Friday Jan 13, 2012

Agile PLM 9.3.1 SP2 ( Available on My Oracle Support

Agile PLM 9.3.1 SP2 ( is released and is now available as a Patch from My Oracle Support.  You can search on the Patch ID under the Patches and Updates area.
  • Patch ID 13568676 – Oracle Agile PLM
  • Patch ID 13564102 – AVERIFY 1.7.3
  • Patch ID 13564119 – AUT 1.7.3

Documentation for this release, including Readme, Capacity Planning Guide, and Installation documentation are available from the Oracle Agile Documentation Site

This service pack is a Hot Fix (HF) rollup on top of  The Readme contains all of the HFs that are included with  In addition, this release consolidates any fixes from and as documented in the Readme.  There are no intended new features in this release, but it is just intended to incorporate fixes to the software. Some of the fixes have required additional Admin and other minor configuration capabilities that are documented.  The installation of this Service Pack can be done against or 

Finally, a few platform changes are being made with

  • Support for OAS (iAS) rather than
    • Please see the manuals for guidance on switching versions of OAS
    • No change was made for WebLogic support
  • Support for Solaris 11 as a server operating system
  • Addition of IE9 and Firefox 8 as supported browsers

As is usual with us, you can upgrade from any prior version of Agile PLM to using our AUT.

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

Announcing Service Packs, and AutoVue for Agile PLM 20.1

I am not sure where the old post about went, but 9.3.1 SP1 was released in April 2011. In order to provide our 9.3.0.x customers some of the fixes made in, we also released 9.3.0 SP3 ( at the end of June 2011. Concurrent with the release, AutoVue 20.1 for Agile PLM was also released at the end of June. The new version of AutoVue has been eagerly anticipated by many customers to uptake new file formats and other great new features in the AutoVue product.

Service Pack 1 for 9.3.1 (or adds NLS support for the 9.3.1 release, including Spanish. All languages supported are documented in the Admin user guide. is available through My Oracle Support as Patch Number 12412307. Please check the Readme for details about which HFs are included in this release.

Service Pack 3 for 9.3.0 (or is a Hot Fix rollup for 9.3.0 that incorporates some of the changes made in This release updates support for OAS to is available through My Oracle Support as Patch Number 12675987. Please check the Readme for details about which HFs are included in this release.

Our Service Packs on 9.3.0 and 9.3.1 are intended to be relatively easy to deploy without experiencing major functionality changes. We do recommend testing the SP in a non-production environment to ensure critical business functions for you are not affected before deploying on a production system. Our SPs include a database upgrade and a patch installation on top of your existing software ( on top of 9.3.0.x OR on top of You will not be installing directly on top of 9.3.0.x. Please carefully read both the Service Pack Installation guide and the Database Upgrade guide before proceeding with the upgrade. All Agile PLM documentation is available through the Oracle Agile Documentation page.

AutoVue 20.1 for Agile PLM is available on EDelivery. Enter EDelivery and then select Oracle Agile Applications and your platform to see the new Media Pack for Oracle AutoVue 20.1 for Agile PLM. Please review the Press Release for 20.1 or the Oracle AutoVue page for more information. This release is compatible with

Finally, new versions of AUT 1.7.2 (Patch ID 12703930) and Averify 1.7.2 (12703944) are available also through My Oracle Support. It is strongly recommended that customers starting any upgrade project use the latest version of AUT.


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