Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Why Telstra Chose Oracle Entitlements Server

Telstra is an Australian telecom services company. This recent news article  highlights why organizations like Telstra are choosing Oracle Entitlements Server to simplify their identity and access management needs. 

There are instances where a telco customer can have multiple roles. For instance, a customer could be a mobile phone consumer. The same customer could also have a corporate account through his employer. And he could also be a guardian to his child’s mobile phone account. In Telstra’s case, this meant the customer would need three different logins to access each one of his accounts. This presents not just a difficult user experience for the customer. At the backend the application requires decoupling between a user and his roles at several different layers. One of the outcomes of this was slower response to change and slower service levels. The other challenge was higher costs and architectural complexity.

With Oracle Entitlements Server (OES), organizations like Telstra  can externalize and centralize fine grained authorization policies based on industry standards. Externalization of entitlements removes the complexity of building security policies into each application. Because security policies are maintained and evolved separately, organizations can focus their resources on streamlining business logic which leads to better operational efficiencies.

In Telstra’s case, deployment of OES enables a consumer to access all of his or her accounts from a single login using the same web interface. As customers navigate between accounts, policies are dynamically enforced and page content is customized at run time. Since users and their entitlements are decoupled from the application itself, changes to security policies can be decoupled from the application resulting in simpler architecture, better service levels and significant cost savings. And since OES is well integrated with other Oracle Access Management solutions, Telstra customers will be able to access and manage their accounts using their favorite social network login credentials.

To learn more about Oracle Entitlements Server, register here for a live product review webcast of OES hosted by SANS.

Immersion in Identity Talks Tomorrow (Feb 23)

If Identity Management is top of mind for you then we have a healthy dose of Identity talks lined up for you tomorrow (Thursday, February 23).

IOUG Webcast: Analyzing Identity as a Platform Approach

Thursday, February 23, 12p EST/11a CST/9a PST

Join Michael Neuenschwander, a well known name in the industry and Senior Director, Oracle Identity Management, on an IOUG webcast to discuss Identity as a Platform approach. Hear first-hand Mike's take on the Platform approach, the rationale behind the same and the results from a study conducted on the subject.

Register to catch the webcast live tomorrow.

And then, right after the IOUG webcast, we have got a live webcast lined up for the Higher Ed industry. 

Live Webcast: Managing Identities and Roles in Higher Education

Thursday, February 23,  1p EST/12p CST/10a PST

At Oracle, we understand that higher education’s environment can be one of the most complex and dynamic environments for managing identities. There are many individuals coming and leaving each semester. Many individuals have more than one responsibility at the same time (Professor, Student, Researcher, Employee etc). These factors present a unique challenge in how to accurately determine what a users role should be so that least privilege security can be obtained and in doing so, regulatory compliance and security requirements can be fulfilled. An intelligent identity analytics solution is the answer.

Join the webcast tomorrow and you'll learn how Oracle Identity Analytics is already playing a crucial role in helping higher ed organizations achieve their security and compliance objectives. Learn the key capabilities required of an identity analytics solution that can help you scale your compliance across your entire IT infrastructure (on premise or in the cloud) in a cost effective manner. This webcast will feature Neil Gandhi, Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

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