Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

Tweet Jam Reveals - Authentication: Stronger or More Often?

Last week, on January 22nd, Mike Neuenschwander, Senior Director, Security & Identity Management at Oracle took over the @OracleIDM account to host a live twitter chat at #AuthChat . The topic – Authentication: Stronger or More Often?

Mobile, social and cloud are changing the way we do business today. User identity and devices are crossing the personal and professional boundaries making it a seamless world. And that brings us to – Authentication. Accepting a social identity or allowing an employee or a user to sign-on from a personal device to access business applications is becoming more common place. Meanwhile, organizations are still struggling with passwords – too many/too vulnerable.

With that in mind, the live twitter discussion focused on key trends in authentication and predictions for 2013. The tweet chat explored if practices like “Trust but Verify” still hold true today or not. Industry thought leaders including Bob Blakley, Dave Kearns, Eve Maler, Ian Glazer, Dan Miller and more participated in this very engaging discussion. The interaction ranged from whether passwords were a dying breed to the cost of biometrics, to the state of SAML and all things authentication.

From serious musings to light hearted commentary (including this pic that Eve Maler from Forrester shared re. #authcat  #authchat), the tweet jam proved to be a great meeting of minds.

Even if you participated, you may have missed portions of the live discussion so we have curated the chat ; it might be worth going back and following the discussion.

One of my personal favorites was a tweet from Clayton Donley who said “Killing all passwords is like killing all mosquitoes…good luck with that!”

Catch the recap of the tweet jam and while you still can, feel free to search for the complete thread by searching on “#authchat” on twitter.

Meanwhile, the first tweet jam has wet our appetite. We are looking to put together a schedule for identity tweet chats. Have a topic in mind? Send it our way; we look forward to hearing from you.

Recap: Authentication – Stronger or More Often? Tweet Jam Archive

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