Monday Apr 06, 2015

HCM World At-a-Glance if You Didn’t Make It

By Sunita Khatri


“Cloud is the engine on how Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) customers operate”, that and many more thought-provoking, inspirational phrases were coined at Oracle’s 2nd Annual HCM World in March. A conference that congregated hundreds of HR professionals and Executives in various stages of their HR transformation journeys to one underlying string of thought, or rather question: “What is my business doing to transform?”

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Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

What Are the Most Important Software Systems for Any Organization?

By Mike Vilimek


One of the main advantages of Cloud solutions is the rapid availability of innovation. Cloud computing allows organizations to take advantage of upgrades at a far more frequent pace than with traditional on-premise solutions. As organizations begin moving their systems to the cloud, the question of which are the most important systems, and which areas should benefit first from the rapid innovation cloud solutions can deliver will likely be examined. 

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Monday Feb 02, 2015

Top Five Reasons to Attend Oracle HCM World 2015


Scheduled for March 25 to 27 in Washington DC, this year’s Oracle HCM World offers valuable insights for human resources, talent management, and business leaders on how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR technology to transform their organizations.

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Wednesday Sep 24, 2014

Thinking About Moving HR to the Cloud?

By Richard Doherty

wowAccording to recent Oracle/ research, up to 68% of organisations, of all sizes, do not have Cloud HCM apps. We excluded Cloud recruitment solutions given their prevalence and maturity which we felt would have skewed the results. So it’s still relatively early days for the Cloud and HCM apps with 32% of organisations with HCM apps in the Cloud or in the process of implementing them.

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Wednesday Sep 10, 2014

How Oracle’s Mark Hurd Uses Human Resources to Drive Revenue

By Joseph Stark - Originally posted on

wowMark Hurd, president of the software production giant Oracle, recently shared his views on how human resources can drive company revenue. The workplace is changing rapidly, and CEOs and their HR departments are having trouble adapting.

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Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

New Oracle Program Eases Common Pains of Cloud Migration

By Alison Weiss - Originally posted on Profit

wowCloud computing has forever changed the economics of enterprise IT—but for many, the savings of cost and time are not being fully realized. According to Rod Johnson, group vice president, Oracle Applications and Industries Solutions Group, the rush to move to the cloud left many line-of-business managers spending IT budget on new cloud features, while the IT team still had to run and maintain (and pay for) traditional on-premises applications while also trying to integrate these systems.

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Tuesday Mar 11, 2014

Industry Analysts Praise Oracle HCM Following Inaugural HCM World Event

By Mike Vilimek


As the dust settles on what proved to be a fantastic HR-focused event, industry analysts have since weighed in on the inaugural HCM World and on Oracle HCM Cloud solutions in general. And to our delight, they were overwhelmingly positive.  Here are some quotes and links describing the observations of a few industry leading analysts:

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Monday Mar 03, 2014

MiPro Enterprises Moves from Workday to Oracle HCM Cloud. Hear Why.

By Mike Vilimek


The HCM World event held February 4th – 6th featured several Oracle HCM Cloud customers sharing their stories and perspectives. One of them was MiPro Enterprises who led a session on the company’s decision to move from Workday to Oracle HCM Cloud. Following their session, TechTarget’s SearchFinancialApplications conducted a short video interview with the folks from MiPro.

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Thursday Feb 13, 2014

What is Your Opinion on Cloud and HCM?

wowIBM and Oracle are recognised pioneers in HR/HCM solutions and have come together to undertake a major piece of research to look at trends and attitudes in the HR market place. We are keen to understand how senior decision makers view cloud based HR solutions. We would really appreciate it if you could take time to give us your valuable insight by taking part in the survey.

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Wednesday Jan 08, 2014

Companies Around the World are Using Oracle HCM Cloud to Transform HR and Build a Better Workforce


Modern HR technology is enabling innovative organizations to unite global employees around common strategies and goals. With Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud as a strategic HR technology platform, the world’s most competitive businesses are benefiting from the strength of core HR, talent management, analytics and social solutions. 

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Wednesday Dec 18, 2013

Oracle HR Customers Speak Out at HCM World


The world’s top companies are using Oracle to innovate their HR organizations. And, they will be sending their top HR executives to Oracle HCM World for three days of strategy, networking, and problem-solving.

Global beauty giant—and featured customer keynote—Elizabeth Arden will walk us through HR innovations that drove business success. You’ll hear how they established organizational goals that cascaded throughout the global organization, streamlined compensation across all countries and currencies, introduced mobile access to everyone, and provided analytics to senior executives to help catapult productivity. 

Customer-focused keynotes, sessions, and breakouts will explore topics ranging from recruiting to talent management to learning. Featured customers include:

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Thursday Dec 05, 2013

Learn the Latest Human Resources and Talent Management Strategies at Oracle HCM World

wowWith talent taking on more strategic importance at successful enterprises than ever before, human resources (HR) leaders must help their organizations create a vision of the future. Oracle can help: Oracle HCM World, the HR event of the year, features presentations by industry leaders and creates networking opportunities to give HR professionals the insights they need to guide modern human capital management (HCM) organizations. 

