Monday Aug 20, 2012

Webcast: A Platform Approach to Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts are critical accounts to secure and manage since they provide broad access to systems and sensitive corporate information. Failure to manage privileged accounts can result in data breaches, theft, compliance violations, and service outages. The challenge customers have is that multiple people know the passwords to these high risk accounts  hence making it impossible to be able to audit and trace the usage to a single person. Because privileged accounts are not tied to specific people, they cannot be readily centralized in an enterprise user directory. Detecting inappropriate access to privileged accounts and determining which individuals in a team of administrators participated in unauthorized activities is extremely challenging. Another challenge facing organizations is management of a large number of administrative accounts in a secure, efficient, and scalable way.

Today managing privileged access is not well defined. Organizations are relying on solutions that either don't scale, introduce risk or are expensive. Manual solutions like spreadsheets are error-prone and do not scale and they lead to lack of accountability. The impact is reduced productivity and an approach that does not scale beyond a department level. Some organizations overlook the problem. In some cases, sensitive systems and root account passwords are not changed. Using Default passwords is risky and prone to abuse. Others deploy point solutions for specific systems. A patchwork of point solutions can result in higher integration costs. There is no visibility across all privileged access. There is no way to monitor and report on access. There is no way to centralize policy control across departments or multiple systems.

To overcome these challenges, Oracle recently introduced Oracle Privileged Account Manager as part of our Identity Governance solution set. Oracle Privileged Account Manager relies on a unique platform approach to reduce costs and risk while enabling organizations to scale shared account management to thousands of users across a myriad number of systems. By combining advanced policy-based and automated password management capabilities with comprehensive auditing and reporting features, Oracle Privileged Account Manager delivers highly-secure and simplified password administration to shared accounts, while further streamlining identity compliance reporting. Oracle Privileged Account Manager can also significantly reduce identity management costs, deployment times and audit deficiencies.

To learn more about Oracle's platform approach to Privileged Account Management and how it can help organizations manage risk access and compliance, join us for a live webcast Thu Aug 23 at 9am PT/12pm ET by clicking here.

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When: Aug 23 9am PT/12pm ET 


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