Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

Oracle President Mark Hurd Highlights How Data-driven HR Decisions Help Maximize Business Performance

HR Intelligence Can Help Companies Win the Race for Talent

Today during a keynote at Taleo World 2012, Oracle President Mark Hurd outlined the ways that executives can use HR intelligence to help them make better business decisions, shape the future of their organizations and improve the bottom line.

He highlighted that talent management is one of the top three focus areas for CEOs, and explained how HR intelligence can help drive decisions to meet business objectives. Hurd urged HR leaders to use data to make fact-based decisions about hiring, talent management and succession to drive strategic growth.

To win the race for talent, Hurd explained that organizations need powerful technology that provides fact-based valuable insight that is needed to proactively manage talent, drive strategic initiatives that promote innovation, and enhance business performance.

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Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Is HR The New IT?

Is HR The New IT?  As recruitment, on-boarding and development head to the cloud and mobile devices put sophisticated tools into everyone’s hands, HR leaders are discovering that technology savvy and analytical skills are key to effective talent management.

In this article by Ladan Nikravan in the September edition of Talent Management magazine, Oracle's own Chris Leone, SVP of Fusion Strategy, gives his take on how Technology trends such as social, mobile, big data and the cloud are creating a fundamental change in how employees and HR create value and relationships within the networked organization.

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Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Deploys Oracle Fusion HCM in the Oracle Cloud to Help Gain Global HR Visibility and Consolidate and Automate International HR Service Delivery

Oracle Fusion HCM Provides Elizabeth Arden a Truly Global HR System That Can Benefit Large Employee User Base in Corporate and Retail Locations

Elizabeth Arden, Inc. has deployed Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) in the Oracle Cloud to help the company gain global visibility into its international human resources information, centralize that information, automate HR processes and provide international reporting compliance.

Elizabeth Arden is a global beauty products company with a range of prestige fragrance, skincare and cosmetics brands. The company sells fragrance, skin care and color cosmetic products in the United States primarily to department stores and mass retailers, as well as internationally in prestige department stores, perfumeries, boutiques and travel retail locations. Its international headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Monday Jul 30, 2012

UBS Selects Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management in the Cloud

Firm Sees Benefit from SaaS Delivery of Extensive HCM Functionality

  • UBS has selected cloud-based Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) to help securely provide the information and tools needed by its Human Resources functions for its workforce of 65,000 across more than 50 countries.
  • UBS draws on its 150-year heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients in Switzerland. The firm combines its wealth management, investment banking and asset management businesses with its Swiss operations to deliver superior financial solutions.

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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

Rethinking The Business of HR

A company’s workforce has many facets, varied abilities and diverse needs. HR must ensure their technical systems meet both their staff’s and their employer’s practical requirements to achieve objectives. In this article, Humair Ghauri of Oracle looks at the challenges faced by HR departments implementing vital developments to working processes and measuring their effectiveness. Read the full article here.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Fusion HCM Game Changing HR Video Series - Part 3 of 6

This series of videos is designed to help educate you about Fusion HCM and how the HCM space itself is changing.  We also discuss game changing HR and how Fusion HCM has stepped up to provide you with deep business value.  Be sure to take an opportunity to hear from the Fusion HCM experts about Oracle's innovative solutions in Human Capital Management.

Part 3 of 6 - General Fusion HCM Topics

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Fusion Mobile Apps

In this segment, Brian Gaspar discusses what organizations are looking for in a mobile strategy, what the best way is for organizations to get started with their mobile strategy, and what Oracle has developed to support a mobile strategy.

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Global Management and Regulatory Compliance

In this segment Lewis Thompson discusses what a global organization should get from a HR solution vendor, the strategic value of a single global solution, why regulatory compliance is critical, and how an organization would manage a global solution.

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Supporting Fusion Technology

In this segment, Aaron Green discusses the technologies supporting Fusion, how the modular nature of Fusion applications is easier to adopt and return lower TCO, what kind or project team is needed and how the role of business analysts is changing.

Next Up: Part 4 of the Fusion HCM Game Changing HR Video Series (HCM In The Cloud)

Friday Feb 17, 2012

Fusion HCM Game Changing HR Video Series - Part 2 of 6

This series of videos is designed to help educate you about Fusion HCM and how the HCM space itself is changing.  We also discuss game changing HR and how Fusion HCM has stepped up to provide you with deep business value.  Be sure to take an opportunity to hear from the Fusion HCM experts about Oracle's innovative solutions in Human Capital Management.

Part 2 of 6 - General Fusion HCM Topics

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: A Look at an Introduction to Fusion HCM

In this segment, Aaron Green covers an introduction to Fusion HCM – what it is and the underlying technology, how customers are adopting Fusion, how Fusion helps customers address specific business needs, and scenarios of coexisting with Fusion HCM.