Oracle President Mark Hurd will deliver a keynote address at the inaugural Oracle HCM World, which runs from February 4 to 6, 2014, at the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

Global HR and the Next Act of Transformation

By Bertrand Dussert - Originally posted on Oracle Applications


Over the past decade, well more than half of large organizations have rolled out some sort of HR transformation program. The exact number is closer to two thirds of the very largest global firms that have adopted some flavor of globalized / centralized HR service delivery and governance in that timeframe These efforts initially started with a desire to create scale and consistency in the HR function, as well as improve the overall economics of HR.

Many of these initiatives included the establishment of shared service capabilities that were either managed in house or outsourced to HRO providers. When fully implemented, a number of these initiatives delivered cost / transaction improvements of 15-20 percent, and sometimes, considerably more when manager and employee self-service tools were first leveraged.

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Thursday Nov 21, 2013

How CEOs Can Transform HR into a Revenue Driver

By Mark Hurd - Originally posted on LinkedIn


As I visit with big companies and organizations all over the world, it’s clear that most CEOs realize they need to make some dramatic changes in how they recruit people, align and manage performance, make compensation decisions, and optimize talent.

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Wednesday Sep 18, 2013


Contact for post: Mark Bennett

Part 1 introduced the challenges and opportunities customers face in effectively using social in their organizations and in particular, their HCM processes. It also gave a brief overview of what other vendors have done and how Oracle’s approach offers a better way. Part 2 described Oracle’s Social HCM Cloud solution in more detail and showed how it addresses the challenges customers face and helps them better leverage the opportunities in bringing social into the workplace. Part 3 shows how this results in improved business outcomes for customers.




Many enterprise transactions are managed by employees in functional roles whose responsibility is to ensure that the transaction is completed, handling any exceptions or logjams that might occur. The Oracle Social HCM Cloud improves worker productivity in these transactions by embedding social in HCM applications. These processes fall into two major categories:

·         Functions that are solely within HR – participants are part of the HR function and the business benefit will mostly be operational effectiveness within the HR function. For example: launching a focal review in Performance Management, configuring Talent Reviews, or initiating a change in organization structure.

·         Processes which are run by HR, but involve the broader workforce – participants are both members of HR as well as managers and employees. For example: creating and executing goals in Goal Management, preparing for and following up on Talent Reviews and Performance Evaluations.

Figure 4 - Productivity impact of social

Examples of where the Oracle Social HCM Cloud improves the efficiency of process transactions include:

  • Performance Management – Managers and HR can quickly communicate and resolve issues holding up the performance review process.
  • Succession Planning – Managers and HR can collaborate to come up with the best succession plans by taking into account all the stakeholder issues.
  •  Talent Review – Managers and HR can quickly resolve issues holding up the preparation and scheduling of the review as well as collaborate on action items from the review.
  • Recruitment – Managers, HR, and interviewers can quickly update each other on the situation with candidates regarding which areas need further investigation.
  •  Core HR – Managers and HR can collaborate on and quick resolve any issues related to promotions, on-boarding, benefits planning, compensation, transfers, performance improvement plans, and terminations. 

The Oracle Social HCM Cloud takes the process transaction efficiency benefit to the next level by weaving the individual’s identity, sense of purpose, and growth into an overall, rich social work experience. Rather than simply focus on the system of engagement features separately, Oracle Social HCM extends the system of record processes to encompass system of engagement connections and conversations.

Where previously, applications and processes were often obstacles to motivation, social has now opened the door to connecting the activities employees naturally do to get work done and achieve goals to the processes the organization needs to standardize practices and track progress towards business performance objectives. With Oracle Social HCM, employee engagement is also about engaging the workforce in those processes in an inherently natural way to doing work.


Social HCM generates strategic impact by providing greater insight into how:

  •  Work actually gets done
  • Processes actually get executed (or stalled)
  • Knowledge flows into, through, and out of the organization
  • Opportunities are captured (or not)

This is done in part by analyzing the workforce relationships and interactions, both within the enterprise as well as in the extended enterprise, made more visible by the social technologies. This provides knowledge, understanding, and insights that enable better business strategy and execution.

But Oracle Social HCM will provide more than just social analytics, more than just the numbers of connections or number of status updates. The context that comes from Oracle Social HCM applications and the social platform is essential to see how the activity that occurs in the system of engagement relates to the results in the system of record.

Recommendations on who or what one should follow have not only productivity and engagement impact; they can also have a strategic impact by connecting parts of the organization that might otherwise never had the occasion to interact. These interactions are often the source of new value through innovation.

Social-only analytics are often the basis for recommendations on who one should follow, but these strictly social approaches focus solely on social measures such as number of overlapping followers, number of updates, etc. Oracle Social HCM combines the social network with the “network” of business processes and objects (projects, customers, service tickets, sales opportunities, goals, organization structure, supplier, etc.) to recommend useful connections in ways that only social-only analytics might have missed.


Oracle’s Social HCM Cloud fully realizes the potential for social technologies to generate superior business performance for companies. It addresses the participation, efficiency, and effectiveness obstacles that have previously stymied social adoption efforts through the embedding of Oracle’s social platform into the existing application suite as well as the integration of net new social applications into the existing suite.


Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 13,500 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


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