Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

Why Mobile Recruiting is the Next Best Thing

By Ramona Costea

Mobile Recruiting

Everybody is talking about it, but only a few really envision the positive outcome of this imminent trend. When the digital climate is rapidly evolving, so is the talent acquisition world. If you are recruiting like a god—on all digital channels available today — why not recruit anytime, anywhere? Yes, we are talking about the new age of mobile recruiting.

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Tuesday Jul 07, 2015

How North Shore-LIJ Is Acing Its Talent Search

By Michael Hickins


A widely anticipated decision on Obamacare by the US Supreme Court later this month could upset the administrative applecart for healthcare providers nationwide.The outcome of this case is one of several factors leading to a transformation of the US healthcare industry.

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Tuesday Jun 30, 2015

Take the Creepy Out of Recruiting

By Jim Lein


I admit it. Sometimes I creep. Anyone who prides themselves on being a top notch web researcher will from time to time. For instance, my son just received his roommate assignment for his freshman year at college and I knew everything the web could tell me about that kid within half an hour.

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Wednesday Jun 24, 2015

It’s Time to get Serious about Social in HCM

By Joachim Skura

wowSocial recruiting has been one of the hottest topics in human capital management for a couple of years now. The danger is however that while everyone is keen to talk about social recruiting; precious few businesses are implementing it in a meaningful way.

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Tuesday Jun 02, 2015

Is Your Recruiting Site Mobile Friendly?

By Monica Mehta


Sheryl, a highly skilled software engineer with several years of experience in Silicon Valley, waits in line at the coffee shop, checking her e-mail on her smartphone. After staying up all night working on a project, she arrived in the office at 9:13 a.m. only to listen to her boss yell at her for the umpteenth time about coming in late.

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Thursday May 28, 2015

Embrace Diversity and Congruence in the Workplace

By Andy Campbell


What makes a healthy workforce? Ask a roomful of recruiters and someone will very quickly mention diversity. After all, businesses need employees from a wide variety of backgrounds who can inspire and challenge their colleagues and create a workforce that better resembles the outside world. But if diversity is important, so too is inclusion.

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Tuesday May 26, 2015

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Social into Your Employee Referral Engine

By Sunita Khatri


Studies continue to indicate one consistent message to hiring teams – employee referrals garner the highest number of quality candidates in comparison to any other source. A referred candidate is 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired than someone who is not.  And yet most companies are struggling to structure referral strategies that will sufficiently yield stronger candidate referral pipe.

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Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

Corporate Survival Requires Real-Time HR Practices

By Bertrand Dussert


The Fortune 500 is an impressive list—at any point in time it includes some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. Unfortunately, not all of them are the most adaptable and agile. In fact, if you could magically transport yourself into the future, you’d likely find that nearly half of the organizations now on the list would be gone within 10 years.

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Thursday Mar 26, 2015

Redefining Social: Get Your Head Out of Your Apps!

By Christine Mellon


Although shamelessly pilfered from a current Denver road sign on distracted driving, this is a perfect directive to start a timely conversation around “social” and HR. Like much of the world, the HR discipline has succumbed to the siren call of internet-bred social tools and sites. We have come to define “social” exclusively as the world of online apps and platforms.

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Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

The Big Reveal: HR In The Age Of Transparency

By Bertrand Dussert


What are the communication channels that deliver the biggest payoffs when recruiting top talent today? Don’t count on the messaging that employers publish on their websites. According to research by CEB, an advisory company that specializes in transforming enterprise performance, that channel makes up only 20% of a candidate’s decision to apply. What accounts for the mysterious other 80%?

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Monday Jan 19, 2015

Big League Talent: Every Business Needs It

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize


Well, it happened again. The Broncos fall short three years in a row in trying to win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning at the helm. Granted, during that long spell of mediocrity between the Elway and Manning eras, Broncos fans would have been ecstatic to win a division title*. But Elway’s artful acquisition of arguably the best quarterback ever set the bar higher. Much, much higher.

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Monday Dec 08, 2014

Boom & Bust HR

By Richard Doherty

wowEconomies move in cycles from growth to recession and back to growth again. Depending upon where you’re sitting and what your economy is looking like you’ll be subject to either boom or bust HR. Boom & bust HR? Let me illustrate what boom & bust HR is by referencing a great new report from PWC Saratoga.

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Wednesday Dec 03, 2014

Old School Tools And Techniques Can't Win Today's Talent War

By Michael Hickins - Originally posted on Forbes


Think about the talent contests that are so popular on TV these days. They’re entertaining, but they bear no resemblance to the way the world really works. In those shows, individuals vie for the privilege of winning over an elite panel of experts. In the real world, organizations are vying for talent that’s all too scarce and growing scarcer. Why?

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Monday Dec 01, 2014

Social Sourcing AKA Warm Recruiting

By Edie Ukwuoma

wowHere’s a scenario: Jim refers his former classmate for a job at his workplace.  He knows that his reputation is at stake, so of all the people he can refer, he ensures this classmate is one that will succeed and make him look good.  The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either.  Jim has many such friends connected to him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Friday Oct 24, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Need to Reinvent Your Recruitment Process

By Gessica Chies

wowLooking at the new waves of change in the way people are approaching the job marketplace, let’s summarize here the reasons why you should re-consider your Recruitment process and make it evolve, using the new challenges as opportunities.

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