Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Steve Miranda is the Next Guest on The Bill Kutik Radio Show®

Be sure to catch Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President for Oracle Fusion Development, tomorrow on The Bill Kutik Radio Show®.  Bill will be asking the tough questions once again and Steve will be answering.  It is sure to be a lively discussion, with more details on Fusion and Oracle's co-existence strategy with PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards HCM applications. 

Wednesday, March 28, at noon ET, 9 am PT.  Listen live, afterward to the replay, or download from iTunes.


Produced by Knowledge Infusion and hosted by independent industry analyst Bill Kutik, the bi-weekly interview show provides leading HR business content and insight into up-to-the-minute trends.

Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Live Webcast: Is Your Talent Strategy Fit For Growth? April 3, 2012, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

In this webcast, In this webinar, PwC will discuss why effective talent management is so critical for today's businesses. Participants will learn about:

1. Business Growth through Innovation

2. Leading Talent Management Strategies

3. Client Case Study on Driving HR Performance and Retaining Top Talent

Register today: http://www.hr.com/stories/1331657414373

Thursday Jan 05, 2012

Building the Infrastructure for a World-Class Workforce

Successfully implementing an effective HCM system has a broad impact on overall business performance and productivity - and requires the seamless coordination of multiple functional areas including finance, human resources, and IT.   The Oracle Optimized Solution for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management on SPARC SuperCluster successfully addresses these business concerns by offering an end to end solution that has been tested and proven to deliver superior performance and better reliability for your PeopleSoft HCM applications - while also providing a faster return on your investments by reducing deployment risks and lowering IT operating costs.  Download technical and business value white papers: http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7449953&Act=32&pcode=WWMK11102626MPP037

Thursday Dec 08, 2011

Don't Miss It! See Fusion HCM Live Every Friday!

See Fusion HCM in action each week with Cathy Magoon, Oracle HCM Solution Specialist. Learn how Oracle enables you to rethink the business of HR with completely new and innovative solutions in areas such as Talent Review and Workforce Predictions. 

Who should attend? 

VPs, Directors and Managers with responsibility for:

•HR Analytics
Register today!

Monday Nov 28, 2011

Oracle's HR Summit featuring Joyce Westerdahl is next week in Chicago!

This special full day HR Summit will examine the future of work, and how shifting demographics, new talent pools, changing workforce practices, and evolving business models are impacting the HR landscape.  

Joyce Westerdahl, Oracle Senior VP for HR, will share her HR strategies and insight as to how she created a flexible, global workforce that has supported the Oracle's ongoing transformation into an integrated technology solutions provider.

Marcie van Houton, Fusion HCM Product Strategy Director, will delve into the innovative technologies that Oracle has developed to support all this change.

And Sheryl Johnson, Director, Oracle Fusion HCM, PwC, will examine how high performing HR organizations are increasing their relevancy and value to the business, using organizational best practices and transformational technologies to drive real business results.

December 7, 2011
11:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

JW Marriott Chicago
151 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois 60603



Friday Nov 18, 2011

IHRIM's Latest Workforce Solutions Review Focuses on Risk!

IHRIM's latest edition of the Workforce Solution's Review magazine (in print and online) has some really compelling features and articles focused on HCM risk and compliance management.  Check out this line-up and sign up if you aren't already a member.  It's well worth it.  http://www.ihrimpublications.com/WSR_about.php

Three to Watch: HR's Growing Compliance Responsibilities for Data Security, Genetic Nondiscrimination, and Anti-Bribery Laws
    By W. Scott Blackmer and Richard Santalesa, InfoLawGroup, LLP

Global HR and International Background Check Best Practices
    By Terry Corley, Aletheia Consulting Group

Compliance: Old Wine in New Wineskins?
    By Ursula Christina Fellberg, Ph.D., UCF-StrategieBeraterin

Join the HR/HR technology professionals who have subscribed for so many years to IHRIM’s publications and become a reader today by visiting  http://www.ihrimpublications.com/amember/signup.php.  

Monday Nov 14, 2011

Cloud Without Compromise – Oracle Fusion HCM

We’ve all heard about the cloud, and many HR organizations have already launched cloud initiatives. But too many cloud HCM vendors can’t deliver on their promise to lower costs, reduce risk and improve efficiency. When only 5% of CEOs are satisfied with HR*, something needs to change.

Only Oracle delivers the promise of the cloud in deployment models tailored to your needs – giving you cloud without compromise. Oracle Fusion HCM provides a unified system with all the analytics and reporting tools you need.

Join us for an engaging and insightful webcast this Wednesday, November 16th, at 9am Pacific to learn more about how Oracle Fusion HCM can fulfill your promise.


Thursday Nov 10, 2011

Oracle Announces Availability of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2

Today Oracle announced the availability of PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 which delivers a new HR self service user experience that fundamentally changes the way managers and employees interact with the HCM system.  For more details on Feature Pack 2, see the press release here.

Sunday Oct 02, 2011

Live Every Friday – Fusion HCM Demonstrations

See Fusion HCM in action each week with Cathy Magoon, Oracle HCM Solution Specialist. Learn how Oracle enables you to rethink the business of HR with completely new and innovative solutions in areas such as Talent Review and Workforce Predictions. 

