Cutting Edge HCM: The Critical Revenue Driver

By Alka Asthana

When you start a discussion on how a cutting edge HCM system can deliver revenue, a few would quickly jump in and say that HR effectiveness has little to do with technology and everything to do with the quality of HR leaders. What perhaps they may be missing is, nobody is questioning the abilities of a good leader.Technology is certainly not a substitute for the leadership qualities we bring to the table. A great leader, is a great leader, is a great leader! We all agree to that. What the tech tools do is they increase your reach and span in terms of leveraging knowledge, capabilities, skills and talents.

If a manager is great, they probably have a finger on the pulse of the team and intuitively understand what drives creativity and performance within their teams. They would know what motivates their teams the best. But today, teams are often virtual; set up across all geographies and locations. It may be difficult to reach for this ‘pulse’. That is when technology helps bring the pulse to you, literally.

A very small example is that the thumbs-up given by co-workers may not be visible to the manager if they are located elsewhere, but a few kudos on your wall would. With the workforce having gone so global, we certainly need new tools to keep up with the new challenges! I am sure many of you may have noticed this - sometimes managers have trouble getting the last name right; with teams so large and so wide spread. Does this matter? Sure, it does. I would not like it if anyone mispronounced my last name (which they often do). But does this mean that I have to be a non-entity located at a distance? Certainly not!

With the right tools in place, I know quite a few people getting recognition or rewards for their great work! Not being able to get the name right did not stop this award from coming through. That's because you had set the right processes and tools in place to keep track of what is important for your employees. These tools and processes ensure that you don’t lose sight of what is absolutely the biggest revenue driver – your talent, your employees!

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Alka Asthana is an HCM Strategist at Oracle and simply loves to dream, strategize, and create technology products - be it an Enterprise class ... or an idea taking shape and getting delivered off one's garage.


Good analysis of Manager-as-a-superhuman fallacy.

Leadership and people skills are critical requirements for a Manager, but it is the quality and sophistication of the support systems that allows that Manager to consistently scale out and make his entire team superhuman. The organization as a whole has to outshine by enabling people with critical support systems - many of which are core components of a good HCM system.

The strident ‘Man vs Machine’ debate is a red herring; diverting us from the powerful ‘Man and Machine’ super capabilities that are already empowering people and organizations.

Posted by guest on February 27, 2014 at 03:46 PM PST #

very well written and informative

Posted by guest on March 03, 2014 at 10:24 PM PST #

Excellent post!

Posted by Chad Sheen on March 04, 2014 at 08:12 PM PST #

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