Tuesday Mar 13, 2012

Identity Management at COLLABORATE 12


Getting ready for COLLABORATE 2012? If Security and Identity Management are top of mind for you, then we have some recommendations for you.

Bringing together Oracle Applications and Technology education, COLLABORATE 2012 is a forum designed and delivered by Oracle users. Produced by the three independent user groups, Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest), COLLABORATE offers keynotes, deep-dives, workshops and user-driven sessions spanning technology, application and cross solutions. This year the conference is from April 22- 26 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Oracle Identity Management solutions enable organizations to secure critical data and applications, efficiently enforce regulatory compliance and reduce operational costs. In addition to our conference sessions, as an added value this year, we are offering a half-day deep dive session on Oracle Identity Management: Building a Security and Compliance Framework for Oracle Systems. The session is scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd from 9 am to 3 pm and will cover relevant topics such as:
• A Primer on Identity Management
• Security and Compliance with Oracle Identity Management
• Security for Oracle Applications, Fusion Applications
• Managing Identities in The Cloud and Mobile World
• Best Practices: Building an Identity Roadmap and Getting Started

To get a head start on your compliance and security program, pre-register for this session today.

The Identity Management sessions are supported by subject matter experts on technology, consulting and implementation so you are sure to get the complete perspective on what it takes to design and implement a successful program to meet your security and compliance objectives.

To find out more about Identity Management at COLLABORATE 12, here’s our recommended roadmap:
1. If you haven’t done so, do browse through COLLABORATE 12 website and register with the user group for information and events most tailored to your needs.
2. Click on “My Show Planner” and enter “Identity Management” in the keyword search box.
3. Pre-register for the sessions by clicking on “Add to Planner”


Look forward to seeing you at COLLABORATE 12 in Las Vegas next month.

Saturday Feb 04, 2012

Identity Platform for Oracle Fusion Applications

Lately everyone is talking about Fusion Applications - Oracle's next generation ERP Applications. Since Identity Management is built into Fusion Applications, Oracle Applications customers will benefit from "out of the box" integration with the Oracle Identity Platform. In most deployments today, customers are sourcing user accounts from HR applications and using the HR apps as a logical place to trigger user access changes across the enterprise. The ERP system is a logical place to derive entitlement information as well, since the ERP systems have the most context knowlegde of the user and their job role. 

With integrated Identity Management in Fusion Applications, all of the external authorization for data and forms is handled by Oracle Entitlements Server. User on-boarding, off-boarding, change and termination is handled via Oracle Identity Manager and web access control is handled by Oracle Access Manager. In the background Oracle Internet Directory provides the high scale repository for Fusion Apps. All of these capabilities are encapsulated in the Identity Platform and utilized as a service by Fusion Applications. You can learn more by reading the paper on Identity and Fusion Apps. 

In the next few months we will be presenting a series of short webcasts that describe how Identity Management works with Oracle Applications and Fusion Applications. Steve Miranda, Senior VP of Oracle Applications Development, presents a good primer of Oracle's Applications strategy in this presentation below.

Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

OOW Session- Access to Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications contain mission critical business data. Securing access to Oracle Application data is critical for regulatory compliance and protecting the reputation of the business. Access to data and business transactions is constantly changing. Administrators need to have a central point of control to manage access policy across all Oracle applications. If you are an Oracle Applications customer, you won't want to miss this session on Monday October 3rd in Moscone West. In addition to the session there will be two hands on labs discussing Identity Management for Oracle E-business applications

 Thursday Oct 4, 10:15 

Securing Oracle Applications with Oracle Identity Management

Marriott Marquis Salon 1/2
Thursday Oct 6, 3:00

Securing Oracle Applications with Oracle Identity Management

Marriott Marquis Salon 1/2

Oracle's Access Management provide a comprehensive solution to centralize access control policy for customers using Oracle Applications and customers planning to adopt Fusion Applications. As organizations deploy Fusion Applications, many are choosing to deploy in a SaaS environment. Using Oracle Access Management users can use a single password to access their enterprise applications and cloud applications.

Whether the applications are in a public cloud or private cloud, Oracle Access Management can provide single sign-on to reduce user frustration and improve security. As a reference read our white paper on Oracle Identity Management for E-business.  To learn more about Oracle Identity Management for Fusion Applications read the white paper describing how Access Management integrated into Fusion Applications.

For a schedule of Identity Management sessions see the Identity Focus On Document


Oracle Identity Management is a complete and integrated next-generation identity management platform that provides breakthrough scalability; enables organizations to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates; secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on-premise or in a cloud; and reduces operational costs. Oracle Identity Management enables secure user access to resources anytime on any device.


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