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Co-Existence with Current HR Systems

In this segment, Anand Subbaraman talks about how co-existence works with Fusion, what are the benefits of co-existing with current HR implementations, and how we advise customers on which patch to choose when evaluating Fusion HCM.

Next Up: Part 3 of the Fusion HCM Game Changing HR Video Series

Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Fusion HCM: Game Changing HR Video Series (Part 1 of 6)

We are thrilled to announce this video series covering Human Capital Management. Designed to help educate you about Fusion HCM and how the HCM space itself is changing, these videos discuss game changing HR and how Fusion HCM has stepped up and helps provide you with deep business value.  As this series continues to roll out, be sure to take an opportunity to hear from the Fusion HCM experts about Oracle's innovative solutions in Human Capital Management.

Part 1 of 6 - General Fusion HCM Topics

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Protecting Your Oracle Investment

In this segment Michael Pawlyszyn discusses protecting your Oracle investment describing how existing customers can take on Fusion, how organizations can feel comfortable with a cloud offering from Oracle, and licensing options for current customers.

Oracle Fusion HCM – Game Changing HR: Change in the Business of HR

In this segment Gretchen Alarcon discusses what she thinks has changed in the HR business in the last 5 years, what kind of solution does an HR organization need to accomplish those really big tasks, and where she sees HR in the next 5 years.

Next Up: Part 2 of the Fusion HCM Game Changing HR Video Series

Thursday Feb 02, 2012

Upcoming Webcast: Driving Business Value – Featuring Josh Bersin, CEO of Bersin & Associates.

A new set of dynamics and complexities are influencing how organizations manage their talent – from having real-time insight into your talent pool to retaining top performers, and associated tools organizations demand. Understanding your talent business needs and being able to successfully influence your talent is critical for the success of any strategic initiative. Modern, integrated and predictive tools are crucial, providing answers in real time and helping to manage the whole employee lifecycle. These new talent tools reflect the way that business practices and HR processes are changing and how truly integrated talent management can help you lower your total cost of ownership.

Join us for this webcast on February 16, 2012, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PT, to hear insights on strategic talent management from CEO and President Josh Bersin from Bersin & Associates, Anand Subbaraman, Senior Director, Fusion HCM Strategy at Oracle and Barry Dyer, Consulting Program Vice President, Oracle.

In this session we will answer:

  • How have organizations overcome talent management challenges today?
  • What are some of the business benefits that can be realized from implementing strategic talent management?
  • How have applications evolved to meet today’s needs for strategic talent management processes?
  • Where is the future heading in relation to talent management?
  • How can Oracle Fusion Talent Management meet your organization’s talent management needs?
Register for Webcast Here

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Customers Adopt Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management to Help Maximize Valuable Assets and Achieve Business Goals

Oracle Continues its Leadership in HR Applications with
Next Generation Oracle Fusion HCM

Demonstrating its continued leadership in human capital management applications, Oracle today announced that over 50 customers, including Barry-Wehmiller, Knowledge Universe, MarketSphere, Red Robin and Snyder’s-Lance, have selected and are implementing  Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM). These companies join organizations such as eVerge Group and Principal Financial Group who are benefitting from Oracle Fusion HCM. 

See Full Press Release Here:

Friday Jan 06, 2012

Oracle iLearning 6 is here!

We are proud to announce that iLearning 6.0 was released on the 30. Dec. 2011.

This new version of iLearning has new Web 2.0 functionality for enhanced Learner participation, new Administrator functionality for better and faster learning administration and a host of other enhancements:

 Major new functionality for Learners

• Major new functionality for Administrators

• A completely new User Interface

• New tech stack components

• Certified for a number of new browsers

We have also published a New User Manual, Administrator Manual and Installation Manual.

(this release also contains the two patches #11939490 and #9380246 that was released on top of iLearning 5.2.1)

Examples of new functionality for the Learners

• See and contact fellow learners in a class

• Learners can recommend a course when they browse for new courses

• Quick Links lets learners navigate to resources outside iLearning

Examples of new functionality for the Administrator

• Attach documents to Learners in a class

• Combine user accounts

• Mass update of offerings

Do you want to know more?

1) If you are a member of the iLearning User Group you will find a lot of new material for iLearning 6 on our User Group Web site.
(if you’re not yet a member you can mail Anders Northeved to become a member – it’s free).

2) If you have access to My Oracle Support, go to My Oracle Support and look up the document “Oracle iLearning Release 6.0 Documentation” (Doc ID 1390451.1). This gives you more info and also contains links to the new manuals and other relevant documents.

3) Participate in one of our webcasts for iLearning 6.
There will be two identical webcasts on Monday 23. Jan. 2012, 6:00pm CET (9:00am PST) & Wednesday 25. Jan. 2012, 11:00am CET (3:30pm IST).
(Send a mail to Anders Northeved if you want to participate in one of these webcast, and you will receive information on how to join the webcast)
- anyone with an interest in iLearning is welcome to attend these webcasts.

