Identity Management at Oracle OpenWorld Today

You can tell that this is going to be a good week. San Francisco is wearing red (and is looking good in it!). If you are in the Bay Area, you know that Oracle OpenWorld 2011 is underway. And as you make your way through the busier than usual streets around Moscone Center, if identity management and security and top of mind for you, we have your route chalked out for today:

Monday October 3, 2011

Oracle Identity Administration and Governance Customer Panel
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Moscone West, Room 3022

Join your Identity Management peers from Target, ING and Kaiser as they discuss successful strategies for implementing access certification, role management and user administration. Find out the challenges they were looking to solve, the implementation best practices and key metrics that can be used to measure and demonstrate project success.

Trends in Identity Management
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Moscone West, Room 3022

Identity management continues to be a dynamic market. Cloud computing has heightened the interest in user access security, mobile computing has changed the rules of access to information beyond the enterprise, and security compliance has made organizations rethink their roles and entitlements strategy. Join Amit Jasuja, Vice President, Oracle Identity Management as he discusses the trends in identity management and how each relates to work being done at Oracle. Amit will be joined on stage by Bently Au, CISO, Toyota, who'd be sharing the innovative use of Oracle Identity Management solutions at Toyota. You don't want to miss this session!

Identity and Access Management for Oracle Applications
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Moscone West, Room 3022

Have Oracle Applications in-house? Then this is a session for you! Learn how Oracle is leading the way in how security policies are handled for applications. Typically these policies would be hard-coded into applications, making it difficult to centralize security administration and enforcement. Find out how Oracle Identity Management enables organizations to externalize user and security policy data from applications for faster development, better agility, and lower integration costs. Expert from Agilent will join Oracle on stage and discuss the impact of the new approach on application lifecycle. This session will also cover Oracle Identity Management integrations with Oracle's leading ERP systems (including Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft Enterprise applications).

Identity Administration Management for the Cloud
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Moscone West, Room 3022

Security continues to be the main barrier in adoption of cloud despite the obvious advantages the cloud framework offers. Key to the security aspect is user access to applications in the cloud. Enterprises are now managing employees' access to cloud applications and expanding their identity administration to include users in the cloud. Cloud providers that host applications must have user provisioning as part of their infrastructure. Some cloud providers are even planning to host identity administration as a service. Whether user provisioning is on- or off-premise, remote connectivity alone is not enough to provision user access. This session discusses how a provisioning gateway that supports identity administration to a controlled set of targets can enable a provider to expose administration services without "giving up the keys to the kingdom".

So, as you can see, from applications to mobile to cloud security to the recent trends, whatever your interest in Identity Management, we have you covered. We look forward to having a good conversation with you at (and about) these sessions. Enjoy Oracle OpenWorld!


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