Monday Jun 17, 2013

SIM to OIM Migration: Strategies for Success

In the fall of 2012, Oracle launched a major upgrade to its IDM portfolio: the 11gR2 release.  11gR2 had four major focus areas:

  • More simplified and customizable user experience
  • Support for Cloud, Mobile, and Social applications
  • Extreme scalability
  • Clear upgrade path

For many SUN customers, the upgrade path continues to not be so clear. There are two main strategies for this type of upgrade: the “big bang” complete reimplementation, and the incremental migration/coexistence strategy.

To help better understand your upgrade choices, I am pleased to introduce the first in a series of three whitepapers focused on SUN Identity Manager (SIM) to Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) migration.

In Part 1, Santosh Kumar Singh from SDG will take you through a discussion of the Migration Approach, Methodology, and Tools for you to consider when planning a migration from SIM to OIM.

Read the white paper:

Then, in Part 2, he will discuss the proper steps that should be taken during the planning phase to ensure a smooth transition from SIM to OIM.

Finally in Part 3, Santosh will talk about the types and kinds of accelerators that can be used to help move your migration at an accelerated pace.

About the Author:

Santosh Kumar Singh

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Practice Leader

Santosh, in his capacity as SDG Identity and Access Management (IAM) Practice Leader, has direct senior management responsibility for the firm's strategy, planning, competency building, and engagement deliverance for this Practice. He brings over 12+ years of extensive IT, business, and project management and delivery experience, primarily within enterprise directory, single sign-on (SSO) application, and federated identity services, provisioning solutions, role and password management, and security audit and enterprise blueprint. Santosh possesses strong architecture and implementation expertise in all areas within these technologies and has repeatedly lead teams in successfully deploying complex technical solutions.

About SDG:

SDG empowers forward-thinking companies by partnering seamlessly to strategize, create and implement innovative business and technology solutions that help clients manage IT risk and enable growth. SDG combines industry-leading consulting and advisory expertise with specialized implementation services and product portfolio to deliver robust and scalable solutions for compliance, security, risk management and collaboration. (

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For a preview on what you can expect to learn from this webinar, check out the editorial posted here on the OracleIDM blog last week by AmerIndia "Embracing Mobility in the Workspace" by Arun Mehta.  Arun addresses in this editorial, a segment of what he plans to cover in this Webinar. 


Look forward to seeing you on the 27th!


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