Tuesday May 26, 2015

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Social into Your Employee Referral Engine

By Sunita Khatri


Studies continue to indicate one consistent message to hiring teams – employee referrals garner the highest number of quality candidates in comparison to any other source. A referred candidate is 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired than someone who is not.  And yet most companies are struggling to structure referral strategies that will sufficiently yield stronger candidate referral pipe.

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Monday Dec 01, 2014

Social Sourcing AKA Warm Recruiting

By Edie Ukwuoma

wowHere’s a scenario: Jim refers his former classmate for a job at his workplace.  He knows that his reputation is at stake, so of all the people he can refer, he ensures this classmate is one that will succeed and make him look good.  The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either.  Jim has many such friends connected to him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

Recruiting via Social Sourcing and Viral Job Sharing

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize


What’s the First Thing You’d Do If You Were Looking for a Job? A conversation about modern talent sourcing with Richard Atkins, EVP of Certus Solutions Not that I’m looking for a new job…but if I were, I’d do two things. First, I’d tell everyone I know. Second, I’d make sure all my social profiles are putting my best foot forward. I came to those conclusions after my recent conversation with Richard Atkins, EVP of Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions.

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Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Social Sourcing: Dive Into New Talent Pools

By Janie Smith - Originally posted on HC Online


As an HR professional, it’s one thing to promote your organisation to an existing “customer base” of potential job candidates – but how do you go about attracting a whole new base? Social sourcing is the key, according to Oracle vice president of human capital management, Aaron Green.

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Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

12 Steps to Building an Effective Talent Pipeline

By Niraj Kaushik - Originally posted on people matters

wowOrganizations need to define, attract, and develop the right mix of critical talent to support and grow their businesses. To ensure a flow of the right talent for these roles over time, the best practice is for organizations to build critical-talent pipelines.

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Monday Jul 28, 2014

Which Sourcing Channel is Increasing in Popularity?

By Richard Doherty


If the following recent article is anything to go by - Startup Ups the Ante for Employee Referrals – an incredible $20K referral bonus for employees - employee referral programs are certainly increasing in popularity! Given that referred employees typically perform better and are 15% less likely to quit than other types of new hires and referral programs can open up difficult to access talent pools, this makes perfect business sense.

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Monday May 19, 2014

Dell’s Success with Oracle Talent Management Cloud

By Natalia Rachelson - Originally posted on Oracle Applications

wowOracle CloudWorld Chicago was buzzing with amazing energy last week. The event drew 800+ customers and prospects from near and far. Some were already running Oracle Applications Cloud. Some were working on plans to move their organizations to the Cloud. Others were interested in just learning more about the Cloud. All were attentive and engaged.

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Monday May 05, 2014

Should Recruiters Have Marketing Experience?

By Mike Vilimek


The term ‘Recruitment Marketing’ has been generating a lot of buzz in recruitment circles for quite some time now. Contrary to what many recruitment technology vendors may say, Recruitment Marketing is not a product or feature, but rather an increasingly critical competency of a successful recruiting organization. 

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Monday Mar 17, 2014

What Does Kevin Bacon have to do with Recruiting?

By Mike Vilimek


Most of you have probably heard of it. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a parlor game invented in 1994 where players challenge each other to find the shortest path of connections between a given actor and Kevin Bacon, where two actors are connected if they have appeared in a movie or commercial together. The game was based on the Six Degrees of Separation concept.

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Wednesday Mar 05, 2014

Hitachi Transforms Human Capital Management Practices to Embrace Social Sourcing

By Alison Weiss - Originally posted on Profit


Talent sourcing and recruiting have always focused on connecting employers with skilled candidates, but today more organizations are taking advantage of social media to improve the chances of making a good match. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that 77 percent of organizations used social networking sites to recruit potential job candidates in 2012 compared to just 56 percent in 2011. 

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Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

7 Steps To Cut Recruiting Costs & Drive Exceptional Business Results

By Steve Viarengo - Originally posted on Oracle for Midsize Companies


In good times, trimming operational costs is an ongoing goal. In tough times, it’s a necessity. In both good times and bad, however, recruiting occurs. Growth increases headcount in good times, and opportunistic or replacement hiring occurs in slow business cycles. By employing creative recruiting strategies in tandem with the latest technology developments, you can reduce recruiting costs while driving exceptional business results.

Here are some critical areas to focus on.

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