Who should attend? 

VPs, Directors and Managers with responsibility for:

  • HR
  • Talent
  • Compensation
  • HR Analytics
  • IT

Register today!

Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

New PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Functionality Has Been Released

Continuing Oracle's promise to deliver new PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 functionality without an upgrade, Oracle has released several new features that customers can take advantage of now.  They will also be bundled into the next Feature Pack due for release early next year.  Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Total Rewards Statement, Time & Labor Templates Made Available and new  SCORM 2004 functionality is now available.  Read more here!

Monday Aug 22, 2011

When are we really ready for mobile HCM? – Now!

The process is the same every time a new trend or technology is starting to appear:
The technology becomes available and first movers start discussing the implications (or the other way around).
Either way it takes several years before the trend starts to have real impact on real people.

This is because a trend or technology does not break through until people are ready in their minds.
There are numerous examples of this: mobile phones; the internet; personal computers – the technologies were there many years before they became important factors in our daily lives, but it took time for us to be ready to really embrace them.
I have described this phenomenon in more detail on TalentedApps.

One trend that has been in this limbo for some time is mobile HCM.
We have talked about it for years, but nothing really happened – people were not ready.

But people are ready for mobile HCM now!

I go to the Oracle HR User Group conference once a year.
This means travelling from Europe (where I live) to somewhere in the US for the conference.
The last couple of years I would estimate 50% of the people waiting in the airport or on the plane were working using their laptop, 20% where using paper – and the rest were sleeping or eating.

This changed dramatically this year.
30% was still sleeping or eating (some things never change…) but 40% were now working with their Smartphone or tablets, 20% were using their PC and 10% paper.
This to me shows that it is now common for people to use their Smartphone for work when they have the opportunity.

So they are, in other words, ready to access their company’s HCM system from their Smartphone today.

You knew it would come. You have discussed it with your peers – you might even have added it to the “nice to have” list for your next HCM system, but now your employees or users are ready for it.
They will be ready to use it today if it is available, and in 1-2 years from now they will find it peculiar if it is not there (pst… pst… do you know what? I can’t even access our HR data from my phone, I need to use a PC… and the guy is shaken his head).

So if you are involved with your organization’s HCM system, you need to take this into consideration now.
You need to move it from your “nice to have list” to your “need to have” list TODAY .

Before your next HCM program or upgrade is up and running people will see mobile access as a matter of course and not as a fancy feature they can brag about.

The next question is then of course: Which functions make sense as mobile?
This topic will be at the centre of many a discussion in the future - my colleague Humair Ghau has started the debate here.

Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

Oracle Fusion HCM: Your Cloud, Our Cloud, No Cloud. Your Choice.

Get an inside look at how Oracle Fusion HCM drives innovation in Human Capital Management by providing value to every person in your organization – from HR professionals to employees and managers. In this live Webcast you will see:

  • Role-Centric User Experience: Drive productivity with a user experience tailored to each role
  • Personalized for Everyone: Give every employee the power to personalize their user experience
  • Information at Your Fingertips: Make smarter decisions with just the information you need for every situation
  • Predictive Analytics: Look ahead and be prepared for upcoming workforce trends
  • Collaboration for Results: Do the right activities at the right time securely with enterprise social tools

See the solution in action each week with Cathy Magoon, Oracle HCM Solution Specialist. Learn how Oracle enables you to rethink the business of HR with completely new and innovative solutions in areas such as Talent Review and Workforce Predictions. 

Join us each Friday at 10:00 a.m.PST / 1:00 p.m. EST to see Oracle Fusion HCM Live.  Click the date below to register!

August 19, 2011

August 26, 2011

September 2, 2011

Monday Aug 08, 2011

Why Business Leaders should conduct Talent Reviews

Amy Wilson, founder of Wilson Insight, an independent research and advisory firm, and VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research Group blogged a very insightful look at talent review and why they are important, and why its important to do them right!


Friday Aug 05, 2011

CFOs Are Becoming More Involved with HR, Survey Reports

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are spending more time working in areas outside of traditional finance responsibilities, according to a recent survey. Nearly 20 percent of CFOs interviewed said they have become more involved in human resources department over the past three years.

The survey, developed by Robert Half Management Resources, asked CFOs, "Which one of the following areas outside of traditional accounting and finance responsibilities, if any, has your role expanded into most over the past three years?" Here are the results:



Human resources




Information technology


Sales/business development


None/role hasn't changed


Don't know


"Financial leaders are becoming more involved in all aspects of company operations, often to ensure greater financial controls across the enterprise and offer input on pricing, cost cutting and business restructuring," said Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half Management Resources.

The survey was conducted by an independent research firm and includes responses from 1,400 CFOs from a stratified random sample of U.S. companies with 20 or more employees.

Source: Robert Half Management Resources

Download the free whitepaper Top 10 Best Practices in HR Management.

Oracle is the Human Capital Management solution of choice for more than 18,000 Oracle customers in over 140 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies and 30 of the top 40 innovative companies.


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