Monday Feb 23, 2015

Employees in the Clickstream

By Bertrand Dussert


What HR leaders can learn from the analytics best practices of e-commerce

Imagine you’ve just rolled out a new employee portal designed to help your workforce manage their careers. You’re measuring click rates, so you know that 80 percent of the workforce viewed the portal in its first two weeks. Time to pat yourself on the back for another successful HR initiative? 

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Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Big Data’s Importance to HR Field Grows

By Joel Kranc - Originally posted on EBN


HR and benefits professionals need to start using big data to move their own departments and their companies’ end goals forward. “You are not going to be a successful HR leader in 10 years if you don’t get data,” said Mike Bollinger, vice-president of HCM transformation and thought leadership with Oracle during the Human Resources Professional Association conference in Toronto this week.

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Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

Why HR Needs to Think Like the CMO

By Janie Smith - Originally posted on HC Online


The long-running discussion about HR’s need to have a seat at the table is one Aaron Green has always found interesting. The vice president of human capital management at Oracle said that HR had always had that seat. “At the heart of it, organisations are made up of people and HR is instrumental in that. But it's often been ignored and not because of a lack of understanding, it's a lack of marketing on the HR officer's part.

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Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

The New HR: Accountable, Measurable, Analytical

By Aaron Green

wowThe past decade has seen HR professionals charged with delivering ROI back to the business. With HR traditionally viewed as the softer, subjective area of an enterprise, companies need to change their approach to human resources to gain the benefits of real ROI from HR.  The ones which take a more measurable, numbers-based approach to HR are the ones which experience successful business transformation in today’s competitive environment. 

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Monday Oct 27, 2014

HR and IT Partnership: Observations from a Veteran CIO

By Rick O'Herron - Originally posted on NetSuite Magazine


Companies looking to differentiate themselves are turning to HR technology as it becomes clear that attracting and retaining skilled talent is key to providing superior employee experiences. Technology companies are delivering HR systems that make it easier to find and onboard the best employees and retain them by providing more streamlined and engaging experiences.  

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Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

Predictive Analytics: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

By Alka Asthana


What’s the next game-changer for businesses? Ever wondered about this? It was and will always be - the human capital! (Next is almost redundant - deserves to be crossed out)

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Friday Sep 12, 2014

Two Pressing Priorities for HR Executives: Social and Analytics

By Cara Capretta & Bertrand Dussert

wowIt’s not news: Social media usage worldwide has grown at a dizzying pace. Smart CHROs know that the social media phenomenon is not a trend that organizations other than their own have to contend with—it’s an essential business reality that permeates the entire business. How is it, then, that in a recent Argyle survey of top HR executives, 62 percent say they are not using social and collaboration software at work?

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Monday Aug 18, 2014

Simplifying Human Capital Management with Mobile Applications

By Aaron Green

wowIf you're starting to think 'mobility' is a recurring theme in your reading, you'd be right. For those who haven't started to build organisational capabilities to leverage it, it's fair to say you're late to the party. The good news: better late than never. 

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Monday Jul 21, 2014

HR and Finance Agree? – Has The World Come To An End?

By Mike Bollinger & Alex Anvari


HR and finance executives agree on many people and performance-related issues according to a survey of HR and finance executives by Towers Watson and Forbes InsightThe top areas of joint activity, according to the survey were, setting annual budgets for reward programs (cited by 46 percent of finance and 62 percent of HR), determining changes to reward programs (43 percent finance and 42 percent HR), and setting reward strategy...

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Friday Jul 18, 2014

CHROs: If You're Not Planning Beyond 2015, You're Already Falling Behind

By Bertrand Dussert - Originally Posted on Forbes

wowThe June 8 edition of the U.K’s Telegraph newspaper reported that for the first time ever a supercomputer has passed the Turing Test for artificial intelligence, a measure of a device’s ability display human intelligence. It did so by fooling more than 30 percent of the humans interacting with it that it was a 13-year-old boy. This is an important milestone in computing and a sign of things to come for CHROs who have struggled to leverage technology and automation to manage...

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Monday Jun 16, 2014

Five Ideas to Navigate the Big Changes in Workforce Management

Originally posted on Profit


Hear from thought leaders about navigating the big changes taking place in workforce management so you can keep your business growing and your talent happy.

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Friday May 30, 2014

The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

By Mark Hurd - Originally Posted on LinkedIn

wowAs I speak with CEOs around the world, our conversations invariably come down to this central question: Can we change our corporate cultures and the ways we train and reward our people as rapidly as new technology is changing the work we do, the products we make and how we engage with customers?

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Wednesday May 28, 2014

The Importance of Collaboration, Analytics, and Mobile Technologies for Modern HR

wowIt was 17 years ago, when a McKinsey study uncovered the “war for talent”. Today, it is no point of contention that a strong talent-centric strategy maybe the most important focus for organizations. A talent-centric organization aims at recruiting, retaining and developing the best talent. 

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Monday Apr 28, 2014

Cutting Through the Noise, Tuning into Analytics

By Mike Bollinger


Analytics are not about having the best tools, they are not about volumes of paper. Rather they are about useful and timely information delivered just as the business needs it. Every day organizations struggle to answer essential questions about their workforce.

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Friday Apr 11, 2014

When is “Big Data” in HR Just Analytics?

By Mike Vilimek


If you follow HR technology even a little, you have heard something about big data. In terms of popularity, it’s right up there with other key trends like social, mobile, and the cloud. And while definitions for many of these are not set in stone, big data is by far the most undefined and misunderstood trend of the bunch. 

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