Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Live Event - New York


Are you in New York or the vicinity on September 6? If so, come join Amit Jasuja, Senior Vice President, Security and Identity Management at Oracle as he discusses the evolution of Oracle identity Management solutions and the business drivers (and industry trends) behind those. You have heard about some of the new experiences delivered with the latest release of Oracle Identity Management - simplified user experience, enhanced security and seamless enablement for secure cloud and mobile environments. Now come see it in action and hear what customers, your peers, are saying about their implementations.

This forum will also be a great opportunity for you to connect directly with technology experts and network with industry professionals. There is still time left to register so book your space today. Registration details as well as the agenda for the day can be found here.

We look forward to hosting you on Thursday, September 6th.

Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Live Event – New York

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oracle NYC Office
101 Park Avenue
4th Floor
New York, NY 10178

Register Here

Not in NY on Sep 6? Find an event near you in North America.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

Sun2Oracle: Upgrading from DSEE to the next generation Oracle Unified Directory

OUD is part of Directory Services

Mark your calendars and register to join this webcast featuring Steve Giovanetti from Hub City Media, Albert Wu from UCLA and our own Scott Bonnell as they discuss a directory upgrade project from Sun DSEE to Oracle Unified Directory.

Date: Thursday, September 13, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific

Join us for this webcast and you will:

  • Learn from one customer that has successfully upgraded to the new platform
  • See what technology and business drivers influenced the upgrade
  • Hear about the benefits of OUD’s elastic scalability and unparalleled performance
  • Get additional information and resources for planning an upgrade

Register Now!

Friday Aug 24, 2012

Browser based UI Customization with Oracle Identity Management 11gR2

Business users need user interfaces that are not only friendly but also easily customizable. However the downside of any customization project is the cost and complexity involved in developing, testing, deploying, and managing custom code. And equally critical is the challenge of ensuring customizations stay intact through product upgrades.To overcome these challenges, Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 now includes a Durable UI Configuration Framework which lets customers make complex UI customizations all from with the confines of a web browser.

I recently sat down with Clayton Donley, Senior Director of Development for Oracle Identity and Access Management products. In this podcast, we examine how this new capability in Oracle Identity Management around browser based UI customization can reduce costs and complexity of customization while simplifying self service integration with corporate portal strategies. Click here to listen.

Oracle Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 - Security on the Move

Oracle Magazine

This month's Oracle Magazine cover story is Security on the Move.  In it, two Oracle IDM customers discuss their impressions of the latest IDM release.  Kurt Lieber from Kaiser Permanente and Peter Boyle from BT discuss how they are using Oracle IDM to enable their business.

Click this link to see the latest issue:

In addition to the cover article, the Analyst’s Corner features an interview with Sally Hudson from IDC focusing on IDM issues :

And the Partner Perspectives contains information from our IDM partners Hub City Media, aurionPro SENA, and ICSynergy

Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Mobile and Social Sign On with Oracle Access Management

Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 provides an innovative platform that secures access from mobile devices and enables applications to consume social identities. This capability is especially significant as usage of mobile devices and social media skyrockets and employees are increasingly using their own mobile devices to access corporate resources, which in turn makes it much more challenging for IT organizations to enforce and maintain their audit, compliance, and privacy requirements.

Recently, I sat down with Dan Killmer, Principal Product Manager for Oracle Mobile and Social Access Management. We discussed how Oracle’s latest innovation in Identity Management around Mobile and Social Sign On can simplify security and access management challenges posed by the widespread adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise. Click here to listen.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Webcast: A Platform Approach to Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts are critical accounts to secure and manage since they provide broad access to systems and sensitive corporate information. Failure to manage privileged accounts can result in data breaches, theft, compliance violations, and service outages. The challenge customers have is that multiple people know the passwords to these high risk accounts  hence making it impossible to be able to audit and trace the usage to a single person. Because privileged accounts are not tied to specific people, they cannot be readily centralized in an enterprise user directory. Detecting inappropriate access to privileged accounts and determining which individuals in a team of administrators participated in unauthorized activities is extremely challenging. Another challenge facing organizations is management of a large number of administrative accounts in a secure, efficient, and scalable way.

