Wednesday Apr 23, 2014

Applying for a Job the Modern HR Way

By Steve Viarengo


Remember the days of walking into a business and seeing a sign that said “We are hiring, see us for an application”? The fact that your loyal customers are people who know and enjoy your product or service and have the potential to be your best employees is not new and will likely never change.

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Wednesday Apr 09, 2014

Thinking of Moving HR to the Cloud? Learn from Those Who Have.

By Mike Vilimek


More and more, organizations are turning to the cloud for their next modern HR solution. But while the benefits of modern cloud applications are often clearly understood, many still want to see and hear how others did it before trying it themselves. Luckily, you can now hear firsthand how Newfield, an oil and gas exploration company, has optimized its Talent Management Lifecycle with Oracle HCM Cloud. 

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Wednesday Feb 12, 2014

Can Your Candidates Apply for Jobs on Mobile Devices? Marriott’s Can.

By Mike Vilimek


Recently, Oracle HCM customer Marriot International garnered some press for rolling out a new mobile website allowing their job seekers to easily apply for positions via their mobile devices. A Washington Post article had this say:

“With its new offering, Marriott is hoping to position itself at the leading edge of what it expects will be a major transformation in the way talent acquisition takes place."

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Monday Jan 20, 2014

How Mobile & Social Increase the Value of HR Technology

By Mike Vilimek


A key finding from CedarCrestone’s 2013 – 2014 HR Systems Survey was that improving the user experience is an important way to improve user adoption. It makes sense really. If a system provides an easy, modern, and engaging user experience, chances are more people will use it. Contrary, if a system provides a frustrating, complex and outdated user experience, people will simply avoid using it.

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Friday Dec 27, 2013

Top 10 HR Resolutions for 2014

By Mike Vilimek


As 2013 winds to a close, we’ve compiled a list of the most important topics and trends we hear HR leaders want to focus on in the upcoming year. Here are the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for HR departments in 2014: 

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Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

Oracle’s SVP of Applications Development Chris Leone: Strategic Human Resources Leaders Need Modern Tools


As human resources (HR) leaders assume increasingly strategic roles within their organizations, they are looking for new ways to leverage today’s technology innovations. Chris Leone, senior vice president of Oracle Applications Development, discusses what innovations are having the greatest strategic impact on modern organizations and how HR leaders can speed the delivery of these new capabilities. 

Q: How are the roles and responsibilities of chief human resources officers (CHROs) evolving among Oracle customers?

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Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

The World’s Gone Mobile. What Does that Mean for HR?

By Stephanie Lepow - Originally posted on Oracle Cloud Solutions


Today’s employees are accustomed to a new consumer-driven culture where they have a voice, are connected and can get things done when and where they want. Everywhere you look, people are tapping away on smartphones and tablets. And it’s not just about texting friends or posting Facebook status updates. Consumers today shop in their pajamas, and in the airport terminal and on their way to work. They pay bills while standing in line at the grocery store. They answer emails while waiting for their latte. Mobile technology—both the accessibility and the attention paid to delivering a simple and user-centric experience—has changed the way we communicate. This has spilled over into the workplace.

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Monday Aug 22, 2011

When are we really ready for mobile HCM? – Now!

The process is the same every time a new trend or technology is starting to appear:
The technology becomes available and first movers start discussing the implications (or the other way around).
Either way it takes several years before the trend starts to have real impact on real people.

This is because a trend or technology does not break through until people are ready in their minds.
There are numerous examples of this: mobile phones; the internet; personal computers – the technologies were there many years before they became important factors in our daily lives, but it took time for us to be ready to really embrace them.
I have described this phenomenon in more detail on TalentedApps.

One trend that has been in this limbo for some time is mobile HCM.
We have talked about it for years, but nothing really happened – people were not ready.

But people are ready for mobile HCM now!

I go to the Oracle HR User Group conference once a year.
This means travelling from Europe (where I live) to somewhere in the US for the conference.
The last couple of years I would estimate 50% of the people waiting in the airport or on the plane were working using their laptop, 20% where using paper – and the rest were sleeping or eating.

This changed dramatically this year.
30% was still sleeping or eating (some things never change…) but 40% were now working with their Smartphone or tablets, 20% were using their PC and 10% paper.
This to me shows that it is now common for people to use their Smartphone for work when they have the opportunity.

So they are, in other words, ready to access their company’s HCM system from their Smartphone today.

You knew it would come. You have discussed it with your peers – you might even have added it to the “nice to have” list for your next HCM system, but now your employees or users are ready for it.
They will be ready to use it today if it is available, and in 1-2 years from now they will find it peculiar if it is not there (pst… pst… do you know what? I can’t even access our HR data from my phone, I need to use a PC… and the guy is shaken his head).

So if you are involved with your organization’s HCM system, you need to take this into consideration now.
You need to move it from your “nice to have list” to your “need to have” list TODAY .

Before your next HCM program or upgrade is up and running people will see mobile access as a matter of course and not as a fancy feature they can brag about.

The next question is then of course: Which functions make sense as mobile?
This topic will be at the centre of many a discussion in the future - my colleague Humair Ghau has started the debate here.


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