Monday Apr 29, 2013

Centrica webcast follow up - key takeaways and Q&A

Thank you to everyone that joined us on Thursday, April 25, 2013 for the Centrica webcast.  Chris Wilton, Senior Project Manager at Centrica, and Ben Bulpett from aurioPro SENA were the guest speakers.

If you missed the webcast, you can register for the replay here: Centrica Webcast Replay

Here are a few of the key takeaways that were discussed during the webcast:

Key Business Drivers:

  • Centrica needed to simplify log on to SAP, which is a critical business app
  • Wanted to reduce the number of passwords
  • Wanted to automate password resets
  • Wanted to reduce the number of helpdesk calls
  • Centrica wanted to be able to rapidly deprovision accounts for users that leave the organization

Cenrtrica wanted contingency plans in place should an ESSO outage occur

Centrica and aurionPro SENA used several Oracle products were used to achieve the desired results, some in place before this project.  They include:

Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), and Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)

 The project was completed in 60 days and provided a ESSO capability for HR and Payroll, with the ability to add additional applications in the future.  Over 45,000 internal and external users now have access provided by this system.

Here are some additional questions and answers related to this project:

Who sponsored the project within Centrica?

The project was initially sponsored by the Head of IS Power Generation, due to the number of passwords that Power Station staff were required to remember. However, as the requirement for a truly enterprise solution became more pressing, the sponsorship moved into the SAP Competency Centre.

Why did Centrica embark on another Identity Project after the original implementation?

The initial identity project did not implement federated identity, partially as there was an existing SSO solution within the British Gas business and there was not a requirement for an enterprise solution at the time the original ID project was put in place. Once the requirement was there to look at SSO on an enterprise level, leveraging the existing work that had been done.

How is the system managed and what service levels are required?

The solution is managed by our colleagues in British Gas, with the support element currently being undertaken by Infosys. Availability is as per the main IAM solution, with 99.5% availability and 24x7 support in place. RTO 30mins RPO 15mins

If you were to embark on the project again knowing what you do what would you change?

The intergration with the SAP Netweaver Portal v7.3 was the most challenging part of the project – we were unable to find any other company that had configured SAP Netweaver 7.3 to accept SAML 2 and initially didn’t have the necessary knowledge or resources to be able to implement this to begin with. Through a mix of extensive reading, coupled with trial and error, we were able to integrate the system. Specialist resourcing on the SAP side of things was the biggest lesson we took forward from this.


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