders in 'Released' status should be displayed in Green across all tabs.

This blog post addresses both issues and should provide customers and consultants with some good tips on managing colors in the PLM Dashboard.

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Thursday Aug 20, 2009

PPM Automation using Events

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Wednesday Jun 24, 2009

More about Agile PLM 9.3 - TOIs, What's New, and UX Blog

There is a lot of content being delivered by Oracle with Agile PLM 9.3. First, the Oracle Usable Apps blog has a new post about Agile: Agile 9.3 Product Lifecycle Management Pushes Productivity to New Heights which covers some of our updated Web Client productivity features. Oracle is also releasing 27 Transfer of Information (TOI) recordings by product mangers which discuss the new features in 9.3 along with a What's New document. Continue past the break for more information on how to access this content.[Read More]

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