Wednesday May 20, 2015

Strategic HCM—Creating Value Through Your People

By Jim Lein


Rush hour traffic. Tuesday morning. The Mission District of San Francisco. I’m riding shotgun in a Lincoln Town car, on my way to meet Ron Storn, VP of People for Lyft, for breakfast. Ron would be presenting in our customer experiences session at Oracle OpenWorld ’14 later that week.

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Wednesday May 13, 2015

HR Must Modernize to Meet New Employee Demands

By Rick O'Herron

wowAttracting, retaining, and promoting your best people has become more challenging than ever in the high-stakes competition for talent. The talented, high achievers on whom companies depend on to compete and win now expect any information they need to be instantly available, whenever and wherever they need it, from any device.

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Wednesday Apr 08, 2015

Investigating Talent Analytics

By Jeff Haynes

wowThe US unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2001’s 5.5 percent. There are 11 million people looking for work, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But, 5 million jobs remain unfilled because it is highly unlikely that those two unemployed external candidates for every available job will have the critical skills your company requires.

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Monday Mar 30, 2015

What is PaaS? And Why Should HR Care?

By Mike Vilimek


Oracle recently announced the availability of a new type of Cloud offering called PaaS. It stands for Platform-as-a-Service, and allows customers to develop, run and manage web applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app. Sounds very “techy”. Why should HR care about PaaS?

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Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

Oracle Work Life Solutions Improve Employee Motivation and Connection

By Alison Weiss

wowA recent Gallup study found that workers who rank in the top quartile in employee engagement outperform those ranked in the bottom quartile by 22 percent in profitability and 21 percent in productivity. But with technological advances making it possible for many employees to work anytime, anywhere, the line between work and personal life is blurring—raising the risks of burnout and costly attrition.

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Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

What Are the Most Important Software Systems for Any Organization?

By Mike Vilimek


One of the main advantages of Cloud solutions is the rapid availability of innovation. Cloud computing allows organizations to take advantage of upgrades at a far more frequent pace than with traditional on-premise solutions. As organizations begin moving their systems to the cloud, the question of which are the most important systems, and which areas should benefit first from the rapid innovation cloud solutions can deliver will likely be examined. 

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Monday Feb 02, 2015

Top Five Reasons to Attend Oracle HCM World 2015


Scheduled for March 25 to 27 in Washington DC, this year’s Oracle HCM World offers valuable insights for human resources, talent management, and business leaders on how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR technology to transform their organizations.

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Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Big Data’s Importance to HR Field Grows

By Joel Kranc - Originally posted on EBN


HR and benefits professionals need to start using big data to move their own departments and their companies’ end goals forward. “You are not going to be a successful HR leader in 10 years if you don’t get data,” said Mike Bollinger, vice-president of HCM transformation and thought leadership with Oracle during the Human Resources Professional Association conference in Toronto this week.

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Monday Jan 26, 2015

Oracle HCM Cloud Release 9 UX highlights: ‘Glance, Scan, Commit’ design philosophy at work for Hiring

By Sarah Smart - Originally posted on VoX


As Oracle Applications Cloud Release 9 gets under way, the simplified UI continues to improve the Oracle user experience. Continuing the prime directives of Release 7 and 8, Release 9 delivers even more improvements to the applications’ simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. Here’s how Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud moves the Oracle user experience forward.

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Monday Dec 01, 2014

Social Sourcing AKA Warm Recruiting

By Edie Ukwuoma

wowHere’s a scenario: Jim refers his former classmate for a job at his workplace.  He knows that his reputation is at stake, so of all the people he can refer, he ensures this classmate is one that will succeed and make him look good.  The referral bonus doesn’t hurt either.  Jim has many such friends connected to him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Wednesday Nov 26, 2014

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Make HR A Real-Time Application

By Michael Hickins - Originally posted on Forbes


If a company’s survival hinges on the ability of its people to execute against a well-conceived strategy, then its fate depends to a huge extent on its ability to attract, retain, and motivate the best people for the job. “Talent is at the core of success,” Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told an audience of human resources executives on November 18 at a conference in London, England.

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Monday Nov 17, 2014

Innovative Work Life Solutions Help Employees Balance Their Professional and Personal Lives


The best human capital management applications have evolved from just automating standard human resource (HR) processes to become strategic tools for managing talent and analyzing workforce capabilities. Now, a new wave of innovation is taking HR evolution a step further with work/life applications that are designed to help employees better balance their professional and personal lives.

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Monday Nov 10, 2014

Oracle VP Jeff Kristick Sees Strong Uptake in Cloud-Based HCM Solutions

wowLast spring, Oracle announced the Customer 2 Cloud program, which is helping enterprises smoothly transition to modern, cloud-based solutions while continuing to accrue value from on-premises investments. Oracle also reported that it has become the second-largest software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider in the industry. We spoke with Jeff Kristick, vice president of Oracle Human Capital Management.

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Friday Nov 07, 2014

Lyft Chooses Oracle HCM Cloud to Adopt Modern Best Practice

By Jim Lein - Originally posted on Oracle Midsize


San Francisco has one of those good news/bad news problems. Just about everyone has a job. That’s good news for everyone with bills to pay but potentially bad news if you’re job is to hire and retain top talent. Such is the situation for Ron Storn, VP of People at San Francisco-based ride-sharing and revolutionary startup—Lyft.

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Monday Nov 03, 2014

What is the Most Important Attribute of an HR System?

By Richard Doherty

wowI posted this question to the LinkedIn group HR & Learning Technologies Forum (just under 40,000 members) about a month ago. The question certainly seemed to resonate with the group and generated lots of comments and discussionIt is of course a very difficult question to answer and many people struggled to limit their answers to a single attribute, often slipping in 3 or 4 under the guise of a single attribute.....

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