Wednesday May 13, 2015

HR Must Modernize to Meet New Employee Demands

By Rick O'Herron

wowAttracting, retaining, and promoting your best people has become more challenging than ever in the high-stakes competition for talent. The talented, high achievers on whom companies depend on to compete and win now expect any information they need to be instantly available, whenever and wherever they need it, from any device.

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Thursday Mar 26, 2015

Redefining Social: Get Your Head Out of Your Apps!

By Christine Mellon


Although shamelessly pilfered from a current Denver road sign on distracted driving, this is a perfect directive to start a timely conversation around “social” and HR. Like much of the world, the HR discipline has succumbed to the siren call of internet-bred social tools and sites. We have come to define “social” exclusively as the world of online apps and platforms.

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Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

The 7 Secrets of a Successful & Social Change Management Strategy

By Gessica Chies & Silvia Leati

wowChanging people’s habits is always a tricky deal. You think you are a flexible person, open-minded, ready to change to get the best results, right? Then try this little experiment: when you go home tonight, to your wife/husband, try to exchange side of the bed… almost impossible to sleep as usual!*

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Monday Dec 15, 2014

Is Your HR Strategy Ready for the Digital Natives?

By Andy Campbell - Originally posted on diginomica


Over the next decade a new generation will start to enter the workforce. Hyper-connected, entrepreneurial, but lacking the corporate loyalty of their predecessors, the Digital Natives (aka Generation Z) could be HR’s worst nightmare. But with the right people strategy and the appropriate tools, they could also be the key to shaping a successful future for the business.

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Wednesday Dec 03, 2014

Old School Tools And Techniques Can't Win Today's Talent War

By Michael Hickins - Originally posted on Forbes


Think about the talent contests that are so popular on TV these days. They’re entertaining, but they bear no resemblance to the way the world really works. In those shows, individuals vie for the privilege of winning over an elite panel of experts. In the real world, organizations are vying for talent that’s all too scarce and growing scarcer. Why?

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Monday Dec 01, 2014

Social Sourcing AKA Warm Recruiting

By Edie Ukwuoma

wowHere’s a scenario: Jim refers his former classmate for a job at his workplace.  He knows that his reputation is at stake, so of all the people he can refer, he ensures this classmate is one that will succeed and make him look good.  The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either.  Jim has many such friends connected to him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Monday Nov 24, 2014

You Just Don’t Get Millennials, Do You?

By Richard Doherty

wowRecently I have had the opportunity to interact with Masters Students from Edinburgh Business School and the London School of Economics (LSE). All of the students are latish Millennials, mostly born in the early 90’s I would guess. I’ve met with or presented to 50 or 60 of the students, so my sample size is small but I still feel I’ve been able to gain some insight that I would like to share with you.

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Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

Recruiting via Social Sourcing and Viral Job Sharing

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize


What’s the First Thing You’d Do If You Were Looking for a Job? A conversation about modern talent sourcing with Richard Atkins, EVP of Certus Solutions Not that I’m looking for a new job…but if I were, I’d do two things. First, I’d tell everyone I know. Second, I’d make sure all my social profiles are putting my best foot forward. I came to those conclusions after my recent conversation with Richard Atkins, EVP of Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions.

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Monday Nov 17, 2014

Innovative Work Life Solutions Help Employees Balance Their Professional and Personal Lives


The best human capital management applications have evolved from just automating standard human resource (HR) processes to become strategic tools for managing talent and analyzing workforce capabilities. Now, a new wave of innovation is taking HR evolution a step further with work/life applications that are designed to help employees better balance their professional and personal lives.

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Friday Oct 24, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need to Reinvent Your Recruitment Process

By Gessica Chies

wowLooking at the new waves of change in the way people are approaching the job marketplace, let’s summarize here the reasons why you should re-consider your Recruitment process and make it evolve, using the new challenges as opportunities.

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Wednesday Oct 15, 2014

People Shopping: Social HR and Recruiting

By Mike Stiles - Originally posted on Oracle Social Spotlight

wow“We have an opening.  I’d better start looking for somebody.” If those words ever ran through your head, you confirmed you’re already behind the 8-ball when it comes to social HR and social recruitingToday, you should ALWAYS be scouting and courting talent. It’s a perpetual process, and because it is, social is at the forefront of it.

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Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

Social Sourcing: Dive Into New Talent Pools

By Janie Smith - Originally posted on HC Online


As an HR professional, it’s one thing to promote your organisation to an existing “customer base” of potential job candidates – but how do you go about attracting a whole new base? Social sourcing is the key, according to Oracle vice president of human capital management, Aaron Green.

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Monday Sep 22, 2014

Are You Working with Robots?

By Anadi Upadhyaya

wowThis post is not about robotics but about the humans who are prisoners of patterned thinking which blinds them from leveraging the next big idea. Let’s start with a timeless tale which is very well connected to people from different walks of life.

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Friday Sep 12, 2014

Two Pressing Priorities for HR Executives: Social and Analytics

By Cara Capretta & Bertrand Dussert

wowIt’s not news: Social media usage worldwide has grown at a dizzying pace. Smart CHROs know that the social media phenomenon is not a trend that organizations other than their own have to contend with—it’s an essential business reality that permeates the entire business. How is it, then, that in a recent Argyle survey of top HR executives, 62 percent say they are not using social and collaboration software at work?

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Friday Sep 05, 2014

Why More (Cloud Applications) Really Is Better

By Deborah Hamilton

wowIt doesn’t matter that I’ve done it a dozen times before. I am still amazed at how easy it is to submit a claim for out-of-network expenses through my health insurance provider. I log onto their web site, enter information from the physician’s statement, hit submit, and the money is in my bank account three days later.

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