Monday Jul 21, 2014

HR and Finance Agree? – Has The World Come To An End?

By Mike Bollinger & Alex Anvari


HR and finance executives agree on many people and performance-related issues according to a survey of HR and finance executives by Towers Watson and Forbes InsightThe top areas of joint activity, according to the survey were, setting annual budgets for reward programs (cited by 46 percent of finance and 62 percent of HR), determining changes to reward programs (43 percent finance and 42 percent HR), and setting reward strategy...

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Friday Jul 18, 2014

CHROs: If You're Not Planning Beyond 2015, You're Already Falling Behind

By Bertrand Dussert - Originally Posted on Forbes

wowThe June 8 edition of the U.K’s Telegraph newspaper reported that for the first time ever a supercomputer has passed the Turing Test for artificial intelligence, a measure of a device’s ability display human intelligence. It did so by fooling more than 30 percent of the humans interacting with it that it was a 13-year-old boy. This is an important milestone in computing and a sign of things to come for CHROs who have struggled to leverage technology and automation to manage...

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Monday Jun 30, 2014

HR Professionals Encouraged to Embrace New Technology at SHRM 2014 Conference

By Lynne White


For thousands of HR professionals the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition is a must for training and development on fundamental HR topics, emerging HR trends and discovery of new products, services and solutions. With over 200 sessions, recertification credit opportunities, the world’s largest HR marketplace, inspirational speakers, entertainment and networking, this conference hits it out of the park.

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Monday Jun 09, 2014

Why We Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Millennials

By Christine Mellon


Much is said and written about the new generations of employees entering our workforce, as though they are a strange specimen, a mysterious life form to be “figured out,” accommodated and engaged – at a safe distance, of course.  At its worst, this talk takes a critical and disapproving tone, with baby boomer employees adamantly refusing to validate this new breed of worker, let alone determine how to help them succeed and achieve their potential.

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Friday May 30, 2014

The Internet of Things Is Really the Internet of People

By Mark Hurd - Originally Posted on LinkedIn

wowAs I speak with CEOs around the world, our conversations invariably come down to this central question: Can we change our corporate cultures and the ways we train and reward our people as rapidly as new technology is changing the work we do, the products we make and how we engage with customers?

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Friday May 23, 2014

HCM Partner Q&A with KPMG: Transforming Healthcare HCM

Originally posted on Profit


Lisa Massman is a principal and Oracle Healthcare Industry leader at KPMG LLP. Massman discusses how the changing face of the healthcare industry is leading organizations to transform and obtain more value from their human capital management (HCM) systems.

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Friday May 16, 2014

HCM Partner Q&A with Accenture: Increase Your Human Resources Potential

Originally posted on Profit


Tony Diaz, managing director for Accenture’s Oracle Human Capital Management practice in North America, and Brandon Johnson, managing director for Accenture’s Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Solutions practice in North America, discuss how Accenture helps clients migrate to Oracle HCM Cloud to help ensure accelerated and predictable project outcomes.

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Wednesday Apr 30, 2014

OHUG Conference Preview: Oracle Executives Network and Discuss Product Roadmaps

wowContinuing to signal our high-level commitment to human capital management (HCM), an array of Oracle senior executives offer keynote addresses and presentations at the upcoming OHUG Global Conference 2014, organized by the Oracle HCM Users Group.

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Monday Mar 31, 2014

Seven Steps for Effective Leadership

By John Hansen - Originally posted on Brokernews


A business is a collection of people working for the same cause, and a leader is required to define that cause. Growth of a business will only come through the time and talents of others. To identify, attract, fill and retain corporate leadership talent, companies need leadership development programs focused on hiring strategies, employee development, and career and succession planning.

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Friday Mar 28, 2014

Are You "Millennial Ready"?

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle for Midsize Companies

Oracle President Mark Hurd's latest post on LinkedIn, "The CEO’s Perfect Storm: Demographics, Data, and Devices Change Everything" identifies the impending Demographics Revolution (along with the Data and Devices Revolutions) as a game changer for CEOs. I'm not surprised. The challenge of hiring and retaining the right talent comes up in EVERY conversation I have with customers and partners.

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Monday Mar 24, 2014

How Compliant is Your HR Function? Part 1

By Alka Asthana


In the initial days of GRC, while we all realized “Compliance” was important, the list of benefits it resulted in, seemed rather intangible; it wasn’t the eye-catching, mind-blowing entries we had come to expect from everything. Being compliant gave your organization flexibility, agility, reduction in fines … and so on and so forth. However, the results of non-compliance loomed larger - other than the financial burden it imposed, non-compliance could affect the very reputation of your company.

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Sunday Feb 09, 2014

Should Human Capital Management Activity Move Away from Shared Service Centers?

By Laura Schaulat - Originally posted on Profit


Over the last 15 years, many organizations have standardized processes and consolidated costs through the shared service model. This transition was enabled in part by a common global technology platform, surfaced in local languages. That platform also laid the foundation for the next development cycle of human resources (HR) process maturity: a slight swing of the pendulum back toward localization, as HR leaders realize that one size does not fit all for HR shared services.

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Monday Feb 03, 2014

What Larry Ellison Thinks About HCM—and Why I Think He’s Spot On

By Bertrand Dussert


On January 29 at Oracle CloudWorld in San Francisco, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison devoted a majority of his time to discussing the tools executives need to manage talent effectively, and how these needs shaped Oracle’s Human Capital Management solutions, such as Oracle HCM Cloud. 

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Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Is HR The New IT?

Is HR The New IT?  As recruitment, on-boarding and development head to the cloud and mobile devices put sophisticated tools into everyone’s hands, HR leaders are discovering that technology savvy and analytical skills are key to effective talent management.

In this article by Ladan Nikravan in the September edition of Talent Management magazine, Oracle's own Chris Leone, SVP of Fusion Strategy, gives his take on how Technology trends such as social, mobile, big data and the cloud are creating a fundamental change in how employees and HR create value and relationships within the networked organization.

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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

Rethinking The Business of HR

A company’s workforce has many facets, varied abilities and diverse needs. HR must ensure their technical systems meet both their staff’s and their employer’s practical requirements to achieve objectives. In this article, Humair Ghauri of Oracle looks at the challenges faced by HR departments implementing vital developments to working processes and measuring their effectiveness. Read the full article here.

Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 13,500 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


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