(View enrolled Learners)

(Administrator interface)

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Oracle Fusion HCM Gains Traction and Customer Recognition

Oracle Fusion HCM Gains Traction and Customer Recognition at the HRO Summit Europe in Barcelona
Audience voted Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management as best in Most Reliable, Most Innovative and Best in Class.

During the annual European HRO Summit in Barcelona, HRO buyers, service providers, third party advisors and other attendees were visibly impressed with the Fusion HCM product stack. Following the “present-off” among four technology vendors, Oracle was voted first in the following categories:

  • Which technology could best suit the needs for your company
  • Which technology do you think came across as the most reliable
  • Which technology offers the most innovation
  • Based on what you heard today, which technology presentation would you rate as best in class
  • Oracle was voted second in the two other remaining categories

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Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Coming in 19 Days – Oracle Open World 2011

Oracle Open World is running from Sunday October 2, 2011 through Thursday, October 6, 2011.  There are over 70 sessions dedicated to Human Capital Management.  This year’s FocusOn document, listing the sessions, times, and speakers for all HCM sessions, is now available for download here:  Focus On Human Capital Management

Some highlights from the conference:

  • 78 sessions focusing on Human Capital Management.  This includes JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and Fusion HCM product lines
  • Several Sunday user group sessions
  • Exhibit hall Monday – Wednesday.  Included this year are demo’s showing E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Fusion HCM with an additional demonstration area focusing on operating in the Cloud with Fusion HCM is featured in this area
  • Meet the Experts – Oracle team members from strategy and development for EBS, PeopleSoft, and Fusion will be available to answer product questions from customers

There are several key sessions you need to attend to get the latest HCM information from Oracle:

  • General Session – Oracle Human Capital Management with Gretchen Alarcon
  • Fusion HCM Overview with Gretchen Alarcon and Clive Swan
  • PeopleSoft HCM Overview and Roadmap with Carolyn Cozart
  • E-Business HCM Overview with Anand Subbaraman and Subraya Yeltimar
  • Key sessions on the latest with Fusion, E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft HCM customer experiences and the latest product releases

Download the FocusOn document with all the information from here:

See you in a few weeks in San Francisco!

Thursday Aug 18, 2011

Achieving Your Desired Business Results with an Integrated Learning Management Strategy

Author of this Post: Elaine Clement, Product Strategy Manager for PeopleSoft

Do you have a Learning Strategy that is integrated with your overall Talent Management strategy and is creating the business results that you expect?

Creating an effective Learning Strategy can be a daunting task. Research has shown that a Learning Strategy needs to be integrated with a comprehensive Talent Management strategy to have a positive impact to an organization’s business outcomes. More importantly, the overall Talent Management Strategy must be tied to measurable, meaningful business results.

Many organizations today have a Learning Strategy focused on providing some basic courses to meet the skills gaps of their workforce and staying in compliance. While this approach does meet the basic learning needs of an organization, it does not drive true business results. Here are a few steps that can help you create an effective Learning Strategy.

First, identify the issues that you want to address with your overall Talent Strategy. Are you having trouble finding candidates to fill your open positions? Do you have a strong pipeline of leaders? Has your employee engagement and productivity decreased? Focus on the most important issues impacting your organization.

Second, determine the key people needed to come to the table and define the business outcomes you are seeking to attain. These business owners should include and expand beyond the HR and Learning organizations. An October, 2010 Learning & Development study written by Mollie Lombardi of the Aberdeen Group states: “The top capability cited overall by 65% of all companies was visible senior leadership support for learning and development efforts. While direct managers are held accountable for development, senior leaders must make a visible effort to promote the importance of learning within the organization.”

Now that you have the right people involved, work together to define what your desired business results are and how those results can be measured objectively using business data to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy. Be sure to focus on long-term goals to ensure the true success of your efforts.

Once your business outcomes and measurements are in place, evaluate the tools and programs that you can use to help meet those results. Do you need to create new or different Performance Goals across the organization? Are there new recruiting strategies that need to be put in place? How can you effectively utilize new learning opportunities to achieve your desired outcomes? Be innovative and use tools and programs that will engage, incent, and reward your employees.

Now for the fun part – the execution. Since you have included the key business owners needed to sponsor your strategy across the organization earlier in the process, it is time to get it started. Implement your new strategy with the support of your leadership team. The execution can be done in phases or all at once based on your business needs and the programs and tools you are using. Monitor the results of your strategy using your pre-defined goals and outcomes, both short-term and long-term. Adjust the strategy as needed to ensure that it has the greatest positive impact possible.

And finally – communicate your results. Be sure to let your key business owners know the results of your efforts, supported by real data, on an ongoing basis. Using the pre-defined measurements developed with these key stakeholders, you can effectively demonstrate the correlation between your Talent and Learning Strategy and the desired business results.


Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 13,500 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


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