Collaborating on Compensation

By Chad Atwell

Of all the roles I’ve had in various organizations, the one of Product Strategy Director is actually the most straight forward for me to explain. I can only say this because the first couple of stages in my career were working in the area of compensation management. Peoples’ faces would start to scrunch up, and their eyes would cross when I would describe the use of market data, regression analysis or proxy filings. Of course, I’m still applying my knowledge of compensation in my current role, but the idea of shaping a product is a little more tangible for people. 

At the very root of it, my role is about listening to customers – specifically about the problems they are trying to solve in their business and how technology may help them. This is absolutely the most rewarding part of the role I’m in, because I very often get to tell customers about a future enhancement that will help offload some work for them or help them solve a particular issue. 

A good example of this is the Manager Delegation feature that came out with our latest release of Fusion Workforce Compensation. For years I’ve heard managers having conversations with other managers during an annual compensation review that go a little like this:

Harry: “Hi Sue, Jason just transferred into my group, and I know you managed him previously. Yes, he’s doing great so far. My issue is we’re in the middle of planning salary increases, and I wanted to get your input on what I’m recommending for him. Can you tell me a little more about the X% increase you gave him last year?” 

This conversation often happens because the current manager (Harry) doesn’t have all the information he would like on this newly transferred employee (Jason), and contacting the prior manager (Sue) is the best way to get a better perspective. There are, however, a couple of disadvantages to having this conversation over the phone or over email: 

  • The manager has to go out of the application to get this information, and that wastes time. 

  • The conversation isn’t captured in the application, so there’s no way to capture it for auditing purposes later on. 

We’ve solved this problem with the new Manager Delegation feature, because Harry can easily delegate Jason’s information to Sue in Fusion Workforce Compensation. When Sue accesses the application to review her current team, she can also see Jason’s information and make a recommendation for him or just record some notes for Harry to view. The beauty of this is that Harry never loses control of Jason’s information. He’s simply sharing the information with Sue and collaborating with her to come up with a salary recommendation that fits. 

This type of enhancement makes the life of the managers easier by consolidating all their work into one application. Even more, it helps the Compensation and HR teams, because they don’t have to facilitate the conversation. They, of course, have the ability to view the delegation activity and make their own recommendations where they’re needed most. I’d call that a win-win! 

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Chad Atwell is a Director of HCM Product Strategy at Oracle. He works with customers of Oracle’s Compensation Cloud and uses his extensive background in compensation management to design innovative solutions for how the 21st Century workforce is rewarded. He believes in striking a balance between innovative workforce trends, enduring best practices and disciplined process improvements. Chad is also a faculty member of WorldatWork where he teaches courses to practitioners on the foundations of compensation management. You can follow him on Twitter: @chad_atwell


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