Today managing privileged access is not well defined. Organizations are relying on solutions that either don't scale, introduce risk or are expensive. Manual solutions like spreadsheets are error-prone and do not scale and they lead to lack of accountability. The impact is reduced productivity and an approach that does not scale beyond a department level. Some organizations overlook the problem. In some cases, sensitive systems and root account passwords are not changed. Using Default passwords is risky and prone to abuse. Others deploy point solutions for specific systems. A patchwork of point solutions can result in higher integration costs. There is no visibility across all privileged access. There is no way to monitor and report on access. There is no way to centralize policy control across departments or multiple systems.

To overcome these challenges, Oracle recently introduced Oracle Privileged Account Manager as part of our Identity Governance solution set. Oracle Privileged Account Manager relies on a unique platform approach to reduce costs and risk while enabling organizations to scale shared account management to thousands of users across a myriad number of systems. By combining advanced policy-based and automated password management capabilities with comprehensive auditing and reporting features, Oracle Privileged Account Manager delivers highly-secure and simplified password administration to shared accounts, while further streamlining identity compliance reporting. Oracle Privileged Account Manager can also significantly reduce identity management costs, deployment times and audit deficiencies.

To learn more about Oracle's platform approach to Privileged Account Management and how it can help organizations manage risk access and compliance, join us for a live webcast Thu Aug 23 at 9am PT/12pm ET by clicking here.

Register here for the webcast.

When: Aug 23 9am PT/12pm ET 

Friday Aug 17, 2012

Enabling your business with IDM 11gR2

As part of the 11gR2 launch, I caught up with Scott Bonnell, Sr. Director of Product Management and I asked him what he likes most about the 11gR2 release.  Scott is very focused on customer success and so he has a very customer focused view of the new features.

In this interview, Scott and I discuss how IDM can enable the business by providing self service features, personalization and mobile access to corporate resources.

Listen to our interview recorded as a short podcast.

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012

Identity Management at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Are you registered for Oracle OpenWorld 2012 to be held in San Francisco from September 30 to October 4? Visit the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 site today for registration and more information. And, if you need further convincing, here’s a preview of the planned sessions and forums on Identity Management.

Identity Management General Sessions*

Monday October 1, 2012




10:45 am – 11:45 am

CON9405: Trends in Identity Management

Amit Jasuja, Senior Vice President, Identity Management and Security, Oracle

Moscone West, L3      Room 3003

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

CON9437: Mobile Access Management

Daniel Killmer, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3       Room 3008

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

CON3568: Unified User Provisioning & Management using Oracle Identity Management 11g

Sada Rajagopalan, Solution Architect, Collegeboard

Moscone West, L3       Room 3011

3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

CON9492: Simplifying your identity management implementation

Viresh Garg, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Moscone West, L3      Room 3008

4:45 pm – 5:45 pm

CON9444: Modernized and Complete Access Management

Forest Yin, Director, Product Management, Oracle

Moscone West, L3       Room 3008

Tuesday October 2, 2012




11:45 am – 12:45 pm

CON9491: Enhancing End User Experience with Oracle Identity Governance

Sanjay Rallapalli, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

CON9447: Enabling Access for Hundreds of Millions of Users

Vamsi Motukuru, CMTS, Oracle

Moscone West, L3       Room 3008

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

CON9465: Next Generation Directory - Oracle Unified Directory

Etienne Remillon, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3

Room 3008

Wednesday October 3, 2012




10:15 am – 11:15 am

CON9458: Eliminate end-user managed passwords while increasing security with Oracle ESSO

Daniel Killmer, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

CON9494: Sun2Oracle: Identity Management platform transformation

Scott Bonnell, Senior Director, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3003

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

CON9631: Entitlement-centric access to SOA and cloud services – Development Track

