Thursday Oct 23, 2014

UL Secures Customers’ Access to Certification Status While Protecting Intellectual Property

Equipped with requirements to provide customers with access to information on product-testing and certification status, as well as additional information on the company’s services, UL needed to ensure that it could provide this information without exposing confidential intellectual property information to the wrong parties. In pursuit of these goals, UL initiated a three-year security and identity-management evolution process relying on Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite to authenticate users and provide an access-control framework built on the company’s business taxonomy.

Using Oracle API Gateway, UL can provide its customers with a user interface giving them control over defining their own identities and providing specific employees within their organizations with access to the UL information stores associated with them. This federation capability enables UL’s customers to manage their own user provisioning and make adjustments as needed, while freeing UL from needing to provision or deprovision customer users - boosting security as any user who leaves a customer organization is automatically deprovisioned and denied access.

Click here for more about the UL deployment of  Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite and Oracle API Gateway.

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Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Seamlessly & Securely Managing 360k+ User Identities While Reducing IT Complexity: the Seneca College IdM Success Story

Following the 2013 decision to choose Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications running on  Oracle Exadata database machines as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and campus-solutions platform in 2013, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology was also faced with another critical decision prompted by the impending end-of-life scenario of its legacy identity management solution. 

Spurred with the overarching goal to provide secure and role-based access to all of the school’s applications and online services for a growing and increasingly remote student body, Seneca chose Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite as its new platform for managing identity and access rights. 

Engaging with Oracle partner ICSynergy, Seneca and ICSynergy designed a solution to meet the college's needs for high availability across multiple campuses and a very diverse user base of 26,500 full-time students and 70,000 part-time registrants. The solution provides streamline control of student access to Seneca College's digital services while securing student privacy and addressing the compliance requirements of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The full success story can be read here.

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Passing the Puck to the CTO - BeachBody's Miracle Moment of Identity

BeachBody CTO, Arnaud Robert, was prepared for competitive business at an early age.  Showing success on the ice as a captain of his hockey team, taught Arnaud that there are many similarities between the game of hockey, in particular, the position of team captain, and that of today's CTO.  As Arnaud points out, today's CTOs must remain very nimble and capable of acting much like that of a team captain.  Regardless if we are talking pucks and tasks, periods and quarters or games and projects, the methodologies in managing has given Arnaud a focus with the BeachBody business that he has used to expand the BeachBody enterprise in the areas of Identity Management and Mobile Enablement.

Take a moment to watch this great video from Arnaud and see if you and your CTO can relate to the hockey challenges, and how you are responding in the areas of Identity.


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