Saturday Sep 27, 2014

Focus On: Cloud & Identity at Oracle Open World 2014

As organizations consume an increasing number of cloud services and apps, identity management becomes fragmented. Private, public or hybrid, all cloud solutions warrant strict security and identity management policies and the solutions to implement them within the ever-expanding perimeter of devices and access points.

Join Oracle, our partners and customers at Oracle Open World 2014 and find out how Oracle Identity Management can securely accelerate your adoption of cloud services in the new digital economy.

The following is a list of Cloud related Identity Management Sessions and HandsOn Labs at OOW14, by order of date and time, to help you as you plan your week. Click on each to find out more information and don't forget to register for those you want to attend as sessions can and do fill out.

Ready for the Digital Economy? Oracle’s Vision of How Identity Helps [CON7989] As organizations consume an increasing number of cloud services and apps, identity management becomes fragmented. Organizations have inconsistent access policies and lose ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM - Moscone West - 3020
Access Management: Secure Web, Mobile, and Cloud Access [HOL9449] The Oracle access management solution provides an optimal user experience for end users while reducing risks and costs through a common infrastructure. It provides a ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM - Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom III
Identity Governance Across the Extended Enterprise [CON7968] As organizations deploy an ever-increasing number of cloud, mobile, and enterprise applications, identifying and managing user access can be a challenge, especially when ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM - Moscone West - 3020
Access Without Fear: Delivering an Optimal Multichannel User Experience [CON7995] During today’s application explosion, organizations are dealing with an identity fragmentation issue that is creating a disjointed user experience and costing them ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM - Moscone West - 3020
Securing Oracle Applications and the Extended Enterprise with Identity Management [CON8874] All Oracle applications are shipped with Oracle Identity Management components to provide the security services they need. These services can be extended to enable not only ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM - Moscone West - 3018
Architecting Applications with Intelligent Authentication and Authorization [CON7978] With the increased opportunities of the mobile explosion and cloud applications comes an increase in security threats. To combat these threats while still providing a ... View More
  • Monday, Sep 29, 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM - Moscone West - 3020
Identity as a Service: Extend Enterprise Controls and Identity to the Cloud [CON8040] As organizations continue to adopt software as a service (SaaS) applications to provide various business services such as CRM, office, HR, and collaboration, it is critical ... View More
  • Tuesday, Sep 30, 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM - Moscone West - 3020
The Age of Megavolume: Oracle’s Next-Generation Directory and Future Strategy [CON8043] With the rapid expansion of identities through cloud and mobile applications, it is becoming essential that you have a directory that is capable of handling them. In addition ... View More
  • Tuesday, Sep 30, 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM - Moscone West - 3018
Trust but Verify: Best Practices for Monitoring Privileged Users [CON8005] Privileged accounts provide administrators with root-level access to systems and applications. As these accounts are frequently shared, providing secure controls to prevent ... View More
  • Wednesday, Oct 1, 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM - Moscone West - 3020
Managing Telenet’s Identities in Practice [CON3995] After confronting a security audit, Telenet kicked off the implementation of its security roadmap. First up was the proper management of internal identity access rights in ... View More
  • Thursday, Oct 2, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM - Moscone West - 3020
Architecting a Complete Access Solution for the Cloud Economy [CON7975] To be able to conduct business in the digital economy, it is essential that users have consistent access to all their applications from any access channel. This session ... View More
  • Thursday, Oct 2, 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM - Moscone West - 3020

To maximize your attendance at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, running in San Francisco, CA from September 28th to October 2nd, be sure to review the complete listing of Oracle Identity Management Sessions and Demos.

The Schedule Builder is an invaluable tool to use when plan your visit to the conference. Be sure to pre-enroll in sessions of your interest as rooms can fill up. You can search identity management sessions using the term “identity+management” in the Content Catalog.

Identity Management executives and experts will be readily available for discussions and follow ups. Don’t forget to catch live demonstrations of our complete Oracle Identity Management solutions set while at OpenWorld.

Before and during, follow the conversation about Oracle OpenWorld 2014 on Twitter with #oow14 and, as always, engage with us @oracleidm and follow the Identity Managment blog. We hope to see you there!

Monday Oct 17, 2011

Rapid ROI with Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite

We live in interesting economic times. The housing market has been in a slump for several years now. If you are going into invest in a property today purely for rental purposes, then most likely you will look at how quickly you can break even. I recently read somewhere that the historical price to rent ratio for most housing markets in the continental states is around 15. The price to rent ratio is the price paid for a property divided by the annual rent on the property. So in other words, it takes about 15 years on a historical average basis to break even on an investment in rental property. That’s a long time I would say, don’t you agree?

However, our Oracle Identity Management solutions are designed to offer extremely quick Return on Investment (ROI) to our customers. Let’s take the example of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) Suite Plus. Oracle ESSO overcomes the huge burden of productivity losses and helpdesk costs incurred from forgotten passwords. In addition to that, we offer one more compelling reason for our customers to invest in Oracle ESSO. That is its rapid ROI.

Let’s take the example of an organization with about 7000 users where strong password policies are enforced. In many organizations, users are required to change their application passwords frequently (about once a quarter is not uncommon). An average helpdesk call associated with a password reset can cost $40. If such an organization deploys Oracle ESSO, they can eliminate their password headaches and overcome productivity losses that forgotten passwords can inflict. In addition to all that, Oracle ESSO delivers an ROI of 140% within the first 12 months of deployment. In other words, the organization can recover their investment and save additionally with the first year. And within the first five years, Oracle ESSO can save nearly $5 million in costs. Now that’s a very compelling investment.

You can find the Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On ROI calculator here.

You can download a copy of the Enterprise Single Sign-On Buyer’s Guide here.

Join us on our live webcast Oct 19th to find out how Oracle ESSO Suite Plus can deliver quick wins for your organization. Register here for this webcast.

Friday Aug 12, 2011

Layering Enterprise Security with Access Management

As a security professional, one of the surveys I look forward to every year is the Data Breach Investigations Report published by Verizon. In the 2011 edition of the report, there were several glaring statistics. Verizon reports that 76% of all breaches compromised back end servers, 92% of attacks were not highly difficult and an alarming 96% of all security breaches were preventable through simple or intermediate controls. At Oracle, we could not agree more.

Across the enterprise security landscape there are several factors which are increasing risk for organizations. Traditional security has relied on defending the perimeter. But the proliferation of sophisticated attacks internally and externally demands sophisticated defense mechanisms that factor risk into the security equation. Secondly, the modern workforce is increasingly dynamic and mobile. When employees, partners, contractors, customers, suppliers etc all need access to critical applications, access to sensitive information should be restricted to authorized users. Finally, recent IT trends like cloud computing, and mobility have resulted in a proliferation of applications that employees need access to. Applications come in many different flavors (packaged, homegrown, SaaS, mobile apps etc) and when each app has its own notion of the user, how they connect and what they are authorized to do, this increases costs and complexity of integrating security for applications.

At Oracle, our Access Management solutions offer holistic security to help organizations safeguard against security threats, reduce risk, ensure compliance and security for applications, web services and data. In our upcoming webcast on Aug 23 sponsored by IOUG, Eric Leach from Oracle will discuss the latest innovations in Oracle Access Management solutions and how they can help you address your enterprise security and compliance goals.

Register here for the Aug 23 Webcast.


Oracle Identity Management is a complete and integrated next-generation identity management platform that provides breakthrough scalability; enables organizations to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates; secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on-premise or in a cloud; and reduces operational costs. Oracle Identity Management enables secure user access to resources anytime on any device.


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