Sreenivasa Chitturi, Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

CON3957: Delivering secure WiFi on the Tube as an Olympic legacy from London 2012

Ben Bulpett, Director, Enline plc Ben Bulpett, Director, Enline plc


1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

CON9493: Identity Management and the Cloud

Melody Liu, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3

Room 3008

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

CON9624: Real-time External Authorization for Middleware, Applications and Databases

Sid Mishra, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

CON9625: Taking Control of Oracle WebCenter Security

Ganesh Kirti, Senior Director, Platform Security, Oracle

Moscone West, L3       Room 3008

Thursday October 4, 2012




11:15 am – 12:15 pm

CON5794: Solutions for Migration of Oracle Waveset to Oracle Identity Manager

Steve Giovannetti, CTO, Hub City Media

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

CON9640: Evolving Identity Management

 Michael Neuenschwander, Senior Director, Oracle

Moscone West, L3      Room 3008

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm

CON9662: Securing Oracle Applications with Oracle Enterprise Identity Management Platform

Roger Wigenstam, Senior Director, Oracle

Moscone West, L3        Room 3008

* Schedule subject to change

In addition, there are Identity Management hands-on-labs sessions planned, including:

  •  Complete Access Management, and
  •  Integrated Identity Governance

Identity Management executives and experts will also be at hand for discussions and follow ups. And don’t forget to catch live demonstrations of our complete Oracle Identity Management solutions set while at OpenWorld.

Follow the conversation on Oracle OpenWorld 2012 on twitter with #OOW12 and as always, engage with us @oracleidm.

We recommend the use of the Schedule Builder tool to plan your visit to the conference and for pre-enrollment in sessions of your interest. You can search identity management sessions using the term “identity management” in the Content Catalog. We hope to see you there!

Friday Aug 10, 2012

Webcast: Managing Compliance with Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts are the most powerful accounts in an organization. But they are also the most difficult to regulate and control. So organizations are faced with a tough tradeoff between balancing productivity and security. Failure to manage privileged accounts can result in data breaches, theft, compliance violations, and service outages. The challenge organizations have is that multiple people know the passwords to these high risk accounts making it impossible to be able to audit and trace the usage to a single person.  As people move into cloud environments, this problem gets worse. 

Privileged account management in most organizations today happens to be fragmented and many of the tools used to manage privileged accounts lack the automation to re-mediate and change privileged access in a timely fashion. Join us for a live webcast on Aug 23 at 9am PT/12pm ET where we will discuss how taking a platform approach can help organizations reduce risk, improve compliance and unlock the complete potential of privileged accounts.

This webcast will cover:

· Challenges associated with managing high risk access

· Benefits of a Platform approach to privileged account management

· Privileged account management use case scenarios and best practices

Attendees will also get a chance to interact and get their questions answered live by an Oracle expert.

Register here for the webcast.

When: Aug 23 9am PT/12pm ET 

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Unified Inbox for Pending Tasks with Oracle Identity Management 11gR2

[Guest post by Rajesh Pakkath] 

In a typical Identity Management deployment, users are required to perform certain tasks like acting on requests pending approval, flagging a manual fulfillment as complete or certifying user access on a periodic basis. These critical tasks need to be acted upon in a timely fashion, but can easily get out of control by the volume of tasks generated for various identity and governance functions. Oracle Identity Governance solution offers a feature rich email folder style inbox for request approvals and manual fulfillment tasks where all pending tasks can be easily viewed, prioritized and acted upon. This solution is based on Oracle’s SOA Task List and offers the following benefits to business users.

  • Simplified Request Tracking:
  • A request tracking feature provides customers an end-to-end visibility on the request from its initiation to fulfillment. Detailed information of the request along with a visual representation of the workflow provides the requester to see the status of their request and approvers to view all required details before taking a decision.
  • Enhanced Approval Management:
  • With a single and unified inbox of all pending tasks, business users can now make use of priority queues and user defined views to filter and take decisions on tasks based on priority. This greatly increases usability to business users and reduces rubber stamping of approvals and certifications. Within the same console, requesters can withdraw their request and Approvers can reassign, escalate or request for additional information.
  • Streamlined business usage:
  • Requesters and approvers can further enrich requests by adding comments and attachments. Mobile users can approve or reject requests directly from their email without logging into the self service console.

These features simplify the day to day tasks of business users’ thereby increasing user productivity and overall operational efficiency of an enterprise.

To learn more about this and other Oracle Identity Governance solutions, click here

Tuesday Aug 07, 2012

User Interface Changes in Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2

As part of the Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 launch, we were able to talk to some of the key people on the team that are really driving innovation.  Recently, I was able to catch up with Marc Boroditsky, VP of Product Management, and I asked him about the changes that the product team made to the access request user interfaces in the R2 release.

Our interview was captured as a short podcast.  Click here to listen.

Friday Aug 03, 2012

North America Identity R2 Events


Experience the Next Big Step in Identity Management Evolution

We call our latest release of Oracle Identity Management 11g the "Evolved Platform." And for good reasons. It simplifies the user experience, enhances security, and allows businesses to expand the reach of identity management to the cloud and mobile environments like never before.

We've designed a series of events that will provide a unique opportunity to network with existing Oracle customers and speak directly with Oracle product experts. Join us in a location near you and learn more about the evolution of this exceptional business solution.

Included will be:

  • Overview of capabilities
  • Product demonstrations
  • Customer and partner presentations


Thursday Aug 02, 2012

Oracle at Gartner Catalyst 2012, San Diego

Oracle is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the Gartner Catalyst Conference 2012.

The central theme of this year’s Catalyst Conference is “Any Device, Any Service, Any Source”. The event will feature five in-depth tracks which deal with the most pressing topics in modern IT industry including Identity Management, Data Security, Cloud Computing, Mobility and Virtualization. Attendees will also get opportunities to collaborate and network with industry analysts and peers, hear inspiring keynotes and gain immediate takeaways that they can apply back to everyday work.

This year’s Oracle highlights include:

  • Hospitality Suite: Oracle is hosting a Hospitality Suite at the Catalyst Conference on Tuesday, August 21,2012. Attendees can meet with Oracle Solution experts who will showcase demos in cutting edge topics including Identity Management, Mobile Security, Database Security, and Desktop Virtualization. The Oracle Hospitality Suite will be held Tuesday, August 21,2012 between 5:10 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. in Ballroom Emma A-C.
  • Customer Reception: Oracle and PwC will be hosting a Networking Reception on Monday, August 20, 2012 from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Attendees can mingle with Oracle Security executives and PwC leaders at one of San Diego’s exciting downtown restaurants conveniently located close to the event location. Click here to RSVP for this by-invitation-only reception, 
  • Meet the Experts: Join us from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Oracle Hospitality Suite on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 and meet our Desktop Virtualization experts who will discuss the right approach for enterprise desktop virtualization, and how it can enable higher security when accessing enterprise apps from any device and any location. This will be an informal session where you can network with Oracle experts and peers.

To view the agenda and to find out more about the Gartner Catalyst Conference 2012 visit:

To learn more about Oracle Identity Management, watch the launch webcast of Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 here

Register here for this year’s Conference.

Wednesday Aug 01, 2012

Designing the Next Generation Identity Platform with special guest Vadim Lander

As part of our IDM 11gR2 launch, we caught up with several people on the Engineering and Product Management teams and asked them to talk about their favorite new feature in the latest release.  These short interviews were captured as podcasts, and will be released over the next few weeks.

Recently, I was able to catch up with Vadim Lander,  Chief Identity Architect for Oracle, and asked him to talk about the driving factors behind some of the big changes in the new release.

Click to listen to Vadim's interview.


Oracle Identity Management is a complete and integrated next-generation identity management platform that provides breakthrough scalability; enables organizations to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates; secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on-premise or in a cloud; and reduces operational costs. Oracle Identity Management enables secure user access to resources anytime on